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A lot of items, mostly anime, games, movie, cosplay, etc-related goods with a few others thrown in.
Not sure how worthwhile it is to post here as it doesn't seem to get too frequented but here is the list of items:

If for whatever reason you can't view the sheets or for some reason this is violating the terms of the boards, please let me know and I will type up a list of items I have and if you are interested, you can just message me.
Most of the items have a price I believe is fair and those that don't are because I'm mostly fine giving it away, but am open to offers for the time/effort put into the product or transaction process.

Disclaimer: I am not willing to mail anything for free. I will at least expect to be compensated the mailing cost, which we can negotiate before any final transactions are made.
We can agree to have items picked up at any conventions that I guarantee I will be at (Fanime, CRX) or I can give you my address to pick them up from me if you are local.

Again, we will confirm details through messaging.

Any items that have been claimed will be listed as so on the sheet.
If you message me through the forums and don't hear back within a couple days, please email me directly at [email protected]


Hi there!

I was curious how everyone, sad as it is, gets rid of their older cosplays and props.

I've dropped a significant amount of weight and gotten in shape since last Fanime and none of my old cosplays fit. One in particular has rather fallen apart and I'm afraid couldn't even be passed on to another, so I was curious what the best way to dispose of them is.

Materials are mainly EVA foam coated with acrylic paints and a variety of seals.

I would imagine they go straight in the garbage but that seems kind of sad, and I'm not sure the painted foam can be disposed of that way.

Any tips?

Hotel and Facilities / First time Mariott
April 08, 2015, 07:32:00 AM
Hey guys.

So This year will be my 5th attending Fanime but my first staying in one of the fancier hotels.

To my surprise and joy, I was able to book a room for my S/O and I for the whole weekend.

Before this year, I've always stayed at Hotel Elan, which is about a mile away. I either walked to the convention or paid the horrendous vehicle storage fee.

Now that I cosplay, I can't really do the walking bit unless it is a minimal outfit, which this year it is not. So I'm very excited to have a Mariott room, especially at the same price as Hotel Elan.

So my question is; What can I expect from staying there? Will I get to choose what type of room I get (as in which side of the building, one with a balcony, do they all come with balconies? etc). What is the noise level like? I love swimming but considering how busy it will be, is the pool worth checking out? Is it open all night? (I'd likely want to relax in the evening and I love just kinda... hanging out, casual swimming, etc)

What other surprising are in store for me? O: