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Here is our photo gallery. More photos to come as well as photoshoots in the works!
I be there for not too long. I be there for a little bit, then come back after some stuff I got to take care of. But anyways I be there as Senketsu, (the actual uniform). If your curious to what this means, just look up last year's gathering. This time this cosplay is better then before :P
I be there as Sengetsu :D. Yes, I am going to be a living breathing giant walking sailor outfit and walking on my "hands". Can't wait for the gathering!
To have a better understanding of what cosplay wrestling is, check out our podcast, as G was a special guest talking about it!
so I wasn't sure where to post this, but my friend made these awesome shirts of Line con 2013. Its a really great idea, I am tempted to get on myself. so yea get your "I survived Line con 2013"
for those who have went, what is better, going in cosplay or dressing up "normal" outfit for this?
so I am going to fanime as part of the press, if I want to sell do I need to say purchase a one day badge for just friday to sell the stuff I have as an attendee and not as press? Also just curious why are several of the events that would be in the main convention center divided up into separate buildings like the Swap meet.
Hey guys its been awhile since I last been on the fanime forums. anyways wanted to let everyone know that I just submitted a panel that me and my crew plan to do at fanime on Satruday (fingers cross) Its called Con Stories: Fanime Edition. We will be talking about our favorite convention stories over the years and also let the entire audience get involved and have all of you tells us your best convention stories. We will have prizes, details on that I update here to let you guys know more about it as fanime draws gets closer. I am also looking into possibly streaming the panel live on our twitch channel, but not sure if I be able to. Mostly depends on the internet at the convention center, but if not I can always just record it and upload it later on. But yea to give you guys a taste of what we have in plan check out con stories panel we did over at Sac Anime this past year.

Sac Anime Winter Con Stories part 1

Sac Anime Winter Con Stories part 2
Quote from: echoshadow on May 22, 2012, 05:49:29 AM
besides....why show more anime on stage zero when we already have at lest 4 rooms showing anime 24 hours non stop?
It's not like toonami was a show itself, it was just showcase time slot.

its not really about the animes but just seeing toonami and tom back really signify alot of us growing up watching animes we didn't even knew exist before toonami came about
Hey everyone since its a week away from fanime I thought I just drop this by. I made this along side with my spider man cosplay, and it was pretty fun making it. ^^b
okay. just an idea to throw out there for fanime because most us grew up watching toonami and it would be fitting seeing it at fanime. My only other suggestion to possibly making it work is maybe getting a laptop connected to a projector and going on a site that is streaming it. I hope toonami should of done this after fanime or before fanime ^^;;. though you might see less people out when toonami comes on as we may be in our hotel rooms watching it ^^b

that or by a long shot toonami streams it for us....its a long shot but I send them an email to see if its even possible.
I was wondering during Saturday night at Stage Zero if you guys can show some Toonami that be airing on Adult Swim Saturday night. As you might of heard Toonami has been longed for and wished for its return ever since it went off the air on cartoon network. but after a very long hiatus Toonami is back and will be airing on may 26th at around midnight I believe or close to that. I was wondering if its possible if you guys can hook up the projector to a cable box or TV to put on Stage Zero for people to watch it, I am sure fans would love to watch the return of Tom and Toonami after these long years. just wondering if its possible. thanks!
is it possible to get SFxT to be 2 vs 2? haha i mean i don't mind it be 1 vs 1 but just for laughs 2 vs 2 would be pretty funny xP
I wonder whats better to wear for this event, "normal clouthes" or since most of us will be in cosplay, let it rock in cosplay?
heres a teaser to something I been working on while I was making my spidy costume. :)

oh btw I am defective naruto in the website, just wanted to let you know and not confuse ya.
Man you guys are in for a treat. :) you guys will see very soon what I been cooking up in the old spidy lab here.
Any word that we can get skullgirls added?
any word that skullgirls might be added to the list?
Would love to see the game tournaments on stream. i be going to fanime but yea would pretty sick.