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I am CRUSHED that UKFC is during my maid cafe shift but I know it will be AWESOME!!
2 Questions:

1. If I bring my own backing track, can you project lyrics from a database song (and then just play my backing track instead)?

2. I signed up but never received a confirmation email... should I try again?

I don't want to wait for someone else to make the chat, I'm too excited haha.

Just a little over one month!
If I'm singing a song that has well known officially used versions in both Japanese and English, can I switch between the two languages between verses? If not that's totally cool, just wondering!
This will be the first year in awhile that my costume won't match the song I'm singing, but oh well haha
I heard/saw a song/music video on stage zero this year and wasn't able to catch the name of it, but part of it has been stuck in my head since fanime and I really want to find out!

I (sadly) can't remember which day it was on (not monday though) but it was a darker music video and the only lyrics I can remember were "venus venus". The singer had a low voice and darker skin.

I know that this is a ridiculously small amount of information but if anyone has any ideas please let me know!

edit: I found it haha it's the song Venus by 女王蜂
Roommates Wanted
+ Introduction: Hello all! My name is Molly and me and 3 friends are looking for a few more people to room with us! We may party, but not in the room. We all keep ourselves clean and are very friendly! Looking for 1 to 3 people.
+ Hotel Information: Fairmont from Friday-Monday
+ Costs: Total is roughly $420. 1 more person would be $84 per person, 2 more would be $70 per person, and 3 more would be $60 per person.
+ Requirements: female only, preferably close-ish to our age.
+ Contact: e-mail me at [email protected] or PM me here.
+ Miscellaneous:
If my costume involves an electric guitar can I bring it on stage with me? I don't actually know how to play so I wouldn't be using it (except for performance effect aka pretending to play chords possibly but as I said before, I really don't know how to at all) Would this be allowed?
Very excited for this year! My performance is really going to be just that, a performance, this year including dance moves (nothing to intense of course).

And as always, my cosplay will match the anime I'm singing from :) Won't say exactly what but a hint is bunny suit.
If anyone is going as Takuto from Full Moon I'll be Meroko (manga version)
I'll be there as black and gold nonnon!
I'll possibly be there as Potpourri!
So what are the prizes? (Just curious!) Does first place still get to sing in the masquerade?
I have my song for the first round decided, but not for the second round yet. Aiming for higher than 3rd this year (though that's a tough one haha)
I think the semi-finals thing is left over because this was copied from the AX sign ups and at AX there's a semi-final round (I figure this because once you submit the screen says "Thank you for your interest in the Anime Expo 2009 Karaoke Contest!."
I'm going all out this year, I made up a dance for the instrumental in one of them ahaha
So who's excited for the contest this year!? I know I am! I already have both my songs picked out, hoping to do better than 7th this year :)

This thread is to chat about things other than the rules!
If I could see AKB48 live I could die happy (I didn't become a fan until after their appearance at AX2010 unfortunately)

Also Kalafina would be amazing!
On Friday I was Utau from Shugo Chara
On Saturday I was SFA2 Miki 2012 Version and then Trisha from Most Popular Girls in School
On Sunday I was Merida from Brave (I had the cloak) and then a Burlesque!Roxy from Homestuck

any pictures would be awesome!
Just wondering if anybody is going to be cosplay the Most Popular Girls in School? I'll be there as Trisha for at least some part of it!