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Big Event Showcase / Re: Fanimaid 2012~
« on: January 14, 2012, 05:33:04 PM »
Thank you, but how do I know if it is approved? Is there a form?
After you are accepted as a maid, you email us the uniform you would like to purchase/design and we tell you whether or not it's approved.

If we end up volunteering with Fanimaid Cafe, how many hours would we volunteer a day? I want to table with my friend in the Artist Alley too so if I miraculously get to be a part of Fanimaid Cafe, I'd like to know how many hours she'd have to be alone. ;~;

Total is about 10 hours through out the weekend. Roughly 4 1/2 hours sat and sun, and a mandatory meeting that lasts about an hour.

Big Event Showcase / Re: Fanimaid 2012~
« on: January 13, 2012, 01:00:42 AM »
Uniforms can be purchased anywhere as long as it is approved by staff first. As for dances you need to know or ill be useful? None specifically. Any you want to learn will help overall but none are required.

General Convention Discussion / Re: Location & Price of Maid Cafe
« on: January 11, 2012, 03:26:12 PM »
Prices were roughly as such.

Small deserts were roughly around 3.50. Larger deserts were around 4-5. Sandwiches were about 5.50. Drinks were 1.50 or so for coffee/tea 2.50 for sodas. 4$ for a can of monster.

So you're looking at avg fare for convention food.

As was previously noted, the cafe itself was on the concourse floor on the Hilton side way way way at the end of the concourse. Above the Starbucks on the first floor.

Things in the Universe / Re: Introductions!
« on: January 09, 2012, 05:45:46 PM »
-bruce buffer- introducing the fighter in the red corner. this man is a Capoeira and brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter
his record is 0 wins 0 loses
fighting out of san antonio, texas

ok... enough with the ufc intro. um.... my real name is jed im 23. never been to any anime conventions out of the texas area. im thinking about volunteering at fanime 2012 but right now after seeing the whole thank you thread fot the 17,000+ con badges im afraid that im going to get overloaded and wind up breaking down. however ive volunteered at san japan for 3 years in saftey (they love me there) volunteered at ikkicon for 3 years (i think) different departments though. and a small one day for 2 years (i think) and thats about it

I'm guessing you didn't read this thread before you posted. You would have realized that it's almost a year old with only 3 posts, one of which is mine about how this thread is bad.

Big Event Showcase / Re: Fanimaid 2012~
« on: January 08, 2012, 02:12:46 AM »
Hey there!  I was wondering if you could tell us what kinds of things to expect at tryouts.  Will they be just interviews, or some sort of practice run?

As I was going through a few of the past fanimaid threads, I noticed that both tryouts are usually in San Jose due to convenience of scheduling the venue.  Do you think there will be a San Francisco tryout this year?  Going to SF is more convenient for me during the school year.  Also, are there usually at least 2 meetings in SF?  I realize it may be too soon to be asking these questions, so I apologize if I'm being pushy.

There will be a meeting in SF this year. At current point, there are two tryouts planned, one in SF, and one in SJ. If you haven't got emailed maidcafe at fanime dot com yet to join the mailing list, I suggest doing so now. I'm currently busy with ALA this weekend, but right after, lots of discussion will go on, and emails should go out probably this tuesday about meetings.

What to expect. Meetings are generally, a simple introduction of what is expected, and a short interview to get to know you a little bit.

So many emails about people interested in joining this year... lots of competition.

Big Event Showcase / Re: Fanimaid 2012~
« on: January 06, 2012, 05:27:23 PM »
Hi I am terribly sorry, but I just joined the mailing list, did any important emails come up yet? Thank you :)

Nope not yet, when one does come out, similar info(but not all of the info) will posted here as well.

As a side note, wow, let's of girls are interested this year. This compromises my original idea of things. Must discuss with staff about how things are going to go for tryouts.

Big Event Showcase / Re: Fanimaid 2012~
« on: January 05, 2012, 12:48:00 AM »
Sorry for asking this so early, but if we get accepted as a maid, will there be meetings April 9-13? There is an optional trip I need to decide if I should go or not :\

No there won't(most likely).

Big Event Showcase / Re: Fanimaid 2012~
« on: January 04, 2012, 12:10:18 AM »
Yes you do, even if you're accepted as a maid, you have to pay for your badge.

Big Event Showcase / Re: Fanimaid 2012~
« on: December 27, 2011, 06:22:28 PM »

I just joined the mailing list  ;D
Has anything been emailed out regarding tryout info, yet?

Nope, not yet. Expect one within the next week. Staff has been discussing times and what not for tryouts and everything like that.

Big Event Showcase / Re: Fanimaid 2012~
« on: December 10, 2011, 01:49:29 PM »
Wow. So ever since Fanime staff has posted this less than two days ago. I've gotten nearly 30 emails asking to be added to the mailing list.

While nothing official, it looks like the first tryout will be near mid February, and the 2nd tryout will be in early March. Times/locations and everything else will be mailed out in the mailing list when they're finalized.

Thanks for all the interest in this!

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Guests I Want for Fanimecon 2012!!!!!!!
« on: December 09, 2011, 07:32:01 PM »
;_; I'm sad that Masakazu Katsura was listed but only for Tiger and Bunny... Not I"s, Video Girl Ai, DNA^2, Zetman, and Shadowlady(even if this sucked).

The entire con is like a huge meet and greet though. Go to a panel, go to a gathering and just talk to people. Things might go well and you'll make a new friend. Fanime is a lot of things but it can't do all the work for you. Social interaction is uP to you.

- Guilty Crown, anyone? and Bakemonogatari and being famous in general, especially amongst NicoNico/Vocaloid fans. :)

Kinda impossible, but RADWIMPS would be great too. ^^

Just a note... SuperCell switched singers, and Nagi is no longer the female vocal, so they probably wouldn't do the Bakemonogatari music if they did come... As a side note, I've had their album Today is a Beautiful Day on repeat for the past two weeks.

Big Event Showcase / Fanimaid 2012~
« on: December 08, 2011, 10:29:19 PM »
Hi guys,

So we're back again this year. Information can be found on the Fanime website

More information coming soon~


Feel free to leave any questions/comments/suggestions here. Please be mindful if you do though. Things like "You should have a butler cafe" and the such have been asked millions of times already. You can go through previous maid cafe threads to look.

So the 2nd (and last tryout unless something miraculous happens) are
going to be Saturday March 10th at the San Jose Convention at 10am. If
you don't know where this is, you better find out fast, because this
is where FanimeCon is being held. But just in case...

150 West San Carlos Street  San Jose, CA 95110

Specifically the meeting will be in the Hilton 2nd floor lobby.
There's a sitting area right up the stairs, turn right, and it'll be
on your left side.

The first tryouts were awesome and incredibly successful. Had
approximately 30 girls show up. I hope that twice as many girls show
up for the second tryouts!

To copy and paste from last try-outs
What to expect:
The try-outs are roughly like a short course on what a maid cafe is,
what we do at Fanimaid Cafe, and basic training on tasks we expect our
maids to be able to fulfill. Please dress to impress to show off your
personal style, and as it will be at AOD, we are okay with you being
in cosplay during the try-outs if you don't want to change your
clothing. Prepare a pen and a notebook in case you would like to take
notes and answers to any questions you may have.

Please hold any questions regarding hours, uniforms, and what have you
for the try-out, as we usually go over everything you need to know.

Other things to keep in mind.
Please be prompt. This is incredibly super amazingly important.

The meeting/tryouts may last anywhere as long as 4 hours, maybe longer
according to how many girls show up. So once again, please be prompt
and hopefully manage so you'll be able to be there the entire time.

If you attended the first meeting, please do not attend the 2nd
tryout. This confuses me. When I try to organize you, and you apply
twice, I get confused and spend too much time trying to decide if
you're the same girl, or two girls with the same name that look
incredibly similar. I don't like this... I really don't like this. So
I usually stop doing work at that point for a while.

Hope the lot of you show up. This year is going to be an amazing year.
The returning maids are incredibly hype. Staff has been working hard
to get everything ready with lots of new ideas. And a big lot of
awesome girls trying out. This group and a lot of these girls have
become some of the most important people to me. And each year it grows
and only becomes more important. Have fun at the meeting and good

Mikey Pham FanimaidCafe Co-Head

Things in the Universe / Re: Have Hetalia Fans Gone Too Far?
« on: October 19, 2011, 11:08:52 AM »
And who says, it has anything to do with the audience. Who says it's not for them as cosplayers, to take a photo... for themselves, that they want to share. Not all art is *MEANT* for the masses, and I could easily turn this into a "why you cosplay" discussion and talk badly about the large majority of cosplayers. I could talk about how "bad cosplay" is more offensive than this, or how "cosplaying for attention" or even "cosplaying a character you know nothing about" is more offensive than this, but I'm not turning leaf to that argument (so PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THAT PART, rather please just get why I made the comparison).

Cosplay is cosplay for the sake of cosplay to each individual and person. While I am personally offended to some extent as to why people do a lot of things, they are in their every right to do so. Everything anyone does will be found offensive by somebody. It's an understanding of why it's offensive, why you are getting offended, and why should you care that matters. Hell, the representation of some of the characters in Hetalia as designed, can be incredibly offensive to a lot of people. Bad stereotypes ontop of inaccurate portrayals as representitives of a nation can be found offensive. But you know what? Why should that bother me. It's a portrayal as seen by an artist. Inaccurate, accurate, it doesn't matter. It was created for their purpose and many people will enjoy it. I will interject my opinion, but in no way should it truly affect anyone. I will speak mostly objectively and very matter of factly to allow people to decide how they want to feel.

Again, if this image offends you, then it offends you. There's no two ways about it. But what I want you to do is really think about why it's offensive to you, and why you feel you should make an issue out of it at all. In return, think about what you do, and why other people may find your actions, thoughts, and portrayals offensive (because people do). Is this going to stop you from being you? From doing the things you want to do, and acting upon the life that you see? Artistic and creative thoughts are displayed in the smallest of actions. People willl find them offensive. If you truly don't want to offend people, you won't do anything at all. Some things are worth making a hoopla about, when they are truly offensive and can affect other people. Something like this is merely a portrayal of someones thoughts and opinions of a character. Of the past and a portrayal of how things were. This is not the opinion of the cosplayer themselves. This is not a cosplayer, attacking and trying to surpress other people.

So see it how you want and why you want. But at least attempt to understand what it is before you pass it off as something bad.

Things in the Universe / Re: Have Hetalia Fans Gone Too Far?
« on: October 19, 2011, 08:53:09 AM »
And one should say, how different are you being in your anti-racism... compared to actual racism?

People seem to not realize. Look, I'm against racism and prejudice as a whole. But when you're trying to make things out to be racist, when they're clearly not, your anti-racism is basically the same as racism. You're persecuting people for something that isn't hatred. Your persecution is no different than the act you're fighting against. You're still judging and demeaning someone, just because you feel the overall goal is "for the good" in the end you're still persecuting someone for something they aren't doing.

Of course you can say it's in bad taste, it's bad judgment and they shouldn't do that. But is it really? The photo itself can be considered offensive out of context. But that's when human rationality and judgment *should* kick in. If you want to be offended, hey, I'm not stopping you. But that picture is not offensive and in many way shapes and forms should be seen as artistic. Art is offensive guys. Look at the art of the past. Parodies, satire, replication. So like, are we going to call people re-inacting the civil war, or anyone that ever plays Hitler in a play or movie offensive and racist too? Think about context or reasoning guys. It was a photo representing two characters.

This just in guys, let's be offended at every of representation of Hitler, Stalin, Mussoulini, and Lincoln, there are. Because you know, they did bad things, and anyone showing these mentalities are offensive.

Also, let's never allow cosplayers to cosplay a "bad guy" to do anything the bad guy has ever done. Because those are offensive too. You know what's also offensive, DragonBallZ... it had Hitler in it.

Big Event Showcase / Re: Maid Cafe 2011 feedback thread
« on: October 11, 2011, 08:42:06 PM »
I thought the maid cafe was great, even though it was my first time at fanime so I don't have anything to compare to, I really liked the maid I got. They were all really nice, and the pictures came out great. I went with my mom and her friend and the maid did a really good job of keeping us all entertained. The food was really good, a tad over priced, but still good. I was also wondering how old you had to be to be one of the maids.
To be a maid you have to be at least 16 years old by the time Fanime starts.

Well if you didn't know, when they came to Anime Expo, only 16 came. I do believe that they can pay for themselves again, I'm pretty sure AKB48 isn't a dirt poor group. They're pretty successful.  16 would still be a lot right? 16 tickets from Japan and back + hotel rooms would probably be around $20,000. If AKB48 couldn't pay for themselves to get here, how did they get to both LA and NYC in the first place?

And I'm not sure about what you mean "mainstream". I went to Japan in August and I seriously can't describe how popular they are over there. Yea Kpop is very popular in Japan, but surely they aren't more popular than AKB48. Obviously, KPop is way more popular than AKB48 in America, but I already said, it'd be introducing a new famous group to a lot of the Fanime goers.

Why are we talking about popularity anyways? It's not like Yuya Matsushita was very well known here before Fanime 2011. I never heard of him, and, be honest, a lot of people didn't know him as well. Don't get me wrong, Yuya is a cool guy. I loved his performance.
Yes... I know all of this very well. Here's the thing. They invited themselves. They said "We would like to go to your event and we will pay for our own tickets". There's a difference between this and saying "Hey, we would like you to come to our event, BUT YOU NEED TO PAY FOR YOURSELF". The latter is extremely unprofessional, rude, and if anything else, just plain insulting. Besides that, it makes Fanime look like poor pathetic losers.

Look, I follow music in Japan better than you do. I follow the culture in general better than you do. AKB48 is popular, yes. There's no doubt, I stated this pretty clearly. But the target audience is not the general public. Your average person, is not a fan of AKB48 as their music is very... ... specific in appeal. I'm guessing you never actually took the time to really understand the lyrics of a lot of their songs, because they're rather... I don't know the correct word to use here. Innuendo-ey? But not in the normal way, in a very well, you either get it or you don't.

And I'm not talking about K-pop itself. K-pop itself is not popular in Japan at all... But Korean Artists that are coming to Japan and making JP music are.

See, here's what bothers me a lot about your posts. You speak as if you are a representitive of what is popular, what is know, what is unknown. Yuya was unknown? Really? A LOT LOT LOT LOT of Kuroshitsuji fans would agree with you. *I* knew who he was, and I don't like kuroshitsuji. But to double it up, Durarara was insanely popular during its run, and Trust Me... did well.

It's fine that you want to suggest AKB48, but please do not speak as if you know better than other people. You went to Japan, you follow things. But you do not know more than other people so please stop assuming and speaking like you do.


I would love it if AKB48 could come to Fanime as well! <3 I missed out when they went to AX last year D;

Thank you so much for mentioning AKB. I'm an IMMENSE fan of them. Lots of people don't know them here at Fanime, so having them come would be something new. Yea sure, they aren't related to anime, but I'm telling you... they are so incredibly popular/famous in Japan I didn't think it'd be possible. Selling over 1 million copies of their 23rd single "Flying Get" is pretty impressive if you ask me. And yet, barely anybody knows them at all here in America. Last year I suggested AKB48 to come to Fanime and I got some negative responses. I don't know what's the problem with them coming over. I mean they came to Anime Expo, there was no problem.  If you got any objections, HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT. (sorry for this long explanation/vent xD)

Is this a challenge? Okay, sure, besides the main group having so many members, if we were to have them as a guest. That would be roughly... 50 people we would be paying for. 50 plane tickets from Japan and back, + hotel rooms to accomadate all of them. The reason why they came to the other places, were that they paid for themselves. So, here's the thing, you're looking at roughly..80k to bring AKB48 here including managers, etc. Now... that 80k could be used to bring... 3 even 4 musical guests out here. Or 2 musical guests, a director, an artist, and a voice actor even.

It's not that they're unknown... AKB48 is known. It's more or less, do people like tem. AKB48 is popular in Japan, they are... but they're not mainstream. They're still very niche culture that likes them. It's the same as Hello Project. Yeah, they're popular, no denying. When they were at their peak in the early to mid 2000's They were even more popular. But they're not mainstream pop culture to the same extent that many other groups are. Hell even the K=pop invasion is growing more in popularity than AKB48 is. And if Fanime were to spend that much money? I would much rather see a really popular group... Like Perfume.

Gaming / Re: Digital Devil Saga Thoughts...
« on: September 21, 2011, 01:18:06 PM »

Okay, this actually deserves a post. Did a bot, just post a thread, about a game that's 10 years old, in such an intelligent way?

First, it introduces itself in a way to easily make it feign the idiocy of a new poster "SORRY IF I POSTED IN WRONG FORUM". Then it words its post in a way to sound stupid so people would reply and get upset at it. But not only that, it actually addresses some real problems with said game for anyone who hasn't played an SMT game before.

Bots are seriously getting scary.

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