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Serious Business / Re: Influenza/COVID-19 Concerns
April 13, 2020, 09:12:15 PM
My concern is why didn't they give those who pre-registered the option to have a refund? Especially to those who need the money to help get through this Pandemic?

We didn't know that this pandemic would occur when registrations opened. Nor would it be as bad as it currently is. No thanks to those in the White House scoffing off the early warnings/signs. Why is it that we don't have the option to have a refund because of something bad as this Pandemic happening and it's out of our control?

Now I do appreciate the condolences of being affected by this Pandemic, but how is that going to pay the bills?

And I also know that those who pre-registered for 2020 will be carried over into 2021, but what if those who need the money from pre-registration for 2020 back to help get through this pandemic. Then when people can get back to work later and make their money back, then they can pre-register again for 2021.