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My friend was cosplaying Little Mac and misplaced his gloves. We were in the game room late Sunday night and couldn't find them. Any info about them would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Gaming / Fanime and Cards Against Humanity
May 12, 2014, 01:03:38 PM
I wanted to clarify this before I brought my set but is Cards Against Humanity banned at Fanime? I may have briefly overheard this last year but I wanted to confirm.

I could understand why the convention would feel that way but it's a harmless card game. It's not like we're trying to show a German stuff film *coughSERBIANcough*

so Fanime, what say you?!?
Just some random things I am looking to get rid of. I live in San Jose near the convention center so if you wanted to pick anything up, we could me at or before the con. I might be updating this with more things but here is what I have up for now. Feel free to send me a PM with any questions.

3DS: Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds
3DS: Final Fantasy Theatrhythm
3DS: Super Mario 3D Land
360: Kinect Sensor, Kinect Adventures and Dance Central 3
360: Lego Marvel Super Heroes
360: Grand Theft Auto V
360: Portal 2
PS2: Pop'n Music Controller 2 "minicon" (

Thanks for viewing!
About the forums / Unsubscribe from threads?
February 12, 2014, 10:22:51 AM
Much like many others, I have been a forum member for quite a few years now and I still receive updates in my "Show new replies to your posts." link from forum topics I have long since stopped caring about.

My question is, how would I go about removing those topics from that link so I can stay more up to date on the topics I am actively watching. Thanks!
I will not be selling at the swap meet but here are a few items I could trade/sell with fellow congoers. More items and pictures will be added shortly but feel free to browse around. Really looking for Yugioh trades, Gamecube things (controllers and games) and money.

Transformers Monopoly ($20):

PS2 - Pop'n Music Minicon ($??):

(controller for size comparison)

Sealed Pokemon TCG: Collector's Album Box ($5):

More stuff:
Samurai Champloo Messenger Bag
Donky Konga controller

Hobby League:
1x Mystical Space Typhoon

1x Intercept Wave (1e)
1x Dimensional Inversion (1e)
1x Gleipnir, the Fetters of Fenrir
1x Dark Catapulter

1x Swords of Revealing Light

1x Slate Warrior

3x Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon (1e) (will toss in 3x Geartown)
3x Vampire Lord
2x Strike Ninja
2x Iron Core of Koa'Ki Meiru
1x Odin, Father of the Aesir
1x Endymion, the Master Magician (1e)
1x Cyber End Dragon
1x Master Hyperion (1e)
1x Vampire's Curse (1e)
1x Bone Crusher (1e)
1x Super Conductor Tyranno (1e)
1x Reshef the Dark Being (1e)
1x Buster Blader (YAP1)
1x Blowback Dragon
1x Dark Mirror Force
1x Scrap-Iron Scarecrow

2x Machina Peacekeeper (1e)
1x D.D. Warrior Lady
1x Exiled Force (1e)
1x Genex Solar (DUEL TERMINAL)
1x Hydro Genex (1e)
1x Destiny Hero - Double Dude
1x Road Synchron (1e)
1x Rose, Warrior of Revenge
1x Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts
1x Rapid Warrior (1e)
1x Minefieldriller
1x Don Zaloog
1x Catapult Turtle
1x Necroface
1x Different Dimension Dragon (1e)
1x Spear Dragon
1x The Sanctuary in the Sky (1e)
1x Nobleman of Crossout
1x Limiter Removal (1e)
1x Confiscation
1x Ceasefire
1x Give and Take (1e)
1x Safe Zone (1e)
1x Call of the Haunted
1x Return Soul
1x Magical Hats

3x Abyss Soldier [C]
2x Genex Ally Birdman [SR]
2x Lost Blue Breaker [SCR]
1x Brionic, Dragon of the Ice Barrier [ANY]
1x Levia-Dragon - Daedalus [ANY]
1x Chevalier de Fleur [UR] (NEED FOR DECK AT CON)
1x Hyper Synchron [C/R] (NEED FOR DECK AT CON)
1x Monster Reborn [C/SR/UR/HL] (NEED FOR DECK AT CON)
1x Mirror Force [C]
I hope this is the right forum to post this but...

I've always wanted to learn to glowstick poi/Melbourne shuffle and wanted to know if anyone would be nice enough to share some knowledge online or in person. Not really qualifying as a panel more than tips. Any video links/text advice/in person advice would be greatly appreciated.
If you were in the gaming hall AT ALL during Fanime weekend, you probably saw a game of ninja going on. I played last year and was so excited to see how well received and enthusiastic everyone was about it.

One of my favorite moments playing ninja was doing a bunch of Street Fighter attack poses and doing the Dragon Ball Z fusion pose with other players (and agreeing NOT to attack).

Remember, teach the game to your friends and play during the summer. We should all meet up on a beach and play ninja and BBQ some day :D
A few years ago, three friends and I started playing dodgeball in the far corner of the Arcade room with plushies. Eventually people became interested, brought more plushy dodgeballs, and joined in. It seemed like a big success and I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in doing this again some time this year. I was possibly thinking of Sunday night in the far right back corner of Hall 3 (E-Gaming/Arcade room).

I will be wearing a hamtaro backpack during the con as well as bringing a small hamtaro plush that we can use as a dodgeball. I would love it if people made it out to this and brought other small plushies we could use to add to the mayhem.

We can use this thread for questions/comments/discussion :D
Hello all. I wasn't able to get a spot for this year's swap meet and I have a TON of things to sell. I am currently trying to get some more DJ equipment and have a bunch of things to get rid of. I can bring any of these items to the con and meet up with you. I live very close to the con so I can meet up at any time in the area before or after the con. I can supply pictures and answer any questions about any of the items. Thanks for looking!

Game Stuff:
Xbox 360: Street Fighter IV $10
Xbox 360: Scene It Lights Camera Action w/buzzers $10
Xbox 360: Official Red Wireless Controller + Red Battery + Charge Cable $35
Xbox 360: Madcatz/Gamestop Black Wired controller $15
Xbox 360: Rock Band 2 Special Edition (RB2 Game, Wireless Drums, Wireless Guitar, Wired Mic) $90
Playstation 2: Madcatz Retro Controller $10
PC: Lost Planet Colonies Edition (NEW) $5
PSP: PSP 1000 system, Charge Cable, Case, Screen Hard Cover, 4GB Memory Card, Game Cases, Wipeout Pure, Need For Speed Most Wanted 5-1-0, Need for Speed Carbon Own The City, Socom U.S. Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo, ATV Offroad Fury Pro, Dead to Rights Reckoning, Afterburner Black Falcon, Heatseeker, Spiderman 2 (MOVIE), S.W.A.T.  (MOVIE), Resident Evil  (MOVIE) $160
Arcade Stick Parts: Blue Happ Joystick, 4x Blue Happ Pushbutton with Horizontal Microswitch, 5x White Happ Pushbutton with Horizontal Microswitch $40

Yu-Gi-Oh Cards:
1x Slate Warrior (WC4-003)
1x Buster Blader (YAP1-EN006)
1x Card Trooper (DP03-EN009)
1x Red-Eyes B. Dragon (SDJ-001)
2x Granmarg the Rock Monarch (FET-EN009)
2x Penguin Soldier (SDJ-002)
2x Lord of D. (SDK-041)
2x Card Destruction (SDY-042)
2x Soul Exchange (SDY-041)
2x Graceful Charity (SDP-040)
2x The Flute of Summoning Dragon (SDK-042)
1x Card Destruction (DLG1-EN085)

I'm not expecting much, I want a few cards for my water deck but I'm willing to let all these cards go for pretty cheap or for what I need for my deck. I want to build a Legendary Ocean, Level 3 Lockdown deck with Amphibious Bugroth MK-3, Deep Sea Diva, Mermaid Archer, Gravity Bind, etc. I haven't played in a while but I could def use some help on this if anyone would like to give me some assistance.

Music CD: Super Eurobeat Presents Initial D - D Best Selection - $7
Book: Battle Royale - $7
Samurai Champloo Jin Messenger Bag - Green - $15
iDog - $8
Devil May Cry 4 Art Book - $5
Tekken 6 Art Book - $10
POPWAR bunny skateboard complete - $60
Wooden Bleach "Tensa Zangetsu" sword - $10
100ft Black Cat 5E Patch Cable (new) - $10

Pending Sales:
Mobile Suit Gundam Movie 1 - Knightfire
FLCL: Addict CD - Somebody
Every year I always end up missing events but this year, I am making a list of things to be prepared. Using the 2010 schedule that was just put on the main page, what events do YOU plan on attending?


MY plans

3PM - Arcade Room Opens
5PM - Pick Up Badges
8PM - Swap Meet @ Hall 3

Noon - Street Fighter Third Strike 1v1 @ Hall 3
3PM - Who's Shen Long 2D Fighter 101 @ Marriott Salon 3
4PM - Chess Tournament @ Hall 3
6PM - FLOW Music Fest @ Civic Auditorium
7PM - Yu-Gi-Oh Qualifier @ Hall 3
7PM - Fanime Game Show @ Stage Zero
8PM - Swap Meet @ Hall 3
9PM - Texas Hold-Em Qualifier @ Hall 3

1PM - DS Players @ Stage Zero
3PM - Yu-Gi-Oh Day 2 Qualifier @ Hall 3
4PM - Ronin Warriors @ SJCC A8
6PM - Super Street Fighter IV 1v1 @ Hall 3
6PM - Masquerade @ Civic Auditorium
7PM - Comedy Club at Fanime @ Marriott Salon 4:6
8PM - Texas Hold-Em Day 2 Qualifier @ Hall 3
8PM - Fanime Game Show @ Stage Zero
8PM - Whose Line is it Fanime @ Marriott Salon 4:6
8PM - Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO 2 @ SJCC A2
10PM - Banzai Arcade @ Marriott Salon 4:6
10PM - Rum Party @ SJCC Concourse (Hilton Side)

11AM - Street Fighter Charity w/KEN MASTERS @ Stage Zero
11AM - Yu-Gi-Oh Panel
1PM - Yu-Gi-Oh Finals @ Hall 3
1PM - Tetris DS 1v1 @ Hall 3
3PM - SSBB 4-way FUBAR @ Hall 3
3PM - Sword of the Stranger @ Ballroom B
5PM - Monopoly @ Hall 3
6PM - Street Fighter II: Animated Movie @ SJCC A3:A6
7PM - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure @ SJCC A8
8PM - Fanime Game Show @ Stage Zero
8PM - Texas Hold-Em Finals @ Hall 3
Gaming / GET HYPE! General fighting game chat thread
April 20, 2010, 01:07:16 AM
Feel free to talk about your favorite fighting games here! 2D/3D... just make sure you're HYPE!

MvC3 teaser!!! "IT'Z MAAHVEL BABY!!"

Upcoming Release Dates:
Super Street Fighter IV: 4/27/10
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift: 7/20/10

Very sadly NorCal Regionals is going to be the same weekend as Fanime
Yugioh Cards

All prices are listed or buy all for $60

Ultra Parallel Rare:
1x Neo-Spacian Grand Mole (HL07-EN002) $15

Secret Rare:
1x Slate Warrior (WC4-003) $15

Ultra Rare:
1x Card Trooper (DP03-EN009) $10
1x Darkness Neosphere (JUMP-EN036) $5

Super Rare:
2x 1st Edition Goblin Elite Attack Force (CRV-EN020) $5
2x 1st Edition Evil Hero Malicious Edge (GLAS-EN003) $5
2x Granmarg the Rock Monarch (FET-EN009) $5
2x Penguin Soldier (SDJ-002) $1
2x Lord of D. (SDK-041) $1
2x Card Destruction (SDY-042) $1
2x Soul Exchange (SDY-041) $1
2x Graceful Charity (SDP-040) $1
2x The Flute of Summoning Dragon (SDK-042) $1
1x Red-Eyes B. Dragon (SDJ-001) $2
1X Gryphon Wing (SDP-050) $1

Will trade for:
Mirror Force
Dark Bribe

DS Flash Card

DSTT DS Flash Card with 2GB MicroSD with 18 games installed. Comes with USB/MicroSD Card Reader.


Arcade Stick Parts

This is everything you need to build your own 360 arcade stick (aside from wiring and soldering).

1x PS2 Fat Shell (for controller case)
1x Blue Happ 8-Way Competition Joystick
1x Black Wired Xbox 360 Gamestop Controller
4x Blue Happ Competition Pushbutton with Horizontal Microswitch
5x White Happ Competition Pushbutton with Horizontal Microswitch

I am looking for $60 just to recoop initial costs

Messenger Bag

Nearly new Samurai Champloo Jin messenger bag

Used only a handful of times and has been kept in the closet since Fanime 08



Unread Battle Royale novel with perfect bindings

I sold something on on Craigslist for $200 and received three $50 bills, one $20 bill, and three $10 bills. The $10 bills are fine but the other $170 is fake.

The fake bills lack watermarks but look nearly identical to the real thing.

I received no email from the person, I was called by a restricted number every time we talked, and I didn't get a look at her car either.

I called the police and an officer came by and I filed a police report.

Who knows where/when/if fake money could be circulated at Fanime but it is possible. So please check your money if you sell at the swap meet or anywhere else in/around the con.

Just a word of warning and I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else.
Things in the Universe / Generic Chat Thread
May 03, 2009, 02:52:47 PM
Just post in here about anything and everything but follow the rules.

I am pretty bored on a really REALLY lazy Sunday and I am just watching my friend play Left 4 Dead

Buy/Sell/Trade / [WTS] EEE PC and Xbox 360 Games
April 27, 2009, 09:06:10 PM
Asus EEE PC 900
(I bought it for a journalism convention and ended up not liking it as much as I thought)
    * Display: 8.9" Display, 1024×600 resolution
    * Color: Pearl White
    * CPU: Intel® Mobile 900 MHz CPU
    * Chipset: Intel Mobile Chipset
    * Memory: DDR2 512MB
    * Display Card: Intel UMA
    * Storage: 4GB built-in SSD
    * Audio: HD audio / built-in speakers
    * Wireless: Built-in 802.11b/g
    * Memory Cards: SD/MMC (SDHC)
    * Operating System: Linux Unbuntu w/Easypeasy for netbooks
Price: $160

and finally, a bunch of Xbox 360 games
Halo 3 - $30
Fallout 3 - $40
Far Cry 2 - $20
Dead Space - $30
Gears of War - $25
Madden 2009 - $15
Call of Duty 4 - $30
Gears of War 2 - $40
Grand Theft Auto 4 - $30
Call of Duty World at War - $30

Prices are firm and I am looking for cash only
I live close to the convention center so I can meet up at any time
I can also wait until Fanime comes and we can meet up then

If you have any questions then feel free to message here, PM, or AIM me

Thanks for looking :D
Live Programming and Events / Fanime Poker?
April 20, 2009, 09:56:24 AM
I do not remember if there was a poker game last year but there was the year prior to that and it was a load of fun.

So does anyone have poker games planned for this year?
I'm thinking about checking out that new Death Note movie at AMC Eastridge on the 29th

Would anyone else be interested in going?
Gaming / Street Fighter IV @ SJSU!
August 25, 2008, 05:06:45 PM
It was just put in today

$0.75 per play

Im going tomorrow to check it out

I just thought some people on this board would appreciate it.

I know short_storiesgl did :P

I know its kinda lame/cheesy but it got me an A in the class.

So, what do ya think?
Here is mine, I know some things have conflicting times but I'll go to whatever I feel like going too.

Rock Band Open Mic – 4PM – 6PM – Video Main
Ninja Assassination Game Pre-meet – 5PM – Front Entrance
Street Fighter Third Strike – 7PM – 9PM – Gaming Room
Texas Hold'Em – 9PM – 11PM – Gaming Room
Rave – 10PM – 4AM – Ballroom J

Barwl – 2PM – 4PM – Gaming Room
Gaia Online – 5PM – 7PM – Video Main
Masquerade – 6PM – 11PM – Civic Auditorium
Texas Hold'Em – 9PM – 11PM – Gaming Room
Rave – 10PM – 4AM – Ballroom J

Rebuild of Evangelion – 2PM – 4PM – Ballroom B
Soul Calibur 3 – 7PM – 9PM – Gaming Room

What do YOU have planned?
Is there anyway we can plug in game systems? If so, how would we go about doing this?
Gaming / Selling/Trading games thread!
February 15, 2008, 10:16:39 PM
I thought this thread would be good for people looking to sell their games, purchase games, or trade games.

Please list: Location, What system, what game, condition, and price.

If you do decide to make a sale or trade, please trade information via Private Message, Email, Instant Message, etc.

Also, if you are looking for a specific game, list it and the price you would be willing to pay.

Location: San Jose. Avalible to trade/sell any time.

Xbox 360:
Dead or Alive 4 (Good) $25
Burnout Revenge (Good) $20

Naruto Geikitou Ninja Taisen 3 *JPN* (Good) $50
^ Comes with Freeloader (Makes your Gamecube region free)

Naruto Saikyou Ninja Daikesshu 3 *JPN* (Excelent) $20
Bleach DS 2ND *JPN* (Excelent) $40
.:General Rules:.
  • Instead of post-it notes, you are going to have to make kills by tapping or poking your opponent(s)'s shoulder or back.
  • For a registered kill, you must make sure you get the opponent's "life card" (Which is either a post-it note or note card with some sort of drawing/signature to identify you by. It's advised that you use a colored pen or marker to do this. Please have your "life cards" signed prior to the game).
  • If you do not get the opponent's attention and get their "life card" you do not get a registered kill.
  • When you kill someone, they must not be aware of your presence until you make contact with them. If you're aware of a ninja's presence, it's your duty to make it known and not be killed.
  • If you are spotted before you make the kill, you MUST walk away and try again in ~5 minutes.
  • It is YOUR resposibility to make sure you get the opponent's attention and acquire the "life card."
  • Lost "life cards" will not count as registered kills. If you find a "life card," feel free to take it as your own kill!
  • You may have an infinite ammount of "life cards," so bring lots of post it notes and or note cards (bring enough for as many days as you are going to play.)
  • If you run out of "life cards", you are out of the game... but you can always just get more!

  • It's advisable that you attend the pre-meet. You will be at a loss since you won't know the faces of your enemies, plus we will go over any left-over questions.
  • As identification for this game, instead of walking around with your "life cards" in hand (since people might forget), we will have purple green yarn to identify all the players (The yarn will either have to be on your wirst, neck, or ankle).
  • You and your opponent must have your yarn on and visible for kills to count.
  • People who attend the pre-meet will be given complementary yarn. You may supply your own yarn as well, but it must be some shade of purple green!
  • We are currently talking to people in the artist alley and dealers room who may be able to distribute yarn for free... so stay tuned!

  • This game is not necessarily a team game so feel free to go solo!
  • Any two ninjas may create a team but to join an existing team you must request (unless otherwise noted by the team captain(s))
  • You may only be a member of one team at a time. Once you join a team, you cannot switch teams.
  • You can be in a team but you can not tag members on your own team.
  • Your team name should be written under your signature/symbol/whatever on your "life card".

  • On Sunday night at 10PM, We will conclude the game the game by having a final meetup to tally kills and determine who is the stealthiest ninja/team.
  • The concluding meet-up is entirely optional to attend

  • This is our first outing into a large scale game like this and we know these rules aren't perfect, so any other suggestions are very welcome!
  • This game will not have prizes and is meant solely for fun and to meet new people
  • NO RUNNING! I can't stress this enough, you will get in trouble for running so DON'T DO IT!
  • Also guys... Don't touch any of the girls inappropriately... You'll get kicked out, possibly arrested, and your ass beat... seriously.
  • Please state which day and time would be most convient for the pre-game meet up.
  • Please leave your forum name/fan name in the list below of players.

.:Immunity Spots:.
  • At an active pannel or workshop
  • Singing Karaoke
  • Any form of photography
  • Dance Floor
  • In an active game (tabletop, arcade, card, etc)
  • Bathroom stalls or urinals, Eating, etc.
Everywhere else including Downtown San Jose, Outside the conevention center, Hotel lobbys... you better watch yo back ninja!

Ninja List:
(Team Speedycataz)
1) abcbadcat
2) cappeh
3) Solequincy
4) krnljzghp

(Team Famous)
3) Ramen
4) Agent Dre
5) Cj
6) Milk Sempai
7) Anthony Kupo
8) Kid Raichu

1) nf33
2) Killing Stars
3) lelek
4) Kuroi
5) Nick Zebra
6) Nick Zebra's friend
7) Havok rt

Not Noted:
1) Kumar
2) TC_X0_Lt_0X
3) Chibblz

General Convention Discussion / Plushy Dodgeball 2008!
December 14, 2007, 08:04:08 PM
Last year was my first year of Fanime and if anyone was in the game room on Sunday afternoon they probably saw some people playing dodgeball.

We used a Gwee Plushy from Gaia Online and started off as only four people but by the time we were done, there were three plushies (two Gwee Plushies and one Shippo from Inuyasha) and at least about 16 people. We had a blast and a friend of mine has a video which I will try and get soon.

Anyone interested in joining in next year?
2007 was my first year going to a con and it was fun but I wanted more from it.

I know there are alot of things to do during Fanime but I just need suggestions for more things to do.

Last year:
Hung out at the arcade alot
Started the first ever plushy dodgeball game on Sunday in the arcade room
Went to the Gaiaonline pannel
Saw ZZ in concert
Broswed the dealer room
Watched some movies

I had fun but I want to be constantly doing something next year. I think I may cosplay. I had my DS on me at all times but everyone was playing Pokemon.

I wanted to go to the Mascurade but I had to go home and do something.

So what are some fun things do you suggest to do next year?