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Hi there! Trying to make a prinny cosplay in time for fanime 2010.

I want it to be a whole suit, and I planned out most of it. I already bought the fabric and made patterns...I even finished the dummy version with cruddy cloth. I have a beak that opens when I open my mouth, so-so ventilation, eye holes from the beak-nostrils or when I open my mouth...

The problem? I want my prinny to be nice and fat, huggly and squishable. (at least soft-ish to the touch, not like carpet over cement or anything...) I don't know how to achieve this without using a whole lot of fiber-fill (I'm trying to avoid the uber-hot mascot costume syndrome).

I was wondering if chicken wire is strong enough to hold it's shape, but flexible enough to take some abuse. (Cosplayers like to hug, afterall, and most are clumsy.) Or if I should use a sort of metal skeleton underneath the chicken wire for re-enforcement. (This would be VERY costly, so I'm hoping to avoid this, as well.) Or perhaps outer chicken wire with a layer of fiber fill "blubber"...

The costume is going to be a lot larger than I am (see pic, I put a basic human figure about my size in the costume, not how I would fit in it, though.)

I am also hoping it would be somehow collapsible, so I can actually store it.


Any clue how to fatten up my prinny
1)Without stuffing the entire thing with fiber-fill
2)Without using so much metal that it's weighed down
3)So it can be squished into a large suitcase

Any suggestions are welcome! I have many years sewing experience and have made a few furry's fursuits before, I just never had to fatten them up. ^_^

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