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Have Room, Looking for Roommates!

Heyo! My name's Kevin, a university student.
Notable interests include: Steins;Gate, Log Horizon, Fire Emblem, Dota 2,

Hotel: Ramada SJ (5 minute walk from the convention)
Dates: Friday 5/22/2015 - Monday 5/25/2015
Room: 2 queen beds, Non Smoking
Base Price: $50

Looking for up to 3 people, I have a 2 queen bedroom and essentially looking to fill the other bed. If you want to take the bed by yourself or only share it with 1 person, talk to me and we can discuss. Floor space available as well. Currently, its gonna be $150 for the bed, so splitting it 3 ways will be $50 each.

Some base rules:
1. No Smoking of any kind
2. Alcohol is OK, assuming there will not be minors here. I will not be bringing any.
3. Please respect your roommates and keep it down after 11 PM
4. More roommate respect: Please don't invite more people into the room and dont go into your roommate's stuff. Just general courtesies.

If you're interested, just message me on my facebook. Cheers!