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Panels and Workshops / Sewing: How to Read Patterns - APPROVED
« on: April 29, 2014, 03:40:33 AM »
Sunday, 4pm to 5pm in Panels 3
Struggling with sewing patterns? Lost under a pile of tan tissue paper? Let me help!

I'll be doing a complete run-down of how to read sewing patterns, including the packaging they come in, how to figure out what pieces you need, how to organize your pattern pieces on your fabric, and how to sew it all together. There should be plenty of time for questions as we go too, and if there's time at the end, I'll even show you how to fit the pattern back into the little envelope it came in!

Panels and Workshops / "Magikarp: A History" 2014 - Sunday, 7pm-9pm
« on: March 21, 2014, 02:28:25 PM »
Weeeeeee're back!

"Join us to learn about everyone's favorite Pokemon: Magikarp! We discuss Magikarp's in-game capabilities, how to utilize it in battle, its most notable anime appearances, and more! If you've seen us before, come by again, we're always adding new info!"

Now onto the usual: What would you like to know about Magikarp? What do you know that you think other people should know too? Have you seen us before? If so, what do you think we should change about the panel? Anything we should add? Anything we should remove? We appreciate any and all feedback!

Facebook Page | Event Page

Panels and Workshops / "Magikarp: A History" 2013 - Friday, 5pm-7pm
« on: January 14, 2013, 07:45:58 PM »
Hello all! We're bringing "Magikarp" back to Fanime for a third year!

"Magikarp: A History" is actually just a panel about the Pokemon Magikarp. We discuss it's origins, game basics, game strategies, anime appearances, other game appearances, and even more! This year, we're expanding the panel to be two hours long, since we have so much information to share about Magikarp (yeah, we can't believe it either).

So tell us, what would you like us to share about Magikarp?  :)

EDIT: We've been approved! "Magikarp: A History" will be back at Fanime on Friday, May 24th from 5pm to 7pm in Panels 3. (Click here for the Facebook event.)

Panels and Workshops / 'Magikarp: A History' 2011 Feedback
« on: May 30, 2011, 06:50:32 PM »
I would like to thank everyone who attended our panel 'Magikarp: A History', we did not expect such a huge crowd, and you guys were great. We'd also like to apologize to those who couldn't get in, but we will be hosting this panel again this year, so you still have a chance to join us!

We'd like to hear some constructive feedback on our panel so that we know what we can improve on for next time.  :)

Registration / Attendee/Artist/Panelist?
« on: February 20, 2011, 05:54:36 PM »
This question is so bazaar, I had trouble thinking of a title.
My boyfriend and I would like to attend Fanime all 4 days (5 days, counting Day 0). We would like to host a panel one day, and I would like to have an Artists' Alley booth one day (specifically Friday). In the registration rules, it says that you may not hold more than one type of badge, the example being having both a press badge and an attendee badge.

So first, is this even doable/allowed. I've asked a couple of friends who staff, and they say it should be doable, but they've never heard of it, so they're not sure how it would work.
Second, if it is doable, well, how? Someone suggested that I get the AA badge, my boyfriend get the Panelist badge, and then we both buy for the days that the other badges don't cover, but that sort of sounds like cheating the system to me for some reason.

We're not doing this to get in for cheaper or cheat the con out of money, these are just things that we enjoy doing. I like having my AA booth (though I don't want to spend the whole con at it), and we have a lot of fun hosting panels/events. Sorry this question is weird, I couldn't even figure out what staffing department to e-mail this to, so it ended up here.

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