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I was looking for commissioners online, but it seemed that all the posts were rather old. I am planning on trying a new cosplay this year, and can send measurements to anyone who wants to take on the job. For details please contact me by gmail : ezlo28469
Beastcub, at least you made it. I think I have seen your loftwing before if it is the same one I saw at the symphony in SF back in 2012. i wish to thank all of the people who showed up, as I had a great time. Thank you Nemuren for hosting, and I cannot wiat until next year. By the way, I think we may have hit 60. I count 71
I will be going as Twilight Princess Link.
What if you have a steel weapon that:
1. Is over 4 feet long and on your back, thus, (due to its length) cannot possibly be removed from the sheath
2. Is covered in duct tape (or foam)