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Days 1-3 350+ pictures ft. Ace.

Album is public so feel free to tag yourself or anyone you recognize.
Hey guys, this was my very first anime convention and I had a blast. Despite the poor organization and ridiculously long line, the main focus was to capture the unique characters from the different animes. I believe this was achieved as the hours of hard work and dedication could be seen through everyone's cosplay. All the costumes and props were amazing, really appreciated all the details. There are obviously many areas where the convention can improve but there is no point in bashing the staff; most of them are volunteers who enjoy anime just as much as we do. So mad props to them for dedicating an entire weekend for the sake of others.

I met a lot of sincere people and took a bunch of pictures from my shitty phone. I'd like to share them with the community and hopefully put names to faces. I've received lots of help ID'ing the characters but if you recognize yourself or anyone you know, feel free to tag or comment. I cosplayed as Lelouch aka Zero from Code Geass so give me a shout out if you saw me this weekend!

Until next time.