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Registration / Re: Refund or Badge Rollover to 2023?
August 08, 2022, 09:49:32 PM
Has anyone heard from Fanime or their banks yet? I'm still waiting on my boyfriend to contact the bank since we used his card to buy the tickets so he's really slacking haha I still hadn't received any emails from Fanime. I really don't understand how they aren't at least giving an update of some sort, even if it means waiting longer, we just want to know what's going on! :(
Registration / Re: Refund
July 13, 2022, 01:17:20 PM
Curious if you were able to get your refund this way? I will probably be calling my credit card company as well since it is now JULY and Fanime STILL has not responded to my emails! They DID respond BEFORE the convention even happened (at a time I would assume they are at their BUSIEST) and asked if I'd like to instead DONATE my ticket proceeds to them instead... I said no and they said okay no problem, it'll process in June. Now they are completely non-communicative... VERY disappointing!
I'm still waiting for my refund too. Decided to jump on the forums and make some noise. I emailed them many months ago to request a refund and they said they'd process it after the convention. I've emailed them twice since Fanime ended and again, no response. Their website says they are "backed up" in requests, but interesting how they responded pretty damn fast BEFORE the convention (when they're probably BUSY getting ready for the convention) asking if I'd like to DONATE my ticket instead, and I declined and they said okay, wait until early June. It's July and now they are not responding at all, after the convention has been over.... :/ I'm trying to be patient but this is my ticket and money from 2020 they are holding hostage!
Hoping to find my pictures :D

I was Kurisu Makise from steins;gate on Saturday, and Sunday I was Katherine McBride from Catherine ^^

I'm also wondering if anyone caught pictures of my boyfriend, because I'm creepy and I'd like to see them. >:D
He was Hououin Kyouma from steins;gate and Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4, though not sure what days he cosplayed what, but he's Korean if that helps lol.

Thanks in advance! <3


Here's some pictures of me for reference ^^


Makise Kurisu

Quote from: chifunii on June 01, 2011, 07:37:34 PM
Quote from: thisismyv on June 01, 2011, 07:30:16 PM
Does anyone know if Fanime will release actual videos from the Music Fest performance?? He was so good live, and they didn't allow cameras.... anyone know??  ???

Also wondering what was that uber sexy song he sang.... I'm having trouble finding it. All I remember he was dancing very well, sexy, and kept repeating this word over and over, can't remember what it was. I think it was like "jealous" or something?? Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? XD

Nah, Fanime doesn't even have the rights to the artists and all that legal stuff. Your best bet would be to hope the artist themselves release them.

Also, when you say "uber sexy", all that comes to mind is "Secret Love"--Did you mean this one?

YESSS!!!! THIS SONG OMG THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! UGHHHH he was SOOOOOOOOOOO sexy dancing to this song!!!! OMG..............
Quote from: Pengin-san on June 03, 2011, 09:49:43 AM
Quote from: jemz on June 03, 2011, 09:44:32 AM

As for the bigger, "showy" JPop names, that takes us a lot of time (years!) to build a relationship with their label and a LOT of money. But we're working on it.

We do hear your voice for (or against) them but please understand that MF is doing all they can to make some of your wishes come true.

So THAT'S how it works. I was always wondering how MF was able to get such huge artists.  I know it's not a simple matter of going door-to-door asking companies. 

This is pretty impossible, but I really do want to see T.M.Revolution/Abingdon Boys School ;____;.  I'm an absolutely huge fan, and would go bonkers if he came.  Then again, if he did come, I would probably wait in line all day just to be first.  Nevertheless, that would be amazing.  And of course, I wouldn't mind seeing FLOW again.

YES. AGREE. rawr!

I'm still kicking myself after all these years for missing Nami Tamaki!!! I've been a huge fan of hers since 2003, but somehow didn't know she appeared at Fanime until 2009! *yeah, how the hell does THAT work, right??*

Anyways, here's my list:

Nami Tamaki
FLOW *they're too good not to come again lol!*

My boyfriend just introduced me to this new FEMALE ROCK BAND, Aldious. I think these women are incredible and could totally pull off an amazing show *___*

Of course, my number one and probably impossible request: OKUI MASAMI. She's my idol and absolute dream concert... just needed to express that, even though I know (well, thanks to Yoshiki, I can't say IMPOSSIBLE! haha!) it would be "extremely difficult" for Fanime to get her, but just imagine...... <3


@Amanojaku OH! I just scrolled down and saw you put ALDIOUS too! <3 YESSSS BRING THESE CHICKS OVER THEY'RE AMAZING!! I don't think we'd be getting X JAPAN (can you imagine the lines for Music Fest?!), but these girls are so incredibly talented!!!

I would love to see Yuya Matsushita again too! Now that I've had the chance to hear his music, I want to see him again :D I think a lot of people can agree, he's a real showman!
General Convention Discussion / Re: Yoshiki
June 05, 2011, 08:04:56 PM
^ Yeah, Yoshiki himself said he was suffering from anemia. They did an article about it on TokyoHive too. The man knows how to party... but like I've said, even Gods need to take a break once in a while. ;P

I've uploaded the first 2 parts from his panel on Youtube! I'll be uploading the rest later, I'm being lazy and it takes a long time haha.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Enjoy. :)
General Convention Discussion / Re: Yoshiki
June 02, 2011, 07:05:05 AM
I tried to upload my video, but stupidly didn't realize an hour long video won't upload on Youtube LOL. I also have some pictures on my blog:

I'll try to cut my video in two and upload both parts after work either today or tomorrow. ><

Also have to ask: Why was there so much confusion about the photography rules? The staff probably changed their positions at least 4 times! I'm glad in the end it was allowed, but to be honest I was expecting photography to be allowed in the first place since it's a panel. Was there a miscommunication or what...?
Does anyone know if Fanime will release actual videos from the Music Fest performance?? He was so good live, and they didn't allow cameras.... anyone know??  ???

Also wondering what was that uber sexy song he sang.... I'm having trouble finding it. All I remember he was dancing very well, sexy, and kept repeating this word over and over, can't remember what it was. I think it was like "jealous" or something?? Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? XD
DEFINITELY MusicFest and YOSHIKI. I really regret not listening to Yuya Matsushita more before the convention, because he was amazing live! SO sexy, omg..... and FLOW shocked me at how amazing they are live. They put all their energy into that show, it was incredible. I never thought I'd have the chance to see a band I've been such a huge fan of for years like FLOW... I always thought of them as a band that would stay in Japan and not have much interest in branching out, let alone coming to San Jose!!

And of course, YOSHIKI. I can't describe how amazing it was to meet him. For many of us, it's been a dream to see X JAPAN live, which for some of us we have had the incredible experience, but a step up to see Yoshiki in such an intimate setting was unbelievable. I was disappointed with the way the staff handled some issues with the panel, but overall it's a memory I'll treasure. I hope all 3 guests will return next year, especially FLOW! Not to mention they performed the song that drove me into their music, RYUUSEI. The one song I was dying for and totally not expecting at all. AMAZING! I can't say that enough!
General Convention Discussion / Re: Yoshiki
June 01, 2011, 04:03:29 PM
Thanks for taking the time to clear that up, Tony. What disappointed me most was the simple fact of how they decided to organize the autograph session. Rock paper scissors? The very first round people lied to get in line, so they should've just sat everyone back down and counted 1-40. Oh well, I got my autograph and I won the first round.... I just feel terrible for the die-hard fans who were waiting even before me who didn't get autographs and even came prepared. I'm truly grateful however, for Fanime's efforts in putting this together; I didn't realize Yoshiki was going to surprise everyone with the dinner (sounds like Yoshiki haha), but like I said, I was just truly disappointed with the way the autographs went down. My boyfriend gave Yoshiki the roses I brought for him because, despite waiting in line with me for over 4 hours, he wasn't allowed an autograph. They wouldn't even allow us to go together, or at least stand in line together. Ah well, my boyfriend got to meet Yoshiki, which is more than I could ever ask for. I just hope Fanime will take all this into consideration for next year. :)

I hope Yoshiki will also take into consideration our plees for him to return with the rest of X to perform in the Bay Area!! Yoshiki へ〜 I know LA is right around the corner, but that's still 6 hour drive for me, and I can't drive LOL!! Please come to San Jose/San Francisco area again?? <3 *crosses fingers*
Quote from: lilaznlori on May 31, 2011, 07:07:35 PM
Here's the actual list of songs (in order) that he performed:

1. YOU
2. Paradise
3. I'm Sexy
4. Foolish Foolish
5. Back to Love
6. Hallucination
7. Bird
8. Trust Me
9. Secret Love
10. Honesty
Encore: Naturally

Thank you!!! Now to track down the songs ugh. XD
General Convention Discussion / Re: Yoshiki
May 31, 2011, 01:09:28 PM
Fanime staff are always SO disorganized, it's ridiculous. Like, what the hell was with them telling us no photographs during the panel, then constantly changing their minds?? UGH. That was so annoying and frustrating!! Also, not sure about you guys, but I was also getting annoyed that they kept pronouncing his name "YO-SHI-KI" instead of "Yoshki". My boyfriend kept complaining in line about it hahaha! Anyways, back on track. I'm grateful that they asked for him to come down here at all, but in the end it was YOSHIKI that was reaching out to the fans, not the staff. WHY would they tell us that he's leaving right afterwards, I have no idea. Maybe YOSHIKI himself said so, but that seems doubtful. I don't see him lying about it to keep this a secret. The staff should've just shut their mouths and say the panel was over.

I hope YOSHIKI would be willing to come back next year though. And in the case he does, I hope the staff will be more organized next year.

In a way, I'm a little relieved I didn't just stumble across this, because my boyfriend went back to his hotel and would've missed out possibly, unless all of us just happened to walk by, but then if one of us won, then one of us (me, my sister or boyfriend) would've been left behind lol. Still, it would've been a lot of fun to participate! I always see that he holds these dinners, but I had no idea he would do it at Fanime because the staff said he had to leave!!
General Convention Discussion / Re: Yoshiki
May 31, 2011, 08:23:08 AM
I'm unsure he was there himself, but just his assistant. I think the crowd would be too crazy if YOSHIKI was there himself. He asked for everyone to scream "WE ARE X" as loud as you can, and he'd pick 2 lucky people to have dinner with him at the Arcadia. I wish I had known, f***ing Fanime staff told us he had to leave right after his panel!! >:(
Quote from: Fizz on May 31, 2011, 02:18:11 AM
Hey guys, I was Vyse from Skies of Arcadia for the whole con. The one with the glowy rainbow swords? :D Any pics would be appreciated, thanks in advance. Fa sho fa sho.

This be the character artwork for reference:

FML SO HARDDDD A VYSE COSPLAYER?!?! What is this madness that I didn't see you and stalk you  :'( I hella want to cosplay Aika next year, and hopefully convince my boyfriend to be my Vyse <3
General Convention Discussion / Re: Yoshiki
May 31, 2011, 08:06:59 AM
I was waiting there since around 1pm (I actually wanted to get there at 11am! But my sisters are so slow, ugh) BUT I guess it didn't matter due to the damn rock-paper-scissors shenanigans. Me and my boyfriend kept yelling for them to just offer them to the first 40 people who were waiting, since there were people there waiting at 11am! I actually won the first round, so of course I was pissed that they counted 45 and made us do it again!! I lost, but I stayed in line since I freaking won the first round and was waiting 5 f***ing hours! Me and my boyfriend both regret not sneaking him my X JAPAN ticket stub though; he was the first guy in line that gave YOSHIKI my roses, but I'm sure if he whipped out something YOSHIKI wouldn't not sign it haha! Oh well. My little sister got it signed for him, so he was really happy.

Just curious, how many of your were surprised by some of the things he talked about? Like, the comic book collaboration with Stan Lee or BUDDAH/Scarlet Love Song? I was kinda shocked at how many gasps I kept hearing throughout the panel... for once FaceBook has been good to me, I felt proud LOL.

@ Miyu_Mya I heard from a friend that he was having dinner with 2 girls! SO jelly.... but grateful just to be able to meet him! I really need to get with technology... if only I had internet on my phone I would've ran to stage zero.... possibly had the chance to have dinner, but at the same time thinking about that, I'd feel bad to take that dream from those girls. And I would've missed out on MusicFest! I just wish I had known so I could've at least seen him, you're very lucky!! During the panel I was barely watching the videos; I was recording the whole panel, and I saw most of the videos already, so I kept my eyes on YOSHIKI as much as possible! He's RIGHT THERE... of course I'm gonna look as much as I can, and his laughs are SO cute >w<
I was absolutely shocked when they started playing 1/3 junjou na kanjou!! I've loved that song for years, it's such an iconic song in the anime industry, even though I found it through Pop Japan TV and not anime. :P And RYUUSEI! That's my FAVORITE FLOW song! That and Life is Beautiful, but I didn't expect either songs, so I was ecstatic when they played Ryuusei!

Does anyone have the playset for Yuya Matsushita?? I wish I listened to him more before Fanime, he was SO sexy live. @__@ There's one song where he kept repeating this word over and over, very sexy dance song, I want that song so badly! Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?? XD
^ Sorry, I suck with wig-related advice, so all I can say is about achieving volume... the way hime gyaru get volume on the crown is by teasing their hair by back-combing it. However, the only way I know how to achieve that look is by pulling over the straight hair on top... ;;;
I hope someone answers you though! I came here from too u__u;;

Anyways... I want to make Hazama's jacket from Blazblue, but I'm having a hard time figuring out a pattern/where to buy it! My friend made me a pattern out of newspaper, but I managed to lose some of the pieces....

Can someone point me in the direction of a good pattern, as well as what material I should be using? Thanks!

Here's a quick reference picture: