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I remember watching one of the winners, and it had an awesome song. It was the video with zombies and super-boobie physics. Can anyone tell me what song that was?

Thanks you guys, I'm just going to use upholstery foam and some poly tubing. I hope it comes out well!

Hi there! Trying to make a prinny cosplay in time for fanime 2010.

I want it to be a whole suit, and I planned out most of it. I already bought the fabric and made patterns...I even finished the dummy version with cruddy cloth. I have a beak that opens when I open my mouth, so-so ventilation, eye holes from the beak-nostrils or when I open my mouth...

The problem? I want my prinny to be nice and fat, huggly and squishable. (at least soft-ish to the touch, not like carpet over cement or anything...) I don't know how to achieve this without using a whole lot of fiber-fill (I'm trying to avoid the uber-hot mascot costume syndrome).

I was wondering if chicken wire is strong enough to hold it's shape, but flexible enough to take some abuse. (Cosplayers like to hug, afterall, and most are clumsy.) Or if I should use a sort of metal skeleton underneath the chicken wire for re-enforcement. (This would be VERY costly, so I'm hoping to avoid this, as well.) Or perhaps outer chicken wire with a layer of fiber fill "blubber"...

The costume is going to be a lot larger than I am (see pic, I put a basic human figure about my size in the costume, not how I would fit in it, though.)

I am also hoping it would be somehow collapsible, so I can actually store it.


Any clue how to fatten up my prinny
1)Without stuffing the entire thing with fiber-fill
2)Without using so much metal that it's weighed down
3)So it can be squished into a large suitcase

Any suggestions are welcome! I have many years sewing experience and have made a few furry's fursuits before, I just never had to fatten them up. ^_^

Hi again! I changed my mind. I'm not bringing gummies because they now give me a stomach ache.  :-[ So now I'm going to bring these cute pre-packaged brownies!

Since there was 21 people on the list, I only needed 4 boxes! There are 6 packages per box (each package has 2 little brownies) there would be a little set of 2 per person! is the box....they are sooooo good...... ^-^ I didn't know if it was okay to open the package and separate the pairs within the package, so a pair a person! ^-^

Is it okay to change that so late in the game?

PS. You lost the game. ^_^

There are plenty of things that go on at con. Are you talking about planned activities or just what con-goers do? I mean, you can check the schedule, when it comes out, for planned stuff. Of course we can never predict what con-goers randomly start doing.

About those dances you mentioned...I've never heard of them but then again, I just NOW found out what para para is, too. And you're at a convention, I'm pretty sure we've all forgone any chance of being stereotypically 'cool'. Basically if you look like you're having fun, chances are someone will know what you're doing and join you.

Also, don't worry about popular shows, etc. There are a lot of die-hard fans that will continue to dress up as older show characters. (Didn't sailor moon end like...5 years ago? It still has cosplayers in surplus every year.)

If you have more questions, I'm sure we can help you! ^_^

Just remember to have fun! One sad person can drain happiness of everyone around them, but happiness spreads like a disease! ^_^ A good one, that is...


I can answer some of your questions.

1. You don't necessarily need to be 18 at con, I wasn't the last few years. ^_^ You need an adult after-hours outside of your hotel room, that's hotel & convention center policy.

2. For the ID at badge pick-up, you can always get your state ID early, it's not that hard. My first year I was allowed to use my (then) current school ID (don't know if this is policy, but quite a few of my underage friends did the same and were A-OK), then the following year I got a passport (for something else).

3. And for costumes; I wore the same costume everyday my first year but only for a few hours at a time. I would suggest choosing certain times you wear the costume, then keep common clothes around ^_^ Sweaty, gross clothes may ruin your time at fanime!

The percentage of cosplayers depend on the time of day, and which day of the event. I think peak hours are around noon on saturday (not official) when a good 60-70% were cosplaying and the rest took pictures.

Over-zealous glomping along with unwanted hugs are banned at fanime; anything that makes you feel uncomfortable can be reported to your friendly, neighborhood rover. ^_^

If your keyblade is not sharper than a breadknife, it is safety-tagged, and you don't roughhouse with it, you're ok to have it.

4. There's a separate thread for budgets. See,10753.0/topicseen.html for details. My first year, I survived on $60; was pretty hungry most of the weekend and had very little swag.

Relax and enjoy your fanime! ^__^ If there's a problem at con, talk to any staffer and they'll help you figure out a solution! ^_^

Hi everyone! I still want to be on Stage late nights! ^^ I still think I'd be great on stage since all I do is entertain people these days! I met everyone last meeting; I was the young'un who'd just taken her SAT's ^___^

You still have my information, right? I'll be at the next meeting either way! At least, I hope so....

I love your user name. It's epic. Just saying.

Thank you! I got it last fanime! It kinda stuck likey stage zero! me likey stage zero! I wanna get stared at by people who know what I'm wearing and aren't completely lacking braincells. ^__^

"Are you on drugs?" says idiot #1.
"Drugs don't change your iris size or color, idiot," I say.
"Are you wearing contacts?" says idiot #2.
"You were kicked out of the idiot convention, weren't you? Too professional?" I say.
"You're not nice" says idiot #3.
"You're not intelligent"

Hi everyone! I still want to be on Stage late nights! ^^ I still think I'd be great on stage since all I do is entertain people these days! I met everyone last meeting; I was the young'un who'd just taken her SAT's ^___^

You still have my information, right? I'll be at the next meeting either way! At least, I hope so....

Hotel and Facilities / General Thread for Roommates Wanted - Fanime 2009
« on: December 19, 2008, 03:03:13 PM »
My friend hasn't booked her room yet because as of now she only has about two people (including her) in the room, so if you're planning to stay for four nights (beginning Thursday 21 May 2009- Monday 25 May 2009) then the price would be around $193 for each person (total of 4 people). 15+ are welcome, we currently have two spaces open.

Room rules (because the booker is 18)

1. No smoking/drinking/drugs
2. No felonous acts/criminal record
3. Want to get to know you (trust factor)
       forward your myspace page or my friend at: (should have a profile pic of a panda wearing a cap)
       or email us at or

4. must pay in advance (to book the room)
5. must leave name and contact

friend and I are in as well! No clue what her screen name is but she knows about this already. Since we're all going shopping before Fanime I'm offering to get food that is wanted in particular that I know and am able to get for those who know they're not able to get for fanime. buah FOOD! XD

I'm the other friend! Jennafuzz! You're using a real pic? Bleh! You're ruining the anonymous-ness of a forum! I think I'll bring little asian cookies to the picnic, that and the little gummies! -That may change before fanime, though...I'll see what's available at that time-

Wouldn't it be easier to just pay for the room completely upfront? It makes more sense to me. then again I come from an economic philosophy of But what you are buying, for the entire price upfront, in cash. Rather than taking out a loan and all that other crap and spending years paying on said item, and most of all I hate owing people money.

You do pay for the room completely upfront. One person will obviously be putting the room charge on his/her card, and they do charge the full weekend's amount when you check in. The divided numbers is just each person's individual SHARE of the room, that they can pay to the cardholder in cash for their spot in the room.

That's what I meant, so...sorry if it was confusing.
If we paid in advance (months before the con) do we need to pay a deposit when we get there? My friend paid for our hotel and she did it already with her credit do we need to bring a deposit?

My friends and I were able to spend a total of 0 dollars on food! Well, at the con. We brought food from costco that we kept in a cooler or on the table. Nothing needs to be cooked! We brought;
Beef jerky-like 20 packs
Noodles-a whole case both cup and bagged ramen, either dry or with hot water from coffee pot.
dry cereal-lucky charms FTW!
Snack bars-2-3 cases!
Gummy snacks-for candy cravings, not much
Panda Snacks/Pocky-candy cravings, lots!
Ritz chips/crackers
Fruit-apples, pears, bananas, cherries and lemons are what we had!
Candy bars- candy cravings are strong at fanime for some reason...
fruit roll-ups-not a lot, but they taste good...
individually wrapped pastries-debbie bars, ding-dongs, ho-ho's, twinkies,
Lunchables-not all need refrigeration, please check labels and don't sue me if you pick the wrong kind!!
Breads/baked goods-most can be eaten room-temp!
Muffins/Bagels-yum....breakfast all week!
Chips-cheap, filling, 5 bags kept up happy for 5 days!
Corn nuts/nuts in general-protein so you don't pass-out/get sick like Terra did last year.
Party Mixes
Bread with pb+j or some other room-temp safe spread.

That's what I survived on the weekend!


Also, water is free all convention long, why are people buying water?

Hotel and Facilities / General Thread for Roommates Wanted - Fanime 2009
« on: December 02, 2008, 05:38:28 PM »
i had a falling out with my ex girlfriend. she and i have gone to the con as friends for the last four years. im lost when it comes to going at it alone and cant even imagine being alone in the hotel. i may ask for you to pay for some of the cost but as it ends up i might just pay it all. what i want is somone who wont steal from me, is generally cool and will just keep me company when we are both in the room. no gender or age restrictions. my only requirment is that we meet up to get to know each other first. i have to like the person a male, if you have gone to the convention before you may know me as jesus

It's MATT/JESUS/QUESADILLA MAN! OMG it's been like a million years since I last saw you!

If you can't recognize me, it's chandra! I miss you guys! I'm so not rooming with you again, though! You need to visit since you missed Troy's b-day! Call my house, Jesus!

Oh, Sam wants to room with you (samantha, the cuddly chubby one who everyone thought she graduated with you guys) I already got my room in the Hilton!

Are you and Iris ok?

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