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I believe, I may be wrong, the Marriott and possibly Hilton are offering entire con luggage/item/coat check for a small fee per item. There are no lockers in the vicinity unfortunately, though there are bathrooms on the main concourse for changing purposes. Lockers might be a good investment for the convention center though I would think might get filled up very quickly.

Here is a link to the policy provided on the fanime website. I'm not sure if this is the updated version for this year or not, but hopefully it helps!
I'm not a rover or any kind of staff, but from my experience at Fanime the past 7 years, they mostly seem concerned with props that have sharp edges or can fire projectiles. AKA weapons that are designed to hurt people. As far as a frying pan goes, I want to say you'll be fine as long as it's peace bonded. Honestly even a foam sword can hurt someone if you hit them hard enough with it, so as long as you don't go around whacking people you should be good~ But definitely as the above reply said, email the rovers just in case. I am concerned about the lack of a props and weapons rules thread being posted so far this year as there are always newcomers who need to know what Fanime's policy's are. If they post one however, check that out too as it will be the guideline the peacebonder's use before peacebonding your weapon. I am also excited to see your cosplay! Hope everything works out~
Later on Friday might work better for me personally than Monday, though I don't currently see any slots taken for Monday? Whichever it ends up being, I'm sure I can squeeze it in~
Thank you for organizing the gathering last year! Yeah I would definitely like to see a gathering, though perhaps if no one heads this, the original DM characters could go to the old school gathering? I know there are a few 5ds, zexal and arc-v cosplayers but if no official yugioh gathering gets scheduled, my friend and I might show up to the old school gathering in our cosplays~ we'd love to see you either way!
Hi all! Last year I took a gander around the fanime convention area to see what construction and such might inhibit usual activities. Luckily, much construction in that area has been completed or hasn't started yet. However again the grassy areas in the park are currently fenced off to be reseeded from the Super Bowl event. Last year the fences were removed in time for fanime, and hopefully should also be removed in time this year. Though I thought I would let people know just in case!

As far as construction, the building next to the fairmont is now finished. The closest construction project is only currently a proposal for new apartments to be built where Park Hall is currently. Thus because of this, possibly, the Black and White Ball has been moved to the Marriott Ballroom. I know this has been mentioned on other threads, but I thought I would post here as well just to be sure everyone knows! I'm not sure if the construction is the reason for this change if it hasn't started yet, but it seems likely. I'll keep checking the area for construction updates though it seems all proposals and current projects are out of the way of cosplay gathering areas and routes to the convention center from hotels.

If you're curious about current construction projects in the area, here's a handy map provided by the city that is current as of one week of me posting this:

There is currently some construction on apartment buildings next to South Hall, though this shouldn't pose much of an issue. If anything else comes up that might pose an issue, I'll update this thread! Hope this offers some useful information for some non-locals~
Dealers Room / Re: Fanime 2017 Wishlists!
March 21, 2017, 02:30:42 PM
I would also love to see merch for Corpse Party if there is any and Rage of Bahamut
Hi all! Since we've had a gathering the past few years, I'm hoping there to be one this year as well. I understand the organizer who has been running it has since retired, and I myself am not planning to run the gathering. But I know there are people interested! If someone would be interested in running the gathering and getting it up on the schedule and official, that would be wonderful. My friend and I are going to be Yami Yugi and Yami Bakura and we'd love to hang out with other yugiohs~ (My old wig is little more than a tumbleweed at this point, here comes a new wig!!!)
Regrettably, I wasn't able to purchase my custom gijinka milotic cosplay. However! My friend and I will still be there as Lillie and Lusamine!
Do characters from the game HuniePop count? I could definitely come as Celeste lmao
Thank you for the updates! Your organization and dedication to keeping us in the know is greatly appreciated. I can only imagine how hard it is to get your voice heard, thank you so much.
I think it's a fun game and definitely something to do to pass time! Wouldn't be bad to see a tournament for it.
Would love to attend as a Sith Lord! (I'm going for the one Jessica Nigiri has cosplayed before, lots of debate on whether it's Darth Cognus or not since she only shows up in the comics briefly I think??)
Ohhhh my goodness, I didn't think of that!! It's very likely that was the case then, as I was trying to get Thursday through Tuesday. Understandable! Thank you for bringing that up, that clears up a lot of questions!
Budget, diet and commission permitting, I'd love to attend as gijinka Milotic! If that doesn't work out, I'll probably come as Pumpkaboo gijinka! Can't wait to see you all there!
Another year of pain and suffering for me at least. I had the first slot at 7am so I was up and ready way before. Out of curiosity, I began checking the site only a minute before 7 and already the entire hilton was booked out and some of the Marriott as well. I find this extremely irritating that even before the supposedly first choice people are allowed to make their bookings that the website allowed people to make reservations ahead of everyone else. If this is what they let happen, then honestly what is the point of even having booking windows? Despite always having a great time /during/ the convention, the entire process leading up to day 0 has my frustration levels at maximum.

Not only was this allowed, but of course the website couldn't handle nearly all the people trying to book rooms during their GIVEN time and constantly crashed for about 45 minutes for me. During this time, I was making reservations for a room at the marriott without hassle actually until after I had already put in my credit card information. That's when it crashed the first time for me. In my frustration and impatience, I closed the tab and opened a new one. How I wish i hadn't done that. I realized in time that had I just kept refreshing it, I would have gotten back to where I left off and gotten my two double bed room at the marriott. But alas, I lost that the moment I closed the tab. By the next time the page loaded for me, Marriott and several other hotels wouldn't even show up (instead of just saying unavailable) to which I attribute people like me closing the page before finishing a reservation. Thus I made the rest of my efforts toward a room at the Hyatt, which in the end was successful but only after 45 minutes of the site crashing and much frustration on my part. I shouldn't really expect anything different even after 7 years of attending Fanime at least until there is some actual organization at the core level (ie an actual company keeping some consistency for more than one year in more than one or two areas of the planning), but whatever part of me hoped this year might be different and hotel booking might not make me want to pull my own hair out was completely shriveled up. I'm pleased to have gotten my slot from when I registered and having the opportunity to get a hotel so close compared to many others, don't get me wrong. But if even I didn't have a chance to get the Hilton when I was supposed to be in the first slot, then I can only imagine the frustration of anyone in a later booking window.

Overall, I don't think Fanime housing is working on what needs to be changed. Yes, this is a new and different system with pros and cons of course, and I'm happy to see the effort being put in to improve it. But if the website can't even handle these new changes, then what has really improved? Fanime attendance is only growing. Thus the number of people trying to book a hotel at the same time is growing, and the website should be able to handle that many people without crashing AS MUCH (I know I can only ask so much). I'm waiting for the day getting a hotel actually seems as fair as it is advertised to be, and some part of me is still hopeful for that day.

In the end, I booked a room with two double beds at the Hyatt from Thursday to Tuesday (I cosplay and have a friend who does artist alley, so we always have so much stuff. Checking in a day early and out a day late honestly saves so much hair pulling and strokes) with my window at 7am.
Excellent! I'm hopefully going to attend as Witch Mercy~ Saturday seems like a good idea if we can get it, but being such a big group as I'm sure we will be, I bet it won't be too difficult. Can't wait to see everyone there!
I would be very interested in this kind of panel! Whatever you feel us beginning writers and hopeful future published authors would need to know about getting our work out there.
Current price of single registration is $55 friends! Just so you know!
We really do appreciate all your hard work Imperial! (to OP, Imperial is now the head of the gatherings department I believe, they will manage the cosplay threads on these forums and be sorting gathering applications and the like!)