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Howdy Lords, Knights, Thiefs, Wyvern Riders, and Archers!!

I'm asking about to see if anyone this year would be interested in a Fire Emblem series gathering. The gathering could of course be anyone from any of the amazing series of games. From Marth to Chrom there are plenty of choices. If people actually seem interested in it, I would love to see about making it a actual gathering.
Howdy sir or mam. Did you enjoy your fanime con? If so did you happen to take a picture of a Komamura Saijin from Bleach wearing a Tough golden helmet and big shoulder pads? He was probably be posed by a Ashitaka half the time. If you do could you please Email them to a

>.> I REALLY want the photos of myself in my outfit.. my dumb friends didn't take pictures when I was in good poses. Thank you in advanced.
Gaming / Magic Tourney.
May 17, 2009, 12:28:17 AM
I saw that there was a magic tourney now. Looking at it, I don't think I saw anything particular about rules. So, I made this here topic in a hope that maybe someone can shed some light on it. Also, is anyone else planning to join the tourney?