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Just Auditioned for Zarya! I believe I put it in the audition as a question, but how shall I get pics to you or video chat w/ you?
Even if I don't get it this looks soooooo fun!
Is the only HS panel 18+? That just kinda sucks, since most HS fans are under 18. Any thoughts or comments?

Hello! My name is Fangy, and I did photography for cosplayers at Sacanime Summer 2015, and Sacanime winter 2016, and I'm here to open up photography for Fanime 2016. I have a few sample photos below, but you can check out more here. I use a Canon EOS 450D camera and Photoshop CS6 for editing. I've taken classes on photography in school and I also have a knack for creating interesting angles and colorful shots, whether it be a single or a group photo.


The pricing is easy to figure out, $1 = 1 min, $60 = 1 hour, $30 = 30 min and so on and so forth. For every extra person it will be $5 and any extra effects are on the house! Just tell me what you want and I'll throw it in there.


Location can be a hard place to find especially pertaining to your cosplay, if you have one you think would be great, please tell me! If you have no idea of any locations, we can discuss the best places that I know in the area for the photos and we can come to a conclusion together!


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me!

List of ways to contact me from fastest to slowest response:

My number (text me): 916-844-4269

My tumblr is

My email: [email protected]

My photography blog is

(This will change so check back often!)






Please do not choose anything under 10 minuets. Examples of my photography can be seen on my blog!