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It counts. I will be a little more original this year too
In case any of you know, do they only email the room leader, or all guests staying in the room?
Would they email all 4 of us or just the person who purchased the room?
Oh man I really hope I do not get transferred from Fairmont. Even though I want cheap or free parking, it would be quite stressful and inconvenient compared to my current plans.

I can say that parking is free. I stayed there last year. Good hotel, and shuttles come often, just 3 miles away.
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Over night parking?
May 15, 2017, 09:38:10 PM
Does anyone know if this still works? I need overnight parking for the whole 5 days (Staffing, don't want to pay $100 at Fairmont, and roomates have a car too). I don't mind if it ends up free, but cheap is good too. Previously I have just parked at Holiday Inn when they gave us free parking. I also don't want to have to run to my car and renew every morning
Yay! Official date, time, and location finalized!
Quote from: InsaneDavid on February 20, 2017, 11:08:25 AM
Thank you for the update!

Are Gatherings G2 and G3 (tiered platform east and west) still in play for this year?  Or is that off the table as a ground floor gathering spot as well?
Right now it looks like G2 and G3 will be fine.
Just noticed a bad typo in my post. Whoops

This post reserved for stuff
I will be coming this year but I do not know what my cosplay will be as I have multiple this year.
Greetings heroes, villains, citizens, and all those from the lands of Hyrule, Lorule, Termina, The Dark World, Labrynna, Holodrum, Koholint, Hytopia, and the like, gather for the Legend of Zelda 2019 Fanime Gathering!

This gathering will be hosted by me for a third time.
Hello! It is I, Link, The Hero Chosen by the Gods! I am here to host the Legend of Zelda gathering this year, and looking forward to a lot of new characters and cosplayers now that Breath of the Wild is FINALLY out!
Day:   Sunday?
Location:   Corner tree area near Marriott side (Now G4)
(Times and location not official until approved)

ATTENDING: (list updated 03/18/17)
Please note in your post which game your character is from.





Twili Midna
Dark Link

(The Wind Waker/Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks/The Minish Cap/Four Swords/Triforce Heroes)




My cosplay will be a surprise this year!
Photo Order (so far):
Supporting Characters
Breath of the Wild
Hyrule Warriors
Skyward Sword
Twilight Princess
Majora's Mask
Ocarina of Time
Wind Waker/Phantom Hourglass
A Link to the Past/A Link Between Worlds
Other Handheld
Everyone (retake)

Not yet
Coming soon
Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.
There was a cosplayer/professional photographer who was doing video interviews (not the humorous ones), that interviewed me right before my gathering. Would you by chance be a follower of this thread? I do not remember his channel name.
Pictures are up!
I may also post pictures of Nintendo and Smash gatherings on the "Did you take my photo?" thread! Many of you may be in those, too!
Thank you so much for posting these images. I will have my own set posted by Thursday. Anyone else, feel free to post yours.
Yeah, a video would be great. It would definitely prevent things from getting too overwhelming on the organizer. I remember going to a gathering this year, where the organizer wasn't even present. It isn't too daunting a task for the organizer, if they come prepared and know what they need to do. just make a list of shots, be at the right place on time, and be loud and you are set. Making the forum thread and facebook page should be done a while in advance.

Maybe we could take note of the sizes of some gatherings to roughly guess what to expect next year? I know mine was bigger than last year's turnout, and with the new Zelda game upcoming, it is expected to grow a bit. (We will see).

I really like the megaphone idea. I am a loud person myself, but I know not everybody is, and the more equipped, the better. It definitely would be easier on the voice :)
Gatherings are a learning experience, and thats what makes this thread so great.

At my gathering (Zelda), the old organizer showed up asked if he could take over, which I happily allowed. I wanted to do it, and there was a little confusion at that point, but all went awesome. Him and I have already started discussing who will do it next year, and both are totally fine with the other doing it. LOL I might let him do it his 7th consecutive time so Ganondorf can have his 7 year reign over Hyrule, and then I would take photos, or I might just take over since he offered. Who knows, we have months to decide, right?

I also do agree that there were a lack of supplies in the hangout. this is to be expected during a transition, but it is something I might like to help with. I know it's not the cheapest thing in the world, but I would like to contribute if possible. That room is a lifesaver, let me tell you.

I cannot stress enough how helpful Imperial and the whole staff were . You did an amazing job both before and during the con, and without your help, I would have been overwhelmed. It made a seemingly impossible task (organizing), very smooth and great. You handle a lot of consecutive events, many even simultaneous, and the way things were set up this year was impressive. Thank you!
Sorry that my posts are so long, I am just a very gratuitous person. :)
Personally, I thought the gatherings department was better this year. Less supplies, but a nice big room with box fan, also water wasn't far. have an idea for getting the list in the books, and I could maybe donate supplies next year if that is an ok thing. Also, I'm going to email you on Monday if that is ok
OK, so we had an amazing gathering this year! Definitely bigger than last year! I'm glad I met a good number of you. It was also nice that Nemuren could make it, and I let him do the shot calling to keep tradition. I will see you all next year! Not sure if he or I will be holding the gathering, but I will be there, for sure! I will upload the pictures as soon as I possibly can. If I am running it again, I would like to ask now for a vote on which day time or place. I met a lot of people that had conflicting times and cosplays with Sunday. It will be hard to say until next year comes around, though. Sorry I didn't announce this at the gathering, Ganondorf kind of just started up before I could. What an antagonist, haha.
I was in a few shots and videos. I was the Link that organized the Zelda gathering this year. Anyone have my picture?
Duuuude, where have you been. I tried emailing you to see if you would do it this year.