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  • Able to negotiate up to $150 from Thursday Night to Monday Morning for hotel stay
  • Can also chip in with extra food, depending on the number of roommates
Looking to room with others that have available space this year, can negotiate the price

  • Fully vaccinated with multiple booster shots (never once contracted Covid)
  • Can keep to myself in a corner if need be
  • Will carry disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer

Feel free to contact via personal email of [email protected] for further inquiry
I hope to show up this year as Muramasa Sengo!
Depending on what I can put together, I could show up this year as Ichiro Ogami from Sakura Wars. If not, then I'll return as Shinji Ikari from NGE.
I could show up as Shinji Ikari to represent the 90's era.
Still have room for one more person?
I want to request a Persona 4: Dancing All Night song: (Dance!)

Also, I want to request Fantastic Baby by Big Bang: and definitely Splash Free by Style Five is a must for dancing:
Would we have to give the size on this forum, because I'd really like one with a green shade at the eye lines.
I'll try to go as Lie Ren. If I do not have the jacket made/delivered in time of the convention, I will be going as a contemporary version of Ren.