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Live Programming and Events / Artist Alley Check-In Details 2011
« on: May 16, 2011, 02:48:43 PM »
Greetings Artists,

Artist Alley Check-In will open at 11am on Friday morning.


You will need to have in your hands the following:

1. Your FanimeCon Membership badge. Yes, you must get your badge from
Registration FIRST

2. Two (2) copies of your California Seller's Permit. One copy is for
our records and one for you to keep at your table with you at all
times (this is California law)

3. A valid form of ID (such as a State ID, Drivers License or
Student IDs are NOT a valid form of ID

4. Your Artist Alley Account Number

5. If you or anyone in your group that is selling will be under the age
of 18 (but no younger than 16) at the time of the Convention, please
note the following:

  • a. The minor's parent or legal guardian will need to check them in at
    the Artist Alley registration. A note will NOT be acceptable.  Being
    checked in by the primary artist (unless they are your
    parent/guardian) also will not be acceptable.
  • b. The minor must be included under a California Seller's Permit. The
    minor will need a separate letter signed by their parent/guardian
    which allows the minor to sell under the permit without the
    parent/guardian present.
  • c. If the minor's parent/guardian is not going to have a FanimeCon
    badge, you need to let us know! You will need a letter from us so that
    the parent/guardian can come in to check you in at the Alley.

This is in addition to all of the normal artist information and requirements.

Make sure you have prepared all of the above before you come to check-in for your table!


There will be several check-in lines. These will be broken up by Account Number.

If you are part of a group, your Group Leader (Primary Artist) MUST be
the one to check in.
We will not release the group of tables until the
leader is there. If you have more questions, or your leader can not
make it Friday please e-mail us (artistalley@fanime.com) so that we
can make special arrangements.

Artist Alley registration will last from 11am on Friday to 12noon on
If you are not there by
Saturday at noon and you have not made arrangements with us then your
table will be forfeited and made available for on-the-spot selling.
We will be available by email until Thursday, May 26 at 10am.  If you
have not made arrangements by that time we cannot guarantee we will
receive any messages.

There will stickers for the Artist Alley again this year. These
stickers will allow you to come in before the Alley opens and stay
after the Alley closes to the general public. These stickers are the
ONLY thing that will allow you in or out. The stickers are meant to
allow for setup/cleanup only. Anyone who is found wandering/shopping
in the Artist Alley outside of Public Hours will have their sticker

If you have:
- 1/2 table you get 1 Sticker,
- 1 table with 1 person you get 1 Sticker,
- 1 table with 2 or more people you get 2 Stickers,
- X tables with Y people on the account you get the lesser of: X * 2
Stickers or Y Stickers.

- Two tables with 5 people gets the lesser of 2*2 or 5 - so they get 4 stickers.
- Two tables with 3 people gets the lesser of 2*2 or 3 - so they get 3 stickers.

So basically if you have more than two people per table (ie: doing
shifts or additional helpers) you will have to decide which folks get
the stickers. If you feel you really need extra stickers you can ask
Bree on Saturday After 2pm if there are any left.

Remember everyone already has been assigned a seat. You don’t have to
worry about being the first person in the doors. You already have a
table and that won't change. If you are not happy with your table and
want to swap, we as staff are OK with that. To swap tables you can go
up to the artists sitting at the table you want to be sitting at and
ask them nicely if they would mind swapping tables with you. If they
say yes, then both Primary Artists need to come up to the Staff
tables, but not until AFTER we finish the first round of check-in, and
get our OK.

You MUST check in before you go to your table. While we are providing
your seating table number in advance, you MUST check before getting
set up.

If you have any questions, please send an email including your account
number in the Subject line.

AA Staff

Live Programming and Events / Artist Alley FAQ 2011
« on: February 06, 2011, 09:46:42 PM »
Here is the promised FAQ! (:

Artist Alley FAQ 2011


Q: Is there a mailing list for the artist alley?
A: Email artistalley[at]fanime.com to be put onto the mailing list.

Q: When will registration begin this year?
A: Registration will begin Friday 3/25 at or around NOON

Q: How much are tables for this year?
A: $60 for a full table (seats up to two), and $30 for a half table (one artist only) until April 15th, 2011. After April 15th and At-Con, the price will be $20.00 per day. Table requests will be made very quickly!

Q: How many tables are we allowed to purchase?
A: A single Artist may register for a maximum of two (2) Tables. A single Group may register for a maximum of eight (8) Tables.

Q: Will we need to have our permit number or badge registration number ready for registration?
A: No, but you will need to have a paid Fanime badge (i.e., your registration number) and your California Seller's Permit number after registration if you are confirmed for a table after the initial AA registration on 3/25.

Q: Is there going to be an option to purchase a badge along with a table?
A: We WILL be implementing a combined badge and table registration for this year.

Q: How old do I have to be to get a table?
A: 18 without parental consent. 16 with parental consent and help getting the seller's permit and registering the table.

Q: I need help on the seller's permit!
A: http://www.boe.ca.gov/info/reg.htm
If you need more help or explanation, you can also go to your local BOE office and they can walk you through the application in person and answer any questions you may have on the spot.

Q: What should I put for the date I need the permit for when applying?
A: May 27 - May 30, the duration of the convention.

Q: How long will the portfolio approvals take?
A: About 1 week since registration (March 25).

Q: Is there a payment deadline for the tables if I've been accepted into the AA?
A: You have until May 15th to pay for your table(s).

General Information

Q: What are the hours for the artist alley?
Friday (2:00pm – 8:00pm)
Saturday (10:30am – 7:00pm)
Sunday (10:30am – 7:00pm)
Monday (10:30am – 3:00pm)

Q: How big are the tables?
A: Tables are 6' x 2'.

Q: Are there any restrictions for displays?
A: 1) make sure they don't get in the way of others, 2) make sure they aren't falling over (they should be safely secured to the table), and 3) make sure there is no inappropriate materials on display in the open (i.e., mature content that minors can easily see). Displays are limited to your table only; if you are near a wall you may not post on the walls.

Securing art or any construction to the SJCCF equipment such as tables, chairs, and walls is prohibited. Artist will only receive one (1) verbal warning. Subsequent verbal warnings will result in the expulsion of Artist from Event Space without refund.

Q: Are tablecloths provided for us? May we use our own?
A: Tablecloths are provided, and may not be removed or tampered with. You may, however, bring your own tablecloth to cover the one provided.

If the Artist wishes to secure art to the table, AAL suggests the purchase of a tablecloth.

Q: Does the artist alley have outlets?
A: The AA will not provide you with outlets. The running of powercords and using any of the power outlets in the room are strictly prohibited. You can have things charged at the staff table only in emergencies (i.e., dead phone battery).

Q: Will the rooms be safe to leave things in after hours?
A: The rooms will be secured after hours, but the facility access corridors will not be closed or locked. FanimeCon is not liable for lost or stolen goods. We suggest that you take any valuables with you when you leave for the evening. You can leave things behind, such as your display, just be aware of any possible risk of doing so.

Q: Is fanart allowed?
A: Of course. (: But make sure you abide by the following...

Q: Are there limitations on fanart?
A: There may not be reproductions of any existing licensed merchandise in any form. This includes the tracing, copying, scanning, downloading or editing of copyrighted artwork, characters and logos if such works are not the original creation of the artist.

Q: May I sell [food product] if I can get a health permit in addition to my seller's permit?
A: To get a health permit, everything would need to be prepared in a certified kitchen. It could not just be made at home expecting to get a permit for that. They also elaborated that dealers are only even allowed to sell food on a limited basis.

To summarize, the pending Artist Alley Table Agreement says artists may NOT offer or sell food or beverages.

Q: What about giving away food? Can I hand out candy?
A: NO food/drink to give out/prizes/etc.
NO food/drink to sell.
Food/drink for oneself only... OK. (:

Q: What can and can't I sell in the Artist Alley?
A: Artist may offer the following merchandise:

1. Original hand-made items of an artist’s own work and own designs
a. Any item featuring an artist’s own original character
b. Commissioned and hand-drawn works made during the convention
c. Original hand-drawn items including doujinshi, fanzines and similar items
d. Original hand-crafted items including etched glass, sculptures, cards, games, plush toys and dolls
e. Original clothing, costumes and accessories including t-shirts, bags, pins, buttons, jewelry, props, ears, tails, chain
f. Self-published works including books, CDs and DVDs
2. Fan art clearly showing the artist’s work being produced and not intended to replicate the original style or the official likeness
of a work held by the license holder

Artist may NOT offer or sell the following:
1. Reproductions of any existing licensed merchandise in any form. This includes the tracing, copying, scanning, downloading
or editing of copyrighted artwork, characters and logos if such works are not the original creation of the artist
2. Selling, reselling or distribution of commercial products, including the unauthorized re-releasing of merchandise of any kind
3. ”Proxy selling”: artists may not sell the works of another studio whether or not that studio is registered in the Artist Alley
4. Food or beverages
5. Weapons except for cosplay prop items that are not already licensed in any form. Any weapon-like props must be authorized
and peace bonded by Rovers immediately after sale. A copy of the FanimeCon’s Weapons Policy must be provided with
every sale. Please contact the AAL upon registration request to be appraised of other restrictions that must be adhered to.
6. Hazardous items
7. On site airbrush art
8. Makeup or face painting services

Sharing, Groups, and Seating

Q: Are we allowed to share the table?
A: Yes, you are allowed to share the table with a friend, but he/she must also have a seller's permit (unless you two are filed under the same "company"). You don't want to be filing your friends' taxes.

Q: I didn't get to add some group members' information during registration... What should I do?
A: To make sure they are included in your group, please email artistalley[at]fanime.com with their names/information/portfolio links.

Q: How can I make sure I'm seated with my friends?
A: An appointed "group leader" can request for their group of up to 8 tables to be seated together, and can also pick exactly where in the AA layout they want those tables to be at out of the remaining available spaces. Groups will not be split up into multiple locations.

Q: Who needs to pick up badges?
A: Badges for Fanime convention need to be picked up by yourself. Artist Alley stickers that go on your convention badges must be picked up by your group leader.

Q: How many people can be behind a table at once?
A: Only 2 chairs behind a table. If you have friends who can help you sell things, you can switch off being behind the table so all of you have time to enjoy the con as well. If you have a younger sibling you need to watch, they may also hang out behind your table, but they may not speak to customers and/or help you sell.

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