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General Anime Chat / School Days~
« on: July 11, 2007, 01:54:09 AM »
I've been anticipating this for a long time ever since I played the game... nearly... 2 years ago.

Summary: School Days is an eroge that became extremely popular not only because it's 100% animated, but because of the very controversial endings the game had. The story revolves around the main chara Itou Makoto becoming interested with a girl he saw everyday on the train(Kotonoha). In class he sits next to a girl who he knew, but wasn't very closed to named Sekai. Sekai sees his celphone which contains a picture of Kotonoha, and she puts it together and she decides to get them together. A love triangle forms and the story goes from there.

Now, I haven't gotten all of the endings of the game, but I got the three most controversial ones, as well as both "good" endings(they're not really good endings).

To put this into perspective, the game starts off very sweet and innocent looking... but by half way through you realize it's anything but. The game is full of hardcore manipulation, and very psychotic tendencies. IIRC there's 32 endings, a character dies in about 22 or so of them, only 3 endings all the characters end up happy.

The pacing of the first episode was good until the end. The game is split up into "days". A day represents a chapter and at the end of the chapter it ends and a sequence is played. They added an extra scene after where the first day ended in the game by showing the first scene over again, with a little more emphasis on the side characters that will be introduced in the future.

So far the path, based on what I remember of the text, is following first day Kotonoha path. Oh I should explain. In the game you have a meter which displays Sekai and Kotonoha and according to your answers the meter will grow or decrease for each girl. It's rather important in that, some paths won't be opened unless the meter was high enough for certain girls. So even if you hit the neccessary choice flags to reach a scene, certain choices won't be pickable unless the meter points for girls were at a certain limit as well.

The big big big big thing I'm wondering is what ending path they're going to choose for the ending of the cartoon, as well how they're going to do the numerous sex scenes. Implied sex... won't cut it. Because very specific things happen in some of the sex things that I think are rather unavoidable if you don't show. One of the most important is the video scene at the school festival(if you have played the game).

Overall the pacing is good minus the ending sequence. They made some minor cuts but nothing so major as of yet. I REALLY wish they would have shown the last train scene in more detail. It's obvious what happened, but with the game it had more of an impact.

The most important thing to remember if you're going to watch this show, is that it isn't what it seems. It's a lot more than a simple love triangle story, as many factors will play in. Rape, blackmail, manipulation, death as well as a number of other things will play huge roles in the story. It's really not an easy-going show, and has very very complicated points and themes. The main focal points is to understand each time something happens that triggers a character to move towards the edge of insanity, and why each even leads to the other. Episode 1's is obvious, which is the very last train scene. Episode 2, will probably follow Sekai's path. For the cartoon to really be interesting, it has to lead into one of the worst endings, which will lead me to believe that most of the audience(knowing how most anime fans are) to despise Makoto. I ask the audience(if any of you really get interested) to remember that Makoto is realistically a background character that reacts to the world around him. Decisions he makes are led based on how the two girls want him to act(which is a good lesson to most men... to not be retarded pussies and let women chose how you act).

The other thing about the cartoon that I'm sorta interested is how they're up-playing Setsuna's part. Setsuna, although she had a strong presence, didn't have much influence in the original story, it seems like they're going to give her more of a roll int he cartoon.

I'll post more when I find time to watch episode 2, another trip this weekend -_-.

Quote from: "Lisu"
Quote from: "PyronIkari"
I read the comic, and the anime is a horribly bastardized version of it.

A phrase not uncommon.
I find if more often than not that the anime version of comics usually don't live up to what their paper predecessor did.  
But after an anime is released, there is a feeling of being 'too late' on the read, and 'might as well watch it'.  Every now and then we do pick up the original work, but if feels more like a bonus rather than the source....

Quote from: "PyronIkari"
Though Zetsubou Sensei...

Another series I have my eye on.

Normally I don't mind when the quality of a comic-> cartoon drops... but in the case of doujin work... it's just too much. I really enjoy Doujin Work, but the changes to the character designs bothers me quite a bit. It's way too SD looking for me, of course outside of Justice. The pacing was really bad as well. I understand it was a chara intro episode, but how they paced the train scene into going straight into the convention was horribly done. G'ah everything just... bleh.

General Anime Chat / Pandering in Anime?
« on: July 10, 2007, 12:47:17 AM »
And I addressed most of everything you said in the "Anime for beginners" thread that turned into a flame war, because obviously others think that I have no clue what I'm talking about solely based on that I think "Good doesn't always mean good for newbies, and good for newbies doesn't always mean good".

Different series are made for different people. And many series are made for hardcore fans. Lucky Star is a great example of a show written for hardcore fans(though even that in itself, it goes up and down in terms of quality). Most comedy shows are written for hardcore fans. It's why I avoid suggesting comedies to newer people. the MOE wave has been rather large as of lately, but there are still plenty of alternatives to watch, it's just a matter of researching what the series are and picking out what interests you. As you watch more, you'll be able to get into the "deeper" series.

Quote from: "Lisu"
New summer series: I'll save the spoil-rific captions and just say that right off this seems like a fun series.
By ep.1 the 4 characters introduced are rather enjoyable(I'm not hating on the main), and the dude is awesome.

Not sure how new of material this is to most of you, but it seems like a series that'd be enjoyed by the regular crowd.

Subtly perverted.


Oh, and the outro is to die for IMO.

Ugh, I hated episode one with a passion. I read the comic, and the anime is a horribly bastardized version of it. Basically the only thing about it I found enjoyable was Tsuyuri's voice. I'm going to watch the next few eps and hope it gets better, but I don't have high hopes.

Though Zetsubou Sensei... now THAT is a good comic -> cartoon transition, and has the best ED of this entire year.

Gaming / What is Your Favorite Fighting Game of all Time.....?
« on: June 28, 2007, 03:31:43 AM »
It's as much as a fighting game as PowerStone is. Neither of them I can really call fighting games. They're more like... competitive brawlers or party games. Sure even if there is a huge technical aspect in it(there is in Powerstone too), it's not a fighting game.

General Anime Chat / Victorian Romance Emma
« on: June 26, 2007, 12:52:08 AM »
I finally caught up to 10, been busy with AX preparations and picking up people from the airport.

I don't dislike William at all. He's a tragic character that doesn't belong in his world. Again, it's why I love the series because the period of time is so important. William tried to be realistic and human, and he lost his love for it. He tried to give up, and it drove him mad. He tried to be a pawn of society, and he couldn't accept it.

He's human.

He let's his emotions and wants take precedence over what society dictates he should be(something that most of the people on this forum advocate). So i find it rather hypocritical when people look down upon his character.

The only issue I have with William is his absurd view with trying to please everyone. He attempts to please the very society he despises for preventing him from being human.

I don't even hate William's father. His father cares much about his son, and he doesn't want his son to go through the same pain he did. His father escaped the pain by becoming a tool of society, and he believes if William does the same he too can ease his pain. William couldn't do it, and his father is trying his best to fix the situation. He's acting like a good father. Giving suggestions, but not condemning his son for not agreeing.

Eleanor's father is the only real asshole in the series. He doesn't give a shit about anyone except himself and his money.

Hans... is a character that looks great on paper, but in real life would be someone I would despise. Someone who only gets involved when he absolutely has to do something for others, but can't do a thing for himself. Hans is more of a pussy than William is. William had the balls to admit his feelings, and to attempt to try and grasp things on his own. Hans is the emo guy in his room crying about how he does everything for everyone, but no one loves him back. A "typical nice guy" except without the show of whinyness.

Eleanor... is exactly what she is. A stupid woman from the ages. She plays the role of a woman of that time perfectly, worthless and weak.

Gaming / Rock Band, new info; drumkit fails horribly
« on: June 19, 2007, 07:03:20 PM »
OH YAY, you replied...

Quote from: "deepbluevibes"
Meant to do this in the post also, but forgot.

Funny, because i *am* a drummer. owned my own drumset for four years now, so gj assuming wrongly on that.

Wow you sound like you don't know crap for someone who plays the drums(once more, my roommate laughs at you)

See, I know there is a lot of rock that doesn't use the hi-hat. Hell, almost all of the rock I listen to DOESN'T utilize the hi-hat as the means of keeping the beat.

Here's one thing everyone here apparently fails to realize, time and time again though;

-This is a mainstream game
-All of the artists announced so far are mainstream
-Guitar hero 1, 2, and every other music game Harmonix has made has mainstream music, and is mostly mainstream music

thus you need to conclude that

-Most mainstream rock music DOES use the hi-hat as a means of keeping rhythm
-All of the bands mentioned so far that will be in the game extensively use the hi-hat for rhythm, if not exclusively

Bull... why?
That was the first song I thought of, and hey hey, he barely uses the hi-hat at all except for the transition near the end.
Song doesn't even have a Hi-hat, because he uses an open hat-cymbal instead.


P.S. a drum solo isn't a song. a drum solo isn't about keeping the rhythm for the rest of the band, that's why it's *a solo*.

Oh ho, you apparently don't listen to X-Japan.

Man... also, Drummania is a terrible game. Why? There's only 5 PADS... And where's my selector device on my electric drum set?!?!?!? I should be able to switch my cymbal types as well as change in between different toms!



Gaming / Rock Band, new info; drumkit fails horribly
« on: June 19, 2007, 06:37:25 PM »

Yoshiki doesn't like the hi-hat very much. But then again, X-Japan has never been in Drummania(kukuku) so it doesn't count as rock music... which apparently is totally based on the hi-hat to keep it's rhythm.

Gaming / Rock Band, new info; drumkit fails horribly
« on: June 19, 2007, 06:14:05 PM »
Uhm... hey... uh... call me crazy... but... uhm...

The point of the Hi-hat isn't to keep the rhythm... the point of the drums are to keep the rhythm. The drummer dictates the tempo/pace of the song, and any part of the drum can be used as the rhythmic base. Each part of the drums is the individual sound you want to make, but each part is conjoined to keep rhythm. Hi-hat keeps rhythm just as much as the wood block(even though you'd probably use a hi-hat more). It's based on the song... Some songs are primarily snare, in which case the snare would... Some songs are cymbal based and the rhythm is primarily kept with the cymbal.

PS: My roommate laughed at almost every single one of your posts, yes he is a drummer and has been for the last 8 years.

Geez... it sounds like you're trying to dictate music and how a DRUMMER IS SUPPOSED TO PLAY... despite not being a drummer.

Gaming / Rock Band, new info; drumkit fails horribly
« on: June 18, 2007, 09:39:23 PM »
PSSST: On drums... there is a hi-hat on the left and the right side.


:::walks into my roommates room:::

Yeah... Hi-hat on both sides. it's more important that the Snare be on the left side, of right handed players. Realistically though, a real drum set should be symmetrical... as a player should be using both hands to play each drum where appropriate. Same reason why real drummers use a double base, not no pussy ass single bass shit.

General Anime Chat / Under-appreciated series that you watch.
« on: June 18, 2007, 04:19:53 PM »
Oh i did think of another underrated series. Kyou no Go no Ni.

General Anime Chat / Victorian Romance Emma
« on: June 18, 2007, 03:14:50 AM »
I love Emma for the fact that it's based so much on the time period. Not just as a setting, but as the world. The logical reasonings and choices of people are dictated by the world they live in, over what they feel as people. Most of the actions and events that take place, could only take place in such a setting. I loved the ending to Season 1, and although I enjoy Season 2, it cheapened the impact that S1 gave with it's ending.

Emma is supposed to be the shining example of the time period, but she breaks character in S2. She starts to act more human, and I haven't decided whether or not I like this, or dislike it. The character I seem to like the most, is William's brother. He feels as if, he doesn't belong in the time, but understands and recognizes that he is, so he does what he has to, but only what he has to.  Hans, on the other hand is someone I want to like, but I haven't found a good reason as to yet. He's just like Emma in that he is an amazing representation of what his character is in that time period. He only broke character once so far.

The story itself is rather predictable and simple hearted, but it's interesting to see the small actions of each character. Or mostly... to see how retarded Will is.

General Anime Chat / Under-appreciated series that you watch.
« on: June 18, 2007, 03:07:10 AM »
Excuse me? Tekkaman Blade isn't known and underrated? Saber Marionettes J? Nuku Nuku?

Were you around in the 90's? All of these got so much praise by fans it's rediculous.

Planetes is underrated? Really? I have NEVER, EVER EVER IN MY LIFE heard someone talk badly about Planetes.

Witchblade, despite being boring and virtually plotless, has been accepted extremely well by the US viewing public.

Alien Nine, is considered a cult classic that passed over the heads of everyone that watched it... so by your reasoning, is the same as Mushishi... not underrated at all.

Cat Returns was more popular than Whispers of the Heart, both in opinion and sales.

Maria Sama Ga-Miteru has a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge following. So how is that even remotely under-rated at all?

^^ See, this is called you being a hypocrite. You named a bunch of series, a few of which are extremely popular and well received, some fit in a similar category as Mushishi(but not nearly on the same level), and others just plain sucked. But somehow, I'm the one that doesn't know what I'm talking about because I named a series that gets absolutely no attention at all despite it being one of the best series of 2006?

Nice, very nice. I mention your site, because you so proudly proclaimed it last time as if you obviously know what you're talking about because you write for this basically unknown website.

Your little line about what "overrated" and "underrated" has to do with is bull by the way. Who are the critics? You? Are you saying your opinion matters more than mine on the quality of a series? 10 people voice their opinion, and they are a representation of quality? The fact that something doesn't become popular, when it is high in quality, means it is under-appreciated. The finest steak in the world... and only one person eats it, and says it's great. But no one else in the world eats it, or cares about it. Therefore that steak is not underappreciated? because that one guy appreciates it, despite it being the best in the world? if it was really appreciated for its worth, millions would be eating it, and millions would be enjoying it.

That is appreciation and that is worth and merit. The opinions of "critics" doesn't matter in the end, it's how the public receives something. If Ebert and Roper give it two thumbs up, and it bombs in the box office, guess what... it's still a failure. If the movie was amazingly good, and it bombed, it's underrated, because the public chose not to recognize the quality of the series.


General Anime Chat / Under-appreciated series that you watch.
« on: June 18, 2007, 02:21:33 AM »
Quote from: "LordKefka"

Sorry but please find me some evidence of where you get your definition of underrated from. Until then, I don't care if you work for Ebert and Roper.

WELCOME TO MARKETING... what do you think businesses look at when they judge rate things? How much effort they put into after points. It's value, it's worth.

Mushishi's value is rather low despite it's quality. The fact that everyone who HAS seen it claims how good it is, is proof of it's quality, however it's value comparable to that is near nothing.

You sound like an idiot trying to speak based on literal basis of the word instead of the intended meaning.

Here is a dictionary Read it. Until then, shut your mouth.

In this case, we are talking about underappreciated. If something is not known by the person who is overrating, in contrast to your underating, then by default, it can't be unknown by the person/people who overrate. Thus underrating and overrating has to do with only the people who KNOW about it in order to make such claims. When you say something is underrated, you are directing what you say in response to the general people who over rates it.

Oh, and there's proof, the fact that you quote a dictionary and claim schematics or word usage over intention and real world usage. Sorry, in the real world, "over-rated" doesn't only mean the people's opinion, the main point of it, is "popularity". Aren't you the one that is supposedly press, and writing articles about this stuff? There's no wonder I haven't met a person that reads your site that didn't laugh at the mentioning of it(This number is larger than you'd think as well).

Again I say, Pan's labyrinth. Despite what the reviews and opinions said, it wasn't near the marketing point of it's quality. Therefore it was a failure. Just because a handful of people think it's the greatest thing in the world, doesn't mean the public opinion thinks it's highly rated. Public opinion accounts for everything.

By your reasoning, there is no such thing as overrated. For every single fan that things x series is amazing, there is one that thinks it is utter crap. Therefore there is no such thing as overrated, underrated, because you believe that each opinion is the base point. I THINK, Gundam Seed destiny is a piece of horrid crap. Does that mean Gundam Seed Destiny is now underrated? If you balance it out, there's probably just as many people that despise the series as love it, therefore it is mediocre? We're measuring QUALITY... compared to GENERAL PUBLIC OPINION.

General public opinion on MUSHISHI is that they don't care about it, or have never heard of it. A small minority says that it's great, but that is greatly overshadowed by the mass general public. In marketing views, this series is not-popular, therefore very little worth. Comparatively, that worth to the actual quality, makes it extremely underrated.

Something can be both popular and unpopular and still can be overrated and underrated. We are talking about this topic in regards to under-APPRECIATED Anime and thinking "unknown" is pretty ignorant if you think that is a result of something being underrated.

Get your logic straight and your mind too. You make some of the dumbest statements ever and you have no shame in any of what you say. It's sad.

It's sad because I work in real world logic, you're arguing schematics. I give a damn about what I'm saying more than "attempting to prove someone on the internet wrong". You look at the grand sceme of things. An unpopular band can be overrated, if they're THAT BAD, and their fans think otherwise. Net worth vs. actual public opinion. A very popular band can be underrated, if they're THAT GOOD... but chances are, that's not the case.

LOL are you going to quote more dictionary passages and state that I didn't use a word according to direct dictionary definition over real world usage and conversation point? The point is underrated series. It was a clear point what the person was looking for in this thread, and instead you thought you'd just list a bunch of stuff because you thought it would make you cool to be like "i watch all this underrated stuff, I'm so indie!"


General Anime Chat / Under-appreciated series that you watch.
« on: June 18, 2007, 01:33:45 AM »
Quote from: "LordKefka"

Now I know you have no clue what you are talking about...

That or you have no idea what underrated means... or you think people who already think Mushishi is an excellent Anime hasn't given Mushishi where credit is due.

You clearly don't understand what "underrated" means than on a grander scale. Mushishi was hardly recognized by the public at all, and ignored almost completely, therefore making it underrated. You see, I'm not completely full of myself, and see things on a grander scale. Public acceptance is the rating we are going by. Want an example? Pan's Labyrinth. A movie that got godly rating by reviewers, and by the public that saw it... but it was very under-rated, because the majority of the public didn't give a damn about the movie at all. It did not get the recognition it deserved(see... that's what makes it underrated, recognition).


You saying Sentimental Journey was horrible is an example of an Anime being underrated.. ie, rated lower than it should have according to the person making the initial claim of underratedness. So don't please confuse "not well known" with "underrated" when you attempt to point out anyone's list you think are of only "Anime not well known" with that general statement of yours. For all you know, that list could be just be the subjectivety of things underrated in his or her perspective.

And it's not because it's "not well known" it's that it was over-looked. Mushishi wasn't some secret that people didn't know about, it was shown just like any other series, it was fansubbed just like any other series... it was merely over looked. No one cared about it... Hence underrated.

PS I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I do work in the game industry. I analyze and study marketing, I have to know what is underrated, overrated, and how to market.

Popularity displays how "well received" a piece is more than what people say about it, and numbers prove more than anything. A small number of people saying it's great, doesn't mean crap in the real world. Mushishi was horribly under-rated as was proven with numbers. DVD sales, far after the initial showing proves how under-rated the series was.

Where do you get these bullshit definitions from?

Realistically, a series that is horrible received but has a lot of popularity, in itself is over-rated due to its popularity. Want an example? Eva. It has as many people that despise it as they love it, but the popularity is there, therefore it is popular, and over-rated compared to its content.

If you want to attempt the marketing aspect and discuss what "overrated" and "underrated" really mean, feel free to, but based on what you said already, you don't have a damned clue.

General Anime Chat / Summer 2007 Anime
« on: June 17, 2007, 04:12:43 PM »
B'ah... Setsuna's part in School Days sucked. KOTONOHA FOREVER

Shizu:PSSSSSSSSSSSSSST Kotonoha cosplay.. gogogogo!

General Anime Chat / Under-appreciated series that you watch.
« on: June 17, 2007, 02:38:14 AM »
I have two copies of SentiGura... Saturn ver and DC XD. Though DC ver. is SentiGura2. I might have SentiJourney for PSX somewhere, or if not James bought it and I can steal it from him if needed.

Sentimental Journey... was terrible. I'm a HUGE HUGE HUGE Sentigura fan, but the way they did the cartoon didn't make sense. They made it as if 1 guy, just toured Japan, and met up with all these girls for a weekend, then moved to the next one.

They shorted the stories too much as well. They were more to show their personalities than to show their actual story.

Key came out at a bad time. There were a few series that came out right before or right after that were just too similar, so that's why it wasn't really appreciated(not that it was very good).

I despise Video Girl Ai the OAV, but I loooooooooooooooooooooved the comic. Same story with I's, hated the OAV's and movie, the comic though is probably my favorite to date.

Jun: How can you even attempt to say MariMite is under appreciated XD That's like saying Saint Seiya is under appreciated.

Eh, underrated series...For me to think a series is underrated, means it not getting nearly the attention it deserves. Most shows get the attention they deserve. If I were to just list all the "unpopular" series' I've seen it would be a pretty damned long list.

Mushishi is probably the only really underrated show I've seen in a long time.  

Mmmm... Zegapain was a really good show that most people didn't give a chance. It started off too stereotypical but it wasn't up until around ep 5-6 did it reallllllllly start to shine.

As much as I love Alice Gakuen, which I do more than you think, it wasn't really underrated.

This sparked a convo between me and my friend James. We can't really think of any anime that are really underrated, but man... our list of comics is huge, mostly due to people losing track of them because of all the crap that came out around the same time.

LOL.. why do people do anything? Why do you leave your house? Why do you post on the internet? Why do you go to conventions?

You're basically stating that you don't give a damn about anything but your own self-absorbed ego. Ah, you're not afraid to get arrested. What a cop out excuse. You act as if your actions only affect you, and that responsibilities of actions don't affect anyone but you. It must be so nice to be that self-centered and egotistical.

But no, you're fortunate that your hobby seems to be Japanese cartoons and comics, I'd love to see try this crap with a different hobby or what not. It'd be really really cute. You see, people don't like when you ruin things for them(I should know! People accuse me of doing it all the time.) for selfless acts like you being to cheap, or too picky that you can't share a room.

But just to be more realistic... I live a 5hour+drive from Fanime. Let's account for the necessities that were required for me to go to Fanime.

Gas: total was 35$
Hotel: 90$
Food: 24$
Badge: 45$

that's under 200$. And that's because I'm generous and paid my friends share for the hotel. 194$ total. How is that 500$? Again, you're the one that is too picky, so it's up to you. You don't want to pay for a hotel room, then don't, but don't think you should be allowed to get the convention in trouble by breaking laws.

They have viewing rooms at 4 am, for people like me. For people that don't sleep during that time. I'm a night person. I don't sleep until 6. At Fanime I'm free to go to viewing rooms to spend my time at 4am, then when i get tired at around 6, I return back to my hotel room to sleep. See how that works? This is basic principles of understanding the human body. "When you are tired, you go to sleep. You should know when you are getting tired, so you should retreat to your sleeping area."

Here's the thing, you can complain all you want, and in return we will tell you how your complaining is stupid. It's like complaining that the law prohibits rape.

Closing the viewing rooms etc. will not stop some people(such as yourself)  from sleeping on con grounds because they're too pathetic/stupid/insert word of choice here, to get a room, or realize their own budget, or find roommates, or commute back home. You think, they should screw over the intelligent people that just like being up late and sleeping longer in the day because you and others aren't capable of being intelligent social beings. Rather... not capable, but CHOOSE not to.

But, personally, if I got a hotel room, I'd probably end up there more than at the con, and then why did I come in the first place??? It's probably not safe for me to be around that many cosplayers (which is why the screenings are my event of choice), and, frankly, the schedule of events was so underwhelming that, save the Fans Over 30 panel and the last half of Ouran (between watching the security scan the room literally every 10 minutes to toss people out for sleeping), the whole con was lost.

Then don't come. Again, you choose to stay in your room, no one is forcing you to. If you have that much lack of will that having a room means you will not leave it... then whatever. You didn't enjoy the con, that's fine, don't come... again that's your choice. If you do come, abide by the rules.

Though if anything this does bring up a point... Fanime is too laxed about things. But I remember when I said that a long time ago, Craige said I was demanding conformity.

A fascist is a dictator who has help from economic forces. It would apply here. You're shilling for the damn hotels.

That's actually incorrect. ^^  Like I said, I like when people use buzz words like that and have no clue what it actually means. Fascism has specifics with how he controls and censors people. If they were fascist none of these "opinion threads" would exist.

Quote from: "otakuapprentice"
first off: no offense to PyronIkari, but this is probably the first time that i agree with him on something (not completely, just partially).

Not that this is important or anything... but you realize that it is more offensive to even say that, than not? If you really wanted it to be non-offensive you wouldn't have mentioned it at all, and it's due to guilt that you normally have disdain for anything I say, that forced you to put what you did. Just something for you to keep in mind, because others probably will take offense at that if you said something similar to them. And more than anything, it puts what you have to say in a negative light. You're "agreeing with someone you think is stupid and usually has nothing to contribute...".

Because there is screening at late night hours doesn't mean that you are allowed to sleep on convention grounds. I'm a night person. On average I go to bed at around 6am PST and wake up at around noon PST. But I sleep... during that time in a designated sleeping area(my hotel room at the convention while I'm at the con).

You don't like people and don't want to share a room? Then don't. You act as if, because you have a badge at a convention you should be allowed to do whatever you want at said convention, and no one has a right to say you are wrong. It comes down to having basic respects. First off, respect for the convention, because they are providing you a service, and it is up to you to uphold your conduct within their service. If you can't respect the laws then you don't deserve said service.

But I still don't get the majority of what you're trying to prove with your backwards logic. You go on about this rant about how YOU are the ones with problems, and how you have this past, blah blah blah, which none of us should give a damn about. If YOU have the problem, then shouldn't you be the one that fixes it? It's not any ones job to look after you like a 4 year old. You throw yourself into a situation you can't really control and then blame others for it?

You seem to miss the point, that if people have business in the area it's fine. If people are in screening rooms... to screen. Or staff is there doing business, or people are talking in the lobbies and what not, these are fine. But by sleeping in public areas, you are breaking the law.

I'll put it how a lot of the old Karaoke staff puts it. If you have enough money to travel to the convention, buy a badge, and spend money on other crap at the convention, you should have money to rent a hotel room. If you cannot afford both... guess what, priorities take affect here. If you can't afford that... THEN DON'T COME AND BE A SEMI-INTELLIGENT HUMAN BEING.

Karaoke staff will do whatever the hell they want to people that fall asleep in the Karaoke room. They tell me to do whatever *I WANT* to them. I've done some pretty mean things before.

The point of the argument is that if you want to be fascists about the "no sleeping" rule, then you don't want people like me who won't drop $500 or so on four nights of hotel.

No, I'll put it more correctly. They want people that are respectable and intelligent people. If you cannot afford a hotel room, then share a room with people. If you're too picky to share a room, that isn't the conventions fault, that is your fault. You're the one being difficult, the convention is just trying to uphold laws and rules that are regulated and mandated by the state. If you feel the convention has no right to uphold these laws, then you sir are an idiot.

You're the one that is turning them into "fascists"(I love people that have no clue what a fascist really is but claim it so loudly). You're the one that can't follow simple rules, so what other choice does the convention have? Hey, if they could be lax and just let people do what they wanted with no reprehension... then they probably would(it's your ass... not theirs). But fact of the matter is, the attendees' conduct reflects on the convention. You being stupid and sleeping in screening rooms gets back to the convention center. The convention center can go "sorry you guys let people break laws, and act uncivilly, no con next year". So what does the con do? What is the bigger issue? Punishing someone who acted stupid and didn't follow the clearly posted rules... or stopping the convention completely?

Here's a better idea if you really don't want to get a room.

Exit the convention center. Walk 400 feet away from the convention building. Pull out your sleeping bag, and sleep on the street. That way, the convention isn't responsible and you don't have to share a room with anyone, and it costs you nothing. If a cop picks you up, or you get harassed, or whatever, that's all on you, but that's your choice for not getting a legitimate hotel room where you are sanctioned to sleep.

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