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General Convention Discussion / Re: Official Lost and Found Thread
« on: May 27, 2015, 03:38:14 PM »
I lost 2 contact staffs outside the Fairmont hotel on Monday around noon. Both of the staffs are 5 ft tall, one is a gold-painted fire staff

and the other is a clear, 6-light, collapsible, LED contact staff and three off the lights on one side are not really working.

 If anyone has seen them, picked them up or knows any information that could help me find them it would be greatly appreciated!
I can offer a small reward if found.

Neat idea, you should contact gaming to get a table set aside.

Thanks for the idea I'll figure who I need to contact.

My plan for Fanime this year is to spend random amounts of time in the gamer’s hall playing caravan with my fellow wastelanders during all days of the convention. If anyone would like to meet up at the Gamer’s Hall this year at FanimeCon for a few rounds of Caravan please do let me know! Be sure to bring caps(they don’t need to be beer caps, I just drink a lot).

I’m planning on having the eight decks above custom made for a small set up at the Con, but feel free to bring your own decks of cards as well(feel free to customize yours as well because why not?).

*The details for the meet up are still in the works*

Rules of Caravan

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