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Hi! My name is Elaina (Socks) and I'm looking to get a room for Thursday through Monday morning. I'm 22, female, and relatively quiet.

I had an issue with my current roommate regarding the price of the room (She said 500 for 3 people, but didn't specify it was 500 per person as she booked outside of the con block.)

I'm okay with a room anywhere from a mile out from the convention, I do smoke medicinally for my auto immune disorder and pain from 3 prior hip surgeries, but I will not be bringing anything into the room (it will stay with a friend) and will go off the hotel property. I drink rather rarely and not enough to severely impair me.

I am okay with either a bed or floor spot and I'm willing to pay up to $200. Please contact me through email at [email protected]. I'll respond usually within the day.

Thank you!

In need of a room!

My roommate disappeared on me and hasn't been answering any attempts to contact her, so I'm in a real bind!

I need a place to stay throughout the whole con, though I don't mind if I have to sleep on the floor, I just really need a place to crash and take a shower. I'm willing to pay even if I have to sleep on the floor, any payment you would require is fine as long as it's reasonable c:

I'd really like to have a room as close to the con as possible (but who doesn't?) because I'm somewhat disabled, but anything in a 2 mile range or with easy public transportation to the con is fine. I'd also like to have a hotel key of my own so I don't have to bother you to open the room for me when I get too winded to walk anymore.

I don't have a car so I can't drive myself places (I'll be getting a ride to and from con at least), but I am over 18, so if you're nervous about housing minors that shouldn't be a problem unless you're looking for 21+ only.

You can reach me through my email at [email protected], or call or text the number 775-217-3871. My name's Elaina, and I'm available anytime.

Thanks so much!