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We plan to stay at Fanime as long as possible. We thought maybe a midnight train would work best for this, but if the convention closes at around say... 9-10 o'clock we don't want to be stuck for 2-3 hours with nothing to do.

So yeah, how long is Fanime open till on it's last day?
Okay, so I am sort of in some trouble.

We decided a little last minute that we wanted to stay for the last day of Fanime, and figured we could just extend our booking by one day at Fairmont.

Unfortunately, we were just placed on a huge waiting list so it's very, very unlikely we will be able to stay till the 26th.

The problem with this is, if we want to enjoy the convention on the 25th, we need some place to store our luggage since check out time is 12:00.

Is there a place we can safely store our luggage until our train comes at 10:30 - 11:00 PM? Maybe a nice person will let us use their room as storage just for the day?

Please help us. We really can't pull our luggage around the convention all day. Does anyone have any solutions?
This is my first time to a con so I don't exactly know the 'code' too well... and I was wondering if I could show up for a gathering without wearing a cosplay adhering to it? Cause I'd love to go to that Ouran picnic but I'm not going to be cosplaying at all. I'm just taking video and pictures for my site -^^-;...