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^ Why not both?
< The only thing I get from Mickey Deez is iced coffee. I refuse to eat anything from that resto.
> Playing Unholy Heights on Steam for a change.
v How is the weather for you?
^ Some work-related stuffs, mainly building our phone system structure.
> Going to the gym later.
v Chill weekend?
^ Read some programming materials for JavaScript
< Being the sole IT technician at work now made my job twice as stressful.
> Just had The Habit burger. I haven't been in that restaurant in ages!
v Plans for the weekend?
^ This day bodied me. I woke up early to help one of my remote employees from Arkansas to troubleshoot her laptop; turns out she rekt it so bad that I had to send in another replacement. And then I had to assist another two remote employees about getting their reports and laptop issues.

I got in the office at 11am after and by the time I got there I had to take care of the new hire who just came in today to help him get a second monitor running, PLUS prepare the replacement laptop for the Arkansas employee. Went out for lunch for a bit and then started installing and optimizing the laptop. Turns out we don't have anymore Fedex boxes for laptops and our office manager was out, so I had to drive to a Fedex Office store to get two.  On top of that, I had to run reports for the Sales team in the office, replace toners for the Accounting department, and then gather our old phones.

< I bought a shoe cleaner and a Billionaire Boys Club shorts.
> I am ready to take off of work today.
v How's Monday for you?
^ I get bothered if I don't finish something, so I try to finish it as soon as possible.
< Tryna get your cosplay done?
> Probably going to stop by Phenom again later today before I go back to the bay.
v Ready for Monday?
^ Sewing is cool.
< It was hilarious. You should watch it!
> So tired.
v Random ideas?
^ A bunch of stuffs. It really depends what my playlist decides to play.
< It's a clothing store based in Minnesota. My friend owns a branch in Sacramento, so I stop by there to hangout + buy stuffs.
> Watched Guardians of the Galaxy. Very nice!
v Movie buff?
^ Kashiyuka?!
^ Went to Vegas for Evo
< I make trips to Sacramento once a month.
> Going to Phenom later to get some new clothes.
v What have you been doing lately?
^ Had problems with a new laptop for a new hire coming in on Monday. Mainly joining it to our network's authentication server. Fixed it after a few lookups.
< You should really try it. If this is your first job, this a good start for you to build your work experience. As stressful as it might be sometimes, you'll learn how to adjust in a working environment.
> Just got to Sacramento
v Plans for the weekend?
^ Cook @ Jollibee Sacramento
< Go for it! Auntie Annie's is legit!
> I have a stiff neck. Must have slept the wrong way.
v Current struggle?
^ The best is yet to come.
< Stop procrastinating. lol
> Payday. Yeah!
v Excited for?
^ 5 minutes ago is too short. lol
< After effects for what?
> So busy at work today that I had to skip lunch.
v Most recent purchase?
^ Shotaro Hidari from Kamen Rider W.
< How did the meeting go?
> I'm playing JJBA: ASB right now and I'm enjoying the eight Jojo; very nice set ups and combos you can pull off with/without his Stand.
v What's intriguing you now?
It makes it sparkle!

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap?
^ I like pickles.
< Nature Valley and Quaker Oats.
> Bout to go zzzz.
v Go to sleep!
^ Yes. I'm the sole IT specialist/technician at my office.
< Where do you work at?
> Granola bars for days.
v Diet?
^ Lea Salonga (Filipino pride, yo!)
< Sleep will always be good.
> Listening to some funk material.
v Most recent band you've listened to?
^ Put all clothes, set water on cold, and let it run afterwards.
< Interesting. I'll try that to see if I can make my room colder. lol
> All I did today was sleep. lmao
v What did you do today?
^ I tend to leave my fan on. I hate hot weather.
< How should I explain this.. It's more of like I tend to think of what the best-case scenario that could be in a situation. That's how I stay cool.
> I like how my room is cold all the time.
v Hot or Cold weather?