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This was one of the funnest panels I've ever attended, seriously. And my friend got to experience My Immortal for the first time--his reactions were PRICELESS!

And thanks for letting me come up and sing. Nice to know that my middle school emo phase was good for SOMETHING. :P
I'm doing the Acoustikaraoke thing, Ska. I didn't see a time option on there.
One request, though--can I have a relatively early slot, if it works that way? I have an event at 8 that night.
Totally gonna be at the Acoustikaraoke one! I'll be the one with the red plaid ukulele. c:
Any chance of getting some Steven Universe songs on there? :0
Okay, we REALLY DESPERATELY need auditions. There's a link to the form in the first post. We only have Amethyst (me), Ruby, and Sapphire so far!
Email sent! I set Friday evening as my highest priority, followed by Friday afternoon and Friday morning, respectively.

Thanks again!
Aww, that'd be wonderful! I can definitely do that.

EDIT: What address should I send the email to?
Sadly, I submitted it for Saturday or Sunday. :( However, I also said that I'm able to do it any time so long as it's not a morning panel, so we shall see!

Do you know if it'd be possible for me to request a day change?
OH HELL YES. I love these panels. <3
Panels and Workshops / Re: Steven Universe panel?
April 14, 2016, 06:48:48 PM
I just submitted the panel. I'll let you know if it gets accepted.

As it stands, I think I only have one panelist--Haiden hasn't gotten back to me in months, so it's just me for now, as Amethyst. I'm making a submission form as we speak.

Kahveh: Unfortunately, I don't think a Blue Pearl would really work for a Q&A panel. :( If you have any other SU cosplays planned, though, please let me know!
That's fair. Thanks for letting me know! :)
I'd also be more than willing to join in as a reader if you'd like. :)
Panels and Workshops / Re: Steven Universe panel?
April 03, 2016, 03:00:58 PM
I need a bit of help. Haiden hasn't been responding lately, and I have NO clue how to go about setting this up. Can anybody help me out here?
I know she's not listed, but do you have any need for a Roxy?
If you do this, I will ABSOLUTELY dust off my Enoby cosplay and wear it to the panel.

Okay, so let me preface this by saying that I have never run a panel before and have no clue how to do so. But I'm not seeing a thread for a SU panel, so...yeah! If there's anyone more experienced with panel-ing than me who would be willing to help me figure stuff out, I'd greatly appreciate it.

It's going to be a general in-character Q&A panel, with little prizes for those who ask our favorite questions!

This panel will be held on Friday from 3 PM to 4 PM in Panel Room 2.

-Amethyst (me)
-Ruby (Vasyenka's SO)
-Sapphire (Vasyenka)

-Rose Quartz
I'm planning on totally revamping my Damara cosplay, but I'll send in pics of my old one--I'd LOVE to play her!
Quote from: Ecchi ja Nai on March 18, 2015, 02:40:26 AMThat $40 per spot is rather painful, though.
Agreed wholeheartedly. 40 bucks is exorbitant.
I definitely intend to go as Kanaya. I'm not sure I'll be able to help with organizing this year, but I'm interested in attending, at least.