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I'm sure somebody posted this already, but just in case...

I saw Davey Jones and Calypso from Pirates of the Carribean (screw spelling)! Didn't get a picture though... Both disappeared before I got a chance. xP


1. Suki from Avatar the Last Airbender (At least, I think that's her name. I know that the episode she's in is Warriors of Kyoshi.)
4. Haruhara Haruko from FLCL (I think, though I could be completely wrong because I don't watch that anime.)
8. Somebody form Sakura Taisen?
10. Left: That one dude from YuYu Hakasho, Right: Kikyo from Inuyasha?
11. Somebody from Ohran Koko Host Club?
15. Somebody from Trigun?
20. That one dude from Ninja Scroll?
24. Somebody from Naruto
25. Somebody from the Akatsuki from Naruto.
26. Diao Chan from Dynasty Warriors
30. Kisame from Akatsuki from Naruto
31. Some Anbu person from Naruto
32. A Girl version of Sesshoumaru?
33. That one girl from Princess Mononoke

Sorry, this is all I know. I'm sure that 95% of this is wrong... ^^;

This is my first time going to a convention, and I'm planning on going as Kikyo, but I don't want to join in any of the contests... I just wanted to like, walk around and have fun while dressing up as her...

So yeah, are you allowed to cosplay, but not join in the contests?

Eh, I hope I made sense... (And I hope I posted this in the right place! :oops: )

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