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ok cool I might cosplay rose quartz or dipper pines

I'm interested but I was wondering if it is just Steven Universe cosplay?

The panel is a 16+ so I say if there is a truth or dare that is sexual but the person who was asked to do that soon truth or dare is comfortable enough to do the truth or dare they have any and all rights to but if they are not then the person can say pass

We already have the characters we just need the panel to be accepted. This will be a 16+ panel that starts off a small script. Then a truth or dare by the audience , and in the end a q&a. Waitlisted

Characters and names

Sloth: Laudan I will be the main host of the panel along with Alaqua

Lust: Sani

Envy: Ira

Greed: Alaqua also a main host

Pride: Drew

Father: Todd

Wrath: Blake

Gluttony: Matt

If you have any questions or you want to see behind the scenes of the panel please DM, follow or email us 



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