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OMG are you the super amazing Hetalia artist from DA and Youtube??



oh.. :/

What about G3 or G2??

That sounds good!

Do you need any help with anything else?

Okay! I won't be wearing my costume much on Saturday since I'll be volunteering and everything.. Hmm

But I know that there is a Hetalia panel on Saturday.

Really? Thank you so much.
How much help would you need?

This will be my first Fanime so I have absolutely no idea in how to run a gathering. This will also be my first time cosplaying... D:

I just saw there's going to be a Hetalia panel this year. Wanted to notify anyone who didn't see it and I hope it goes by successfully!

: D

Good Luck to anyone who auditions!!!

I won't be able to be in the panel (since I have zero experience in roleplaying and I'm going as Nyo!Japan.-.) but I'm happy to hear that there's a panel for Hetalia!!

I'll try best to get there with my friend~~ ^-^

I would love to go that day but I have school and I'm already pushing it with going to Fanime. ;^;

I assume not but I think we should have one just for people who are interested.

Okay!! We'll be there on Saturday but we're going to be volunteering in the morning.

So I think we should have it in the afternoon. Also more people come during the afternoon then in the morning. Or that's what I think.

:D I'm so happy there's someone replying on this topic!!

Is no one hosting this gathering??  :(

I'll be going as Nyo!Japan and my friend ,who might be going, will be Taiwan..

This sounds so interesting!! I would go to a panel for this! ^U^

I would also want to go to a panel like this! :3

I would also like to know if there will be one because I'm thinking of going as Taiwan.

Thank you~

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