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^I wouldn't allow myself to sleep until I finished sewing this...
(if the link doesn't work..Sorry! It's a progress picture of finally finishing the top of my Shiro cosplay)
< Finishing up a shirt
> I can finally attempt to sleep
V What keeps you up at night?
^ Probably wander around the Dealers' Hall and Artist Alley.
< Needs to start packing (I do too..)
> My sewing machine is being temperamental....
V What do you think of Fanime's theme for this year? (and/or) Any past themes that you particularly liked?
^ Of course~ Have to finish all my cosplays and packing before Friday rolls along.
< Should get some sleep and rest up
> About to continue sewing...
V Share one of your favorite con stories for us?(please?)
^ Haha I'll fill you guys in on your curiosities. The main cosplay I want to bring back is my Celty Sturluson cosplay that I haven't worn in years but I love her character and I do miss the helmet. (I have stories about being in that cosplay as well ^_^) As for my cosplay "resume?" I have done Tifa from Advent Children, Rinoa from FFVIII both her SeeD Ball version and normal version (which is the first cosplay I've actually made myself), Maid Azusa from K-On!, Lenalee from D Gray Man (3rd Uniform), Chrome from (Mafia suit and Namimori Uniform) KHR!, Shura from Ao No Exorcist, Asuna from SAO (Knights of the Blood Oath) and Blood Moon Akali from LoL (which I also made myself...and am proud of...)
< Made future cosplay plans with the girlfriend
> Made a super long reply post....
V Ever been proud of a piece of work that you've done?
^More like last minute sewing and packing for Fanime lol
< Is all set for Fanime (I wish I was!)
> Has one more final to go for tomorrow. Wish it was over already lol. Am thinking about bringing back old cosplays in future FanimeCons...dunno what yet
V Was there something you regret doing (or not doing) in previous years?
^ I most certainly am a procrastinator....guilty like many.
< Working on finals stuff... (I should be studying for mine as well lol)
> Have not been on FanimeForums in forever and still need to work on 2 cosplays as well.
V Have anything to look forward to for this year?
I was wondering if anyone had my Blood Moon Akali from League of Legends. I cosplayed her the night of Day 1 and the afternoon of Day 3.

this is a reference
^ Music is a way of life~ But yes, music is cool.
< thinks music is cool
> might be getting sick again...always happen to get sick during times of needing to do big assignments/studying for exams/quizzes. haven't gotten any cosplay work done either Q~Q
V What do you think is the most important aspect of Music?
^ A lot of time and some super behind on cosplay but RL gets in the way xP
< Seems to have wasted a week?
> I haven't been on fanime forums in forever... @_@ -hopes cosplay will be done before fanime-
V Is there anything that you need to get done before fanime?
As I said before I voted for Sun. so I won't be able to make it to the gathering for this year because I have graduation on Sat. at 10am. Maybe next year =/
So...are there any particular days and times people are going in KnB cosplay? I know my group should be walking around in cosplay in Friday afternoon and maybe other days but I'm not sure yet.
I originally voted for Sat. afternoon but I'd like to change that vote for Sun. afternoon. I found out my graduation is on Sat morning til afternoon so yeah...
I have a group of friends as a small Kuroko group. I'm Aomine and I have a Kuroko, Akashi, Kise and Momoi in HS versions. I also have a few other friends who are Murasakibara and Midorima but I'm not sure if they'll be with us that same day. We'll just have to see during con on Friday afternoon.
Well first I'd start out with choosing one (or more) of your favorite anime, manga, video game, etc. Then from that series figure out which character(s) from that series you'd like to cosplay as and the rest is up to you to decide whether to make it yourself or buy something premade for you.

Otherwise if you want suggestions from other people, I'd suggest giving out some description about your physical appearance (just general stuff of course) so that people can get a general idea of what you look like and make suggestions for you.
"All I want,
Is a place to call my own,
To mend the hearts of everyone who feels alone." All I Want by A Day to Remember
< needs to switch out his headlight motors and would cosplay as Vash the Stampede
> Is excited to try on my custom cosplay boots for my Asuna cosplay on Friday
V same question (lol sorry for the lack of creativity)
^ Well I'd have two that I really enjoyed:
Celty from DRRR! (same as my forum pic)
Tifa FFVII: AC version
< You'll get through it alright hopefully ^_^
> Needs to get back in shape and stop feeling tired all the time. Otherwise...I'm still excited for my upcoming cosplays.
V Same question or If you don't cosplay, which character(s) would you cosplay as?
Depending on when the time is I might join as Asuna (SAO Blood Oath version). Might drag a friend with me.
^ Words, good form of communication and I like poetry.
< likes to make homemade popcorn
> I'm already having dreams about Fanime...on the other hand I prolly need a better social life...
V Can you describe your favorite hobby without saying what it actually is?
^ I usually don't really plan to buy stuff at Fanime but I tend to get at least some pins a keychain, plushie or something else.
< colors other people's art because it's more enjoyable
> Can't wait to cosplay during Fanime and actually have fun. I found out I had a physics final on Friday going off to Fanime at the end of the semester is something I'm really looking forward to.
V Anything you're really looking forward to?
@Nina Star 9 Thanks for the suggestions! I'm still trying to decide what to do (I haven't gotten any materials yet). I was thinking the same thing, if I can't screenprint then I'd paint it on myself.