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I'll try to come by, I'll be Choco Lina from XIII and XIII 2
Relevant to my interests, I'll try to come by as Kenshin ^_^
Hotel and Facilities / Looking for Roomate(s)
March 25, 2014, 02:55:12 PM
So basically one of my roommates just decided to tell me she can't go and I'm looking to fill her spot in my room! There would be 5 girls the first night and 4 then next 2 nights (I will be going down on the Thursday before).

Hello I'm Kitty/Ailita or just Caitlin. I'm 25 and looking for one or more roommates for Fanime. This will be my first time at Fanime. I will be coming from the Sacramento area on the Thursday before Con. My Skype name is WolfDemonGurl89 (made it in high school lol) if you'd like to get in contact with me. I'm friendly, chill, and very clean.

Hotel: Double Tree, Check In: on Thursday (not sure what time yet), Check Out: before 12 noon Sunday.

Cost: Estimated US$ 314.49 this would be split btwn all of us. It is a room with 2 queen beds so at least 2 roommates can fit in the other bed and 1 with me unless someone doesn't mind bringing a pad to sleep on the floor.

Requirements: We are looking for someone who is chill and nice who will probably have to help me into my costume at some point lol but, basically and easy going person. Roommate(s) must bathe if they become smelly, no exceptions.  If we choose you I would like to know about any medical issues you may have such as food allergies and the like in case of something going wrong and also I will need an emergency contact name and number. There will be rules that my friend and I will make and we will go over them before Fanime.

Contact: You may message me on Skype or you can e-mail me at I check my e-mail once a day usually when I wake up in the afternoon (I'm a night owl/vampire lol).

Miscellaneous: We intend to party a bit so expect to stay up fairly late (past midnight) unless otherwise told that we are going to bed early.

Well hope to hear from someone soon! See you all at Con!