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Live Programming and Events / Re: Fanime 2017 Art Gallery
« on: July 21, 2016, 11:16:37 AM »
I agree wholeheartedly Moonbug and despite my plan to visit the Colorado NDK's Art Show in September I'm still vehemently hopeful that the Fanime can assist you in bringing back the Art Show.  ;D  Anything you need to help to revive it, I'm your guy.   

Yes fingers crossed indeed for next year. Sad thing is I primarily attend the Fanime because of the Art Show. Since there isn't...well there you have it.  :-[

Not sure if any of you read this but as paranoid as I normally am I've been checking the Fanime web site every day and found this.

We regret to officially inform you that Art Gallery will undergo a transition year and will not take place at FanimeCon 2016. We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to those that have participated in the gallery in the past and those that have expressed interest this year.

Well that saved me $65. Guess that also gives me more than enough time to come up with Return To The Show art next year.
Thanks Moonbug and Red_Eye for your support. Hopefully we'll meet next year. Ciao  :'(

:feels like might have a mental equivalent of an aneurysm from waiting for an answer:
I'm so weak willed in these cases.  :P

Oh lordy this is killing me. They still have the brand new display panels from last year hopefully.
I commend your confidence Moonbug. You certainly have more than I but I'm still rubbing my Blue Lantern ring none-the-less. If it gets the green light would we still be able to sell our works?

:whisper: I'm still heeerrreee....

I agree completely. It would be great even productive if they did read this topic.  :-\
I bought three pieces of Matte Board today and will be preparing three new color prints.
Would really like to have them on display in the show. And of course get a chance to sell them too.    ::)

Then that makes three of us.  ;D  I can be a very patient person occasionally but waiting on Fanime at least sending up smoke signals
is really eating at me.  :P

I take that as a tremendous compliment that you remember Sailor Moon as Blade because you are literally THE only one that has indicated that.  ;D  Tinkerbell has always been a favorite of mine.  :D
You definitely have a knack for networking and contacts that will hopefully give you the opportunity to revive the Art Show. If the green light is given I look forward to meeting you.

If you've had to do all that and barely get a peep out of them then it makes me wonder how serious they are about the Art Show.  :-\
The largest percentage of artists are in the Artist Alley these days but that's not the same as a Gallery. After all, the Fanime's
Artist Alley doesn't get a percentage of the table occupiers sales. I have seen some very nicely painted wine and shot glass in the past
so I'm not surprised if those were yours.  ;) I checked out your web site and you are quite a talented artist.  ;D
Most of my works are on Deviant Art   http://ziemospendric.deviantart.com/
I'm keeping my fingers crossed you hear from them as well. Would be a sad occurrence to have the Art Show absent this year.

You have all that experience and you've been pitching it to them since February???  Have you got any answers from them? Who were you trying to contact?
If you are offered soon, you want me for a partner. I've been a corner stone artist in the Art Show since 97 and I've been staff for it for 5 years (2002-2006)
There's only 26 days to go and I'm really getting worried.

Still muttering to myself...  :'(

Same here. Course every time I hear or read about the crossed fingers thing people suggest crossing anything else that can be crossed. That's silly of course even for a mildly superstitious person such as myself. However, with 23 days to go I am slowly growing sad despite my unflappable hope the Art Show will come back. But, I agree with your sentiment. In vain or not, it ain't over until it's time.
Now if you'll excuse me I'll be in the corner muttering darkly to myself but keeping a smile on my face.

It occurs to me also that news about the Art Show needs to be more evident.
The Fanime still needs time to print it in the Guide before the opening of the Con.  :-\

That would certainly be a big part of it. The other half would be hoping they took it more seriously. Somehow it just feels like they've been treating it like a sideshow.  :-\

By the way 25 days until go time.

Don't really want to have the Fanime people think it's a fight but I get what you mean.  ;D

Live Programming and Events / Re: Fanime Art Show - Will it continue?
« on: April 30, 2016, 10:28:10 PM »
And April is done...welcome to the month of May...
Still very quiet on the western front....

Live Programming and Events / Re: Fanime Art Show - Will it continue?
« on: April 28, 2016, 01:16:23 PM »
And April slowly crawls to an end...soooon.

Live Programming and Events / Re: Fanime Art Show - Will it continue?
« on: April 27, 2016, 11:01:04 AM »
I know it's already on Deviant Art but it's a little different when it's on display outside of cyber space.  ;)
It's part of my Infinity Ponies project. There are a total of 6 gems and The Mane Six. 3 down 3 to go.  ;D

Live Programming and Events / Re: Fanime Art Show - Will it continue?
« on: April 26, 2016, 07:10:53 PM »
Yes, yes they are. However, a large percent of them are in the Artist Alley. Those of us who were unable to get into the AA have the Art Show to fall back on. Just like yourself and others we're just waiting on some intel, rumors, anything really. But hopefully something useful and beneficial to the artists.  :-\

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