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^ Eh, not really.
< Your brother should do the Blazin' Challenge there! Eat 12 wings within 6 minutes, no napkins, no drinks, no dipping sauces or veggies.
> Weekend is almost here!
v What are you listening to right now?
^ Yes I did. My avatar pic is actually from JX.
< Wild Wings is alright. They got that new Ghost Pepper flavor that's sure to burn you to cinders!
> Just got back to the Bay Area. That 3-hour traffic sucked!
v What are you eating right now?
^ "Get rekt, son!"
< Why are you counting?
> Buffalo Wild Wings was good. *Food coma ensues*
v Eh?
^ I can eat wings today.
< Start that countdown now!
> Probably going to Buffalo Wild Wings later.
v Where are you going later?
^ Tragedy+Time by Rise Against.
< The con was good. Lots of programming (shoutouts to Greggo's Game Shows) and guests. The initial setting was interesting since there's a lot of open areas, but it felt like a festival! Getting autographs were easy enough like last year and I managed to have Daigo Ikeno, the artist for SFIV/SF3 draw Akuma/Gouki for me. The con is so great at getting in touch with guests especially this year since they have a dedicated guest table at the dealer's hall.

The only thing I did not like about the con was the main panel hall and the martial arts hall shared a building, so it was really hard to hear/understand what the panelists were saying whenever there is a martial arts session going on. Also the game room disappointed me this year; there were only a few set ups, and they only had 4 games: USFIV, UMvC3, Mario Kart, and Smash. I wish they returned to the old format last year.

> I'm attending SacAnime this weekend.
v Are you attending SacAnime this weekend?
^ If alone means I'm the only one in the office, then yes and no. Yes because I get free food. No because that means I'm working.
< Yes I do. A 2013 Triumph Triple Street R ABS
> I am so tired.
v Favorite meme?
^ Tons of workload.
< Nice. Good luck!
> Gonna do maintenance on my motorcycle before JX.
v Do you have a PS4?
^ Just have fun and get Urobochi to sign my Kamen Rider Gaim stuffs.
< I'm not cosplaying this time around. I didn't finish my Jojo cosplay since I suck. lol
> There's gonna be an USFIV and Mahvel 3 tourney at J-Expo. Get HYPE!
v What are you hype about?
^ Dragon's Crown for a bit. Once Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls comes out on the PS4 on Tuesday, I'll be busy with that. Also Tales of Xillia 2.
< Haven't touched Resident Evil since RE4. The series just went downhill from me imo.
> Ready for J-Expo this week!
v Are you ready for J-Expo?
^ Silent Hill. Resident Evil turned into an action game over the years.
< Yeah, I have played and streamed P.T. I like how Kojima incorporated some of that MGS elements to make P.T. scary. I'm excited for the coming Silent Hills! :)
> A guitar a day will keep the depression away.
v Do you like sleeping in late?
Speedwagon's part 1 version in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. All the foo did was be so melodramatic all the time!
^ If I went out to party or went on another roadtrip.
< Very nice! Let me know how is the musical!
> I just woke up!
v Do you like horror games?
^ Applying for Financial Aid
< You will be soon when you start working.
> Let this day end already I want to return back to bed.
v Plans for the weekend?
^ Whenever I have time. Sometimes I skip either breakfast, lunch, or dinner depending on what's happening.
< Western Governor's University. I already filled up the application form and now contacting my old college so that they can forward my transcripts.
> So busy at work today...
v Having a good day?
^ Vampy. She got to Fanime as soon as we were about to leave!
< That's good! Get networked!
> Talking ato a counselor tomorrow about some online college university I'm trying to get to.
v Do you get hookups from stores a lot?
^ None as of right now.
< The game gets harder each day cuz of the ton of documents you need to look at for descrepancies, and then you have to deal with processing a lot of people in such a short amount of time.
> It's Tuesday. Time to check what PS4/3 has to offer.
v When's Mahvel?
^ Some playlist on
< Thanks!
> Playing Papers Please.
v Yes?
^ Work and gym.
< Eh, I'll be fine.
> Wohoo day 2. -_-
v What are you watching right now?
^ I don't get distracted as much.
< It's from a boba called Onyx, located in South San Francisco/Daly City.
> Hello depression!
v Last song you listened to?
^ Rock music. I can go either full heavy or full mellow.
< Trance, house, rave?
> I think I have found the best Taro milk tea in the bay! :O
v What is there left to do?