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Panels and Workshops / Re: More Panels? When/How?
May 26, 2009, 07:49:03 PM
I would love to see panels in the early morning. There are tons of people up early at the con that need entertaining. I would so go to a panel at 8am.
Video Programming / Re: J-Drama
May 26, 2009, 07:46:22 PM
I remember the jdorama room and being one of maybe three people so I booked it out of there. I wanted to watch, but I didn't want to be the ONLY one watching.
Video Programming / Re: Old school?
May 26, 2009, 07:45:02 PM
I would love to see more Urusei Yatsura and not just the 'movies' that get played at almost every other Con. It'd be really cool to see some of the best known UY episodes. While UY is great I think a full length movie might scare some people off, but if you give them a few episodes they just might be intrigued. I loved to see actually an AnimEigo room at fanime next year.
I finally joined the forum after years and years of reading. I really hope to see more of the Swap Meet sellers and buyers prepared. Too many people I see asking for bags to hold their gear, and too many sellers with no bags or correct change. I don't know, I try to break my 100 if I'm going in to buy.