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^ Eh, kind of.
< I'm currently finishing up my Bachelor's for IT Security. Currently taking Finite Math right now.
> I want to call a PTO (paid-time off) at work tomorrow.
v Going for the full weekend for Fanime?
Replacement is Achmed

Then they abducted Kotomine Kirei..
Forum Games / Re: What games are you currently playing?
October 28, 2014, 10:06:09 AM
Killer7 on my PS2 emulator

Garry's Mod (Stop it Slender!)

^ Not yet. When pre-reg opens, then maybe.
< Save that money!
> So I'm returning to school starting this weekend. Nice!
v How's school for you?
Forum Games / Re: The Ctrl + V game
October 23, 2014, 10:18:03 AM
^ I like cold weather. The colder, the better.
> We laid off 12 people at the office yesterday. Not fun at all.
v Suckiest day so far?
^ It's time to work!
< Tourneys happen all the time, both weeklies and Majors.
> The ramen festival was pretty good.
v Did you go to the ramen festival?
Things in the Universe / Re: The Awful Truth(s)
September 29, 2014, 02:53:58 PM
Believe it or not, you're on your own.
^ When is it again?
< Eh, just a bunch of old computer equipment that we don't need anymore.
> Judging Norcal Strongstyle tournament tomorrow!
v Are you ready?
^ Right now, Suits.
< I joined the SF anime group in FB, and one of the members decided to throw a 4th potluck/anime marathon event
> So many junk that we need to recycle at work...
v What?
^ I'm doing alright. Could be better!
< I see. Yeah, the game can get very unfair for a few people..
> Went to an Anime group Potluck thing at the city over the weekend.
v How do you do under pressure?
^ It depends.
< Someone beat me to it!
> Playing Destiny
v What's good tomorrow?
^ Just worked.
< I don't think I'll be buying it now :(
> Salmon sandwiches for breakfast!
v Last thing you thought of?
^ Probably Kraken Con. IDK yet.
< A friend of mine is selling her 2 Pefume tickets for $50 each since she and her other friend can't make it to SoCal. I'm thinking about buying it so I can save a lil bit amount of money lol.
> I should be sleeping now. But alas, here I am.
v Monday again, huh?
^ Unholy Heights? hahah.
< I haven't tested streaming unfortunately. However, my emulator setup is working just fine!
> This day is almost done!
v Which Internet provider do you have?
Things in the Universe / Re: The Awful Truth(s)
September 11, 2014, 09:56:12 AM
Some games you HAVE to play the correct way in order to do good.
^ Fight Club. Oh man, I just broke rules 1 and 2 right there!
< I'm trying to get tickets! It costs a lot for VIP though :(
> Setting up my gaming laptop. Hopefully I get to do some streaming tests later.
v Where's the beef?
^ Shaolin Soccer DA BEST!
< Interesting. Did you get them on Steam?
> Gonna play Diablo III in a few minutes.
v Going to the Perfume concert in November?
^ Anyone except PewDiePie. I don't get why people like him.
< What games? on Steam?
> Football season has begun!
v Where to?
^ A double shot espresso.
> Downloading Siren: Blood Curse for streaming! Get spooked!
v Best thing that happened this week?