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Chicken Cesar Salad
I'm losing my $#~& over Technika 3, Initial D Version 3 and Jubeat

Thanks arcade vendor dudes!
Quote from: icilby on May 15, 2015, 01:03:38 PM
Quote from: abcbadcat on May 15, 2015, 10:56:44 AM
Go Thursday or Monday. Why break info actual Fanime convention time?
It's probably best to meet new people earlier in the lifespan of the con than later.
I feel it #Respekt
Go Thursday or Monday. Why break info actual Fanime convention time?
Quote from: abcbadcat on April 27, 2015, 11:42:07 PM
Any idea on the arcade machines available this year?
I'm worried about using a cart too after what PacificPikachu said. I was planning on using a RockNRoller multicart to transport my items and use it to sit on.
Looking to share a spot with someone for Thursday. I'll be selling a bunch of random stuff (toys, games, plushies, etc) and would like to share if possible. I have the registration under my name and you can give me the $20 at the convention. Please private message me if you are interested. Thanks!
Hoping to nabbing a spot and split with my friend for Thursday night! First time selling since 2010 :3
You can take off "Crossplay Gamagori Ira-- abcbadcat's friend" because it's actually "Female Gamagori Ira-- Daiquirizachary" :P
My link is available in my signature and at
Any idea on the arcade machines available this year?
I just got back from KrakenCon in Oakland as a pre-Fanime warm up #ConSeason
How much for the bidoof plush?
DJing Fanime is by far one of the highlights of my year. I can't wait to perform and want to thank the Fanime Dance team for the selection.

I will be playing complextro (heavy electro) Friday May 22nd from 11PM - 12:30AM in room 231. If you want to have a listen to any mixes, please click the link below. Enjoy!
I'm going as crossplay Ryuko (school outfit) and my girlfriend as Ryuko in Junketsu (Senketsu colors). We may have another friend coming as crossplay Mako and another as crossplay Gamagouri :D
Mix and application was just submitted!

For anyone that would like to hear the mix I have sent in for this year, feel free to click this link
Once again I would like to thank the Fanime staff for being selected this year. It's definitely one of my favorite things I have had the opportunity to have done these past two years and will hope to be selected again next year.

Saw practically nothing from Kill la Kill aside from the artist alley, There will probably be tons next year though.
Hotel Stayed: Mariott
Nights Stayed: 3 (arrived Friday, left Monday)
Amenities: King Bed, Coffee Machine, 32" HDTV W/HDMI
Helpfulness of Staff: Great! I asked about an early check in since I had work on Friday and they were able to accommodate
Roomshares?: Me and the GF in one bed and a friend took the spacious floor (and a lot of the pillows from the bed)
Pros of Hotel: It's connected to the Convention Center
Cons of Hotel: No minifridge which was a huge bummer and the windows didn't open
Would You Stay Again: Sure! I would like to grab a hotel at the Hilton or Hyatt instead next year just because of less walking to get to the areas I am usually at most but still a great hotel
Recommendations/Suggestions/Misc: Nope, they did a great job! No complaints!
$20 Street Fighter Shirt
$20 Mega Man x Daft Punk Shirt
$12 Orange Fox Plush
$15 Pokemon Plush
$35 Street Fighter x Sanrio Backpack
$40 2x Dragon Ball Z Scouters
$12 Street Fighter and Mega Man Keychains
$15 Marvel x Tokidoki Wallet
$05 Attack on Titan Sweatband
$10 Kirby Plush
$05 Disney Mickey Gloves
$15 PC Game: Nidhogg (Technically not Fanime)

Not including food, hotel, cosplay, beverages, parking, etc lol