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Gaming / Video game Tier lists
« on: June 10, 2007, 10:13:40 PM »
MvC2 comes down to about 6-8 playable characters, and about 4viable assists that aren't really playable characters.

Iron Man
Doctor Doom

Are "Playable" characters and many are also good assists.

Captain Commando
Tron Bonne

Are viable assists but not playable characters.

Some people can use a few other characters and do decently well, but realistically that's it. Duc wins with Spiral, but he is the only one who can. There hasn't been a Spiral player outside of Duc that has done well. With Blackheart you can do decently well if you know how to use him, but he has too many disadvantages. Landing a super means you die... a really slow recovery assist that is great situationally, but too easy to punish with too many characters.

It's even questionable to place Strider as a playable character because if you play Strider you have to play near flawlessly, since a small mistake means he dies relatively effortlessly(a missed ouroborus or a mistimed j.Short for example).

Yeah, MvC2 is super unbalanced, I thought everyone knew that by now.

Ideas and Suggestions / Let's steal all of AX's ideas...for real
« on: June 10, 2007, 06:13:27 PM »
None of the X-Japan people outside of Yoshiki is going to AX. "SKIN" would be who "Yoshiki and co." is refering to. Though... it would be more about talking to Yoshiki, and Yoshiki getting the others to do so.

But on a higher level? Really, I could share some stories about certain AX guests that were absolutely disgusted when certain conventions asked them to appear, because it wasn't done professionally, nor properly.

(hint: some of these stories involve Fanime)

But that would be spreading bad rumors(though they're factual). This is what I refer to when I say it's bad practice.

Discussing guests on a business private level means behind the scenes, which to be honest, I know AX isn't going to setup for another convention. Because why would they do that... "Hey guys, we're going to setup a business like environment for you guys to steal guests that we have!!!" Not like we know this doesn't happen though, even though it's shady and bad business practice.

But what do I know about all of this right Craige? I'm just a peon that doesn't know anyone. Or more realistically, I'm close to a lot of people that do guest relations, and I've heard so many stories from translators/interpretors and actual guest relation heads of now and past that, mayhaps... I know more about guest relations than you do?

Though it's probably the prior. ^^ Trust me... you don't go to a con to try to convince guests of that con... to go to your con. Contact info... and trying to convince them via that in the future, yeah, that's understandable... but not at the con.

Quote from: "Jelly Soup"

I saw you, but I didn't recognize your costume immediately. I thought about it, realized who the character was and tried to find you (for pictures). Alas.....anyway, you wouldn't happen to have a pic of your cosplay, would you?

Nope XD.

Ideas and Suggestions / Let's steal all of AX's ideas...for real
« on: June 09, 2007, 07:33:37 AM »
Quote from: "Tony"
Now all we need is their money. Let's steal that too!

Seriously though, I was thinking of going down there and somehow getting in touch with Yoshiki & co to see if they'd like to do something with FanimeCon next year. Assuming I can get down there.

Uh... that's not really good business practice to approach them at AX and talk about fanime...

Gaming / Video game Tier lists
« on: June 09, 2007, 07:31:36 AM »
Quote from: "Moogleborg"

I consider Makoto to be top tier.....a lot of her specials can be comboed into extremely quickly, making for highly damaging (and stunning) combos. She can also make a lot of very effective juggles, depending on how you time your attacks with her.

All characters have a lot of specials that can be comboed into extremelty quickly minus Hugo and Twelve.

The reason why Makoto's isn't top tier is because her entire gave revolves around 50/50 situations. Karakusa vs. ground string links.

For every guess correctly by Makoto she recreates another 50/50 situation. This puts the Makoto never into a "good" situation hence why she isn't top tier.

The only one gleaming light Makoto has is the 100% stun combo for... a decent majority of the cast, but that is based on positioning. They have to be aggressive for you to be able to land it, otherwise all you're going to get is Karakusa s.Fierce x EX Hayate.

Guile is better than Charlie in MvC2 because he has Sonic Hurricane... 3/4screen instant super that's relatively safe... both characters are completely worthless anyways, so it doesn't matter.

Gaming / Video game Tier lists
« on: June 09, 2007, 07:25:51 AM »
Quote from: "Moogleborg"

I consider Makoto to be top tier.....a lot of her specials can be comboed into extremely quickly, making for highly damaging (and stunning) combos. She can also make a lot of very effective juggles, depending on how you time your attacks with her.

All characters have a lot of specials that can be comboed into extremelty quickly minus Hugo and Twelve.

The reason why Makoto's isn't top tier is because her entire gave revolves around 50/50 situations. Karakusa vs. ground string links.

For every guess correctly by Makoto she recreates another 50/50 situation. This puts the Makoto never into a "good" situation hence why she isn't top tier.

The only one gleaming light Makoto has is the 100% stun combo for... a decent majority of the cast, but that is based on positioning. They have to be aggressive for you to be able to land it, otherwise all you're going to get is Karakusa s.Fierce x EX Hayate.

Guile is better than Charlie in MvC2 because he has Sonic Hurricane... 3/4screen instant super that's relatively safe... both characters are completely worthless anyways, so it doesn't matter.

Of course I'm the one that is misinterpereting logical reasons and not believing in something that you want to believe to be true because it makes you look better.

Sorry, no dice. I've explained it how it works. I've explained the scenario you would like to believe you're in, and the actual you are in. Funny thing is, you're the one taking more offense at this than you should. I never said you were this terrible person or anything, just merely stating that you are seeking attention(which you cannot deny since you said you were disappointed that you didn't get attention).

I merely just stated, you shouldn't feel that way. You're not whoring yourself out like a lot of cosplayers do, but you are still focusing on something you shouldn't.

In simpler terms "Don't let it get to you that people don't know who you are, or aren't giving you attention, just be happy with yourself".

Of course I could have worded it that way, but then others wouldn't have thought about it from the other perspective I gave and reflected upon themselves in the same way... ala "Am I an attention whore?".


While I've never cosplayed someone I didn't know, couldn't it be seen as a sign of respect to the character designer to cosplay a character even if you don't know much about them?  It's like saying "Wow this design is so cool, I want to cosplay it even if I can't read/watch/play."

Nope, because that's only caring about appearances and not giving a damn about the character as a whole. Think about it this way. If the creator of the character came up to you and said "Wow I'm glad you like my character, what are your favorite parts about that character"... what would you say?

"Oh I don't know anything about the character other than how it looks!"

How would you think it'd feel for him, that you've cheapened the character to only it's appearance?

If the costume was bad or you did a very minor character, I'd understand. Chrono is a very important main character in Nanoha... and the sprite is the staple character of the Atelier series. It's like stating you're a fan of Final Fantasy and not knowing what a chocobo is.

Quote from: "Stormfalcon"
Or, to look at the issue in a more simple way, you may be cosplaying for the love of the character, but it'd be nice to see that others share that love for the character as well and see that others recognize the character besides yourself.

Ah but you're comparing two different things. Cosplaying and getting a bonus is different than cosplaying and being disappointed that you didn't get recognized.

It's like offering to help out a friend, then getting mad that he didn't offer to buy you dinner or something afterwards...

compared to

It's like offering to help out a friend, then being surprised when he offers to get you a beer afterwards.

I certainly wouldn't get mad or disappointed if I offered to help out a friend and he doesn't get me diner or anything like that. I'm helping him because I want to help him. If he does get me something that's a bonus, but if he doesn't, there's 0 reason to be disappointed.

IT IS seeking attention no matter how you look at it, or word it. By being disappointed or sad, or angry, or anything along those lines at all, it means that you WERE SEEKING ATTENTION. I like when people talk to me about my costume, but if no one does, I don't really care. I find it kinda pitiful and irritating when someone from the same series doesn't recognize me, because that's disrespectful to the character they're cosplaying, the series as a whole... and the production of that series to cosplay about something you have such little knowledge about. That's not love at all.

Gaming / Hoshigami Remix DS
« on: June 07, 2007, 03:57:23 PM »
Quote from: "mDuo13"
Quote from: "PyronIkari"
Atlus didn't make hoshigami...  Max Five did.

No one said Atlus made it. In fact, I said that the DS remake was being ported (as in, translated) by Aksys Games, which is made up of ex-Atlus guys. That's all.

Yeah, I heard the original was quite hard, but there are three difficulty settings in the new one, thus one of the problems I said I think had probably been fixed for the remake.

And it's in the anime section because we don't have a games forum, and one of the key features contributing to my interest in the game is the anime style art. Isn't that fine?

1 ex-atlus guy, and to be honest, it's not something you should bring up in that fashion when Atlus employees(and ex-Atlus employees alike) read this forum.

Hoshigami isn't a good game. It has an interesting plot twist/ending, but other than that... it's a piece of crap. There's no way to "make the game easy" unless they do something like make your characters incredibly strong, or the such, because the challenge in the game is understanding the system and being able to organize characters. The whole beat chain system was essential to the game because you had to utilize it to position enemies and do damage since most of your guys died in 2-3 attacks. If you make it so that they can take more hits, there's no point in using the beat-chain, meaning it doesn't matter at all and just can just rush enemies and keep attacking.

It was difficult, because it took real strategy. You can't put a difficulty meter on that.

The main plot was retarded, and the entire flow of the game was terrible. Do one mission or maybe two. Then go rebuild army and spend 2 hours leveling in EXP tower to get coin pieces and crap. Two more levels... repeat. And chances are you're going to play most stages twice. First time to learn the enemy positions and where you should move characters, second time to beat it without losing all your guys.

Quote from: "Nina Star 9"

I cosplay because I honestly LOVE doing so. Why else would I choose some obscure costume that I adore (Bodaiju PV Amano Tsukiko - it's my favourite song) and spend months hand-sewing the darn thing? If I wanted attention and didn't love what I was doing, I would buy a really popular costume instead of spending a lot of time and energy on trying to figure out how to make something else that I know no one will know. I do it out of love for the costume and the original designer and wearer of the costume, not for the attention.

Oh... ther'es a number of reasons to do so. The same reason why some people PURPOSELY choose to cosplay obscure things, it's not the amount of attention they get, but the elite feeling that if someone recognizes their super obscure costume, that it means that much more... or it could be that you wanted to be elitist completely and have people ask you about it... I'm not saying you are any of those... but those are possibilities.


My point in my above post was that it is discouraging when you spend a lot of time and energy and money making your dream costume, and it just gets alked all over, quite literally, like no one even notices you are there. It also makes one wonder why some people with costumes of lesser quality get all sorts of complements, pictures, etc., when the one costume that you spent a year doing breakdowns and drafting your patterns for and then months sewing it only gets a few nods, if that. (Even though I was carrying the 10 foot train the vast majority of the time, I was still scared of getting my costume ripped from all the people that did not even look where they were walking and accidentally stood on my costume. It can be a bit hurtful when no one even noices that you and your costume are there.)

You missed completely where I said absolutely know one asked me for my picture, or that no one even recognized it... even someone from the exact same series. If you're whining that no one recognized it, or that you didn't get attention... then you aren't doing it for love. You ARE doing it for the recognition. Some costumes I've done have gotten me loads of attention, some have gotten me absolutely none. Van from Escaflowne got me so much attention it's not even funny... but the reason why I did Van in the first place is a very personal reason and connection I had with something that's not worth mentioning on here. Had I gotten 0 pictures and no one cared who I was... I still would have been super happy because I did that character, and I did that costume that I was very much connected to.

I did a sprite from the Atelier Series(Iris version) and I got 1 picture taken... and it was because he thought I was cosplaying Li Syaoran(which if anything is more insulting than not getting your picture taken before) and had a person cosplaying from the Atelier series say she had no clue who I was, and stated that she had no clue who she was, she just thought the costume was cute so she did it.

I even had a little chemistry set with the bottles and the rack and I sat on the floor playing with it like in the game... XD it was so bad ass.

I did Laharl(LOL first Laharl in the US and possibly Japan) since it was before Disgaea was even okayd for release in the US and it had only been out in Japan for about 2weeks. Of course no one recognized that costume at all. Girls just wanted to take my picture because I had no shirt on and I apparently have nice legs or something.

See, cosplay is about yourself. It's about doing something you like for yourself. Not for anyone else. Not for the attention you might get, not for the picture opportunities, not for anything accept your will to do it, and your wanting to do it. Recognition is nice, but definitely not important.


I'm not saying that I am sad becuase I didn't get any attention, if you knew me at all, you would know that I am anything but an attention whore. I'm saying that when someone spends months hand-sewing every detail onto an elaborate costume because they absouletly love the costume and the sourse material, it can be discouraging and make one not really want to make something so elaborate and time-consuming again when barely anyone even acknowledges your existance. That's it. I'm out there for anything but the attention, I'm out there for the love. But sometimes, if one barely gets anyone even noticing their hard work, it makes it harder to pull out the needle and thread and make another dream costume.

You're right, I don't know you at all, I can only base this on the logic you have put forth in your posts. I can only rationalize what you have presented as a base point. And your base point is...

"I Don't cosplay for anyone but myself. I do things I love... but I don't want to do it anymore unless people recognize me and give me attention".

Sorry, but things don't add up that way. You might not be an attention whore... but you're definitely seeking attention for you to have that attitude. That's not love at all. That's an excuse.

Gaming / Hoshigami Remix DS
« on: June 07, 2007, 03:23:13 AM »
Atlus didn't make hoshigami...  Max Five did.

Atlus USA published it in the states though. Ugh... I remember when they picked up this title and I was told to beat it in 3 days in JP, It's a pretty frustrating game... most people hated how hard it was and how often you'd lose characters.

Why is this in the anime section?

If you are cosplaying to get your picture taken... you're cosplaying for the wrong reasons... seriously.

Cosplaying SHOULD be about loving the character, and loving it enough to want to dress up like said character. I cosplayed one of my favorite characters as of recent, Chrono from Nanoha. Guess what, no one recognized me, no one took my picture, and someone who cosplayed from the same series didn't even recognize it. Did I care? Hell no, because the costume was awesome, and I love the character. If what I cared about was getting my picture taken, or getting recognized, I'd whore myself out and do something totally obvious(cough cough... anything 4chan, or anything bleach, or naruto, death note...).

"Cosplay is love~"

Well it used to be, now it's about attention whoring. I liked how things were pre 2000 where the majority of people didn't cosplay, and those that did, did it not for the attention, but for love of the character.

Panels and Workshops / Damn You Internets! (Update #9 - The Final!)
« on: June 05, 2007, 05:34:53 PM »
What about it? I said I'd talk about it... so I did.

Quote from: "angeljibrille"

Um... having been to Comike multiple times, and being someone who regularly corresponds with my doujinshi artist friends in Japan... it -IS- called yaoi, and yaoi is almost always associated with "boys love". However, yaoi is almost strictly a doujinshi term, usually for explicit "boys love" books, and it doesn't mean "gay" per se. A lot of publishers do not use it, they use "Boys Love" instead -- but it's definitely used for doujinshi.
The term Yaoi was a description of books, not necessarilly boys love nor content. "No climax, no punchline, no meaning".
Meaning, the doujinshi had no climax, no punchline, and no meaning. It originated as a derogative description of "terrible doujinshi". Many simple boys love comics fell into this category. Comics that would build a pointless relationship between two male characters, with nothing happening at all in the end(sex or otherwise). Ending on a pointless note.

This later got pushed onto boys love comics in general as a bad description, which again... many people in the US misused(like they do with every god damned Japanese word... hentai... otaku... etc.) the world thinking that it meant only male-male comics without knowing about origins of words. Essentially It's misused a lot, but in Japan they tend to stick with "Boys Love" when refering to anything with male-male relations.

How do I know? I personally do not like yaoi, I'm more of a "normal pairings" fan (what they call it in Japan, not a judgement) and so I will ask an artist about a book and if it is yaoi... they call it yaoi.

Every shop I have seen doesn't label there comics "yaoi" as a description. The ones that do have "US sections online". For the most part, especially at comiket, people know circle/artist/day they are going on so they know what to look for and what each booth is. If it's a new booth, it's rather impolite to ask something such as "Is this yaoi" or the such.

Yuri, on the other hand, is not a term I usually hear from anyone. It's usually just "Hen" or "Hentai" for porn, which includes anything that over here in the US would be thought of as "yuri". Girls Love books, such as Utena, or Oniisama e, which feature girl pairings in a romanticized way is relatively rare in Japan, and instead of being referred to by a term -- it's usually just desginated by the pairings and mixed in with the normal and yaoi sections at Comiket.

Uhm... Japanese people do not use the word "hentai" for pornography. It has never ever been used to describe pornography in Japan, and it has US origins because people mistaken the word and it was overly used. The "normal" comics would be described simply as "Doujinshi" or "Ero-doujinshi" or "Over 18 doujinshi".

Yuri's origins are that it was an off balance for "Rose". Roses was a common symbol for homosexual males.

If homosexual males are ROSES then homosexual females are ______.

So they came up with "Lily/lillies". But again, it's used incorrectly in the US because people in the US do not understand word origins and correct usage of words.


So.. I wouldn't get too huffy about it. :) People use it fairly accurately over here, but they don't pronounce it properly :O

Edit: PS -- lesbian ero is NOT yaoi...

Uh... no, rarely do people use it correctly. "Will Yaoi for pocky" does not make sense. "I would so yaoi him"... does not make sense. Yaoi isn't a verb.

I could argue that most ero-doujin are pointless but it's an effort I don't want to make. If you want though, come by my booth at AX, there will be many people that work in the doujinshi business there. A rather popular long time artist, some who have bought/sold/traded doujinshi since the mid 80's, and myself, the simple salesman that's been doing this for a while.

But back to the main point of all this. Boys love comics sell... very well. On average about 40% of our sales at AX every year are boys love comics, about 40% are regular ero-doujinshi and the last 10 are misc. things like shirts or pvc's and the such. In general Boys love sales would out do the other doujin if not that there's usually a few people that buy a LOT of ero-doujin, but there are more that will pick up a few boys love doujin.

Quote from: "Xeluu"
Quote from: "Nana"
Quote from: "Kiyoko-chan"
I only saw one Jesus and one Wiimote, does that count? =n.n=

Actually, I think I saw 2 Jesuses. One with a red sash, the other with a tan one.

There were two Jesus(es) if a Jesus actually entered the Hentai room, I know the one with the red sash, and he's underage currently.

And woo, I was the only Mudkip!

NO you weren't there were 3 mudkips you fail at this game.

mmm... This sorta makes sense, but not in the sense your putting it.

I sell doujinshi for a company so lemme explain.

Much like the base fandom, things are seperated into girls/boys style things. The category of "Yaoi" isn't a real category, but used because it's easier for (stupid) Americans to differentiate between girls comics and guy comics. Especially when dealing with ero-doujin. At Anime-Expo especially we usually separate into "Guy Comics" and "Yaoi" because "Girl comics" is sometimes misleading. We also have people bitch about how "Hey, I'm a girl, and I like comics like this, why are you separating them!".

Frankly, American usage of "Yaoi" bothers me because rarely is it used correctly.

But as a point, there isn't *THAT* much comparatively, because any "normal" comic is the opposite of "Yaoi". Though to be honest... why complain that there's "Too much yaoi" it's not like you're buying it. There's a big market for it, and that's why it's there.

And just to be picky... technically lesbian ero is also "Yaoi". Boys love or Shounen Ai is the correct term you should be using.

Quote from: "FanFicGuru"

I attended it last year for about 15 minutes before the idiocy drove me out.

That's why I assumed this year was no different, but alas, it seems that it is more than I thought.

Perhaps next year I'll give it another shot.

And... that was my point. We took all of the negative feedback we got from the first panel, and then used that to make things this year(which blew it out of the water). Hence my point that... "YOU LISTEN TO YOUR AUDIENCE, THEN IMPROVE" instead of just getting pissed off that people are saying negative things and stating that they are wrong for thinking that.


Also, no offense Mikey, but how hard is it for your panel to be a 'success' when the main point of it is for people to get together and swear and rant about the idiots that roam the interwebz? Doesn't seem terribly complex. My friends went and had a good time though so, hoorah.

N'ah, that would be the anime boston 4chan panel where it was an hour of people shouting memes at each other. We had real content, and things that made it a real panel. Because for the most part, we didn't rant about idiots at all, we talked about the culture.

The attendees are usually the worst part about any convention. They have no social graces nor understandings. When I was leaving the hotel I had a long wait and our bellboy was really patient. But then someone came about 10 minutes after us and had their cart of luggage(no bellboy). The entire time I could hear them bitching about how the bellboy didn't carry their luggage for them(we requested a bellboy, not a cart). When an elevator came, they rushed into it, instead of letting us and the bellboy with our luggage go in(despite us waiting there much longer).

I tipped the bellboy 10$ (woulda been more had I had any other smaller bills outside of a 100$). The entire time I was waiting for our car in valet I saw 2 people tip the driver.

Things like this, in addition to the glomping, random hugs, and others trying to get me to buy them stuff or eat there pocky... kiss them, and a number of other things. Why can't people act like respectable human beings? Being excited having fun doesn't mean not having any social graces at all when dealing with strangers. Hey, you wanna screw around with friends you know, more power to you... when it's a stranger though... follow simple social graces... please.

This is my point. How can you do an appropriate adaptation of something... when you don't know the original? I made this comparison before, I work in translation. If someone doesn't understand the original, he/she cannot make an adequate translation or output of what the localized version should/can/will be.

I was against things like paying for pictures, because that idea is based on long term patrons. I understood fully well what could and could not be done in food service, but the things that should have been brought over form the original was neither of these things. I didn't offer any suggestions? What about everything I said about mannerisms? Everything I said about how they should place there hands, how they should carry themselves? These ARE things that were very much capable of bringing over from "real maid cafes" that seemed to not be even considered. You are half right in that, I didn't physically become a patron. You are incorrect that I don't know what happened. A lot of friends(again hindisght so I didn't include them in anything I said on these forums) went and they gave me depictions of what happened. I watched multiple people get served while smoking, as well as while I was standing next to the ATM to meet up with people.  I flamed? I made non-constructive criticisms and personal attacks? Just because you do not agree to what I've said thus far does not make what I said any of these things.

First of all, this started out when I made comments about the Maid cafe, and instead of accepting these factual things that happened(yes people said these things so there's no denying that it's factual), you challenged it as if your customers don't know what they were talking about, and thusly had no right to say anything they did. Your patrons said these things... maybe you, should listen to them.

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