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QuoteAcess to vehicles not limited to 18 wheeler rigs and all the equipment at my shop needed to mod them into "Dead Reckoning" as well as a full armory 12+ with ammunition including full Riot and SWAT/HRT armored gear lvl 4 not to mention last my Zombie Survival Guide. Wink plus my friends geared up as me who wait for the day that this will happen. Grin

O_O Where do you live? We should team up. Lol.
General Convention Discussion / Re: To go, or not to go?
December 02, 2007, 09:47:40 PM
You should go. You'll meet some people who are cool, but you'll also meet some unfriendly people. But it is the nice and cool people you meet that matter. At my first con I went with my high school's anime club, but things got awkward with everyone so I spent the last two days on my own. I met a group of girls and we hung out for around 15 hours straight. Look at it this way, if you make any friends online now until the convention you can always hang with them.
I like glomps, but my body just isn't glomp friendly. I'm only 115 lbs so when someone charges me I'm practically knocked over. >_< But that doesn't mean I don't want to be glomped. If you see me and want to glomp/hug me by all means go ahead.
My friend was knocked out from a glomp once. Lol.
Things in the Universe / Re: Holiday Spirit?
December 02, 2007, 09:01:24 PM
Pastafarians follow the Flying Spaghetti Monster. :P

I'm not much in a holiday spirit mode this year either. I suppose it has to do with my life right now. >_< Therapy. Woohoo! /sarcasim
Anyway, my holidays are usually plagued by family fights. The only thing I'm really looking forward to is my college semester being over so I can catch up on my manga reading and anime watching. I haven't read my Shojo Beat since September! Oh the humanity.
I ate Hamburger Helper for dinner now my stomach hurts. :S
We should have a race to see who gets to Fanime first. :P
Quote from: VictimX on December 02, 2007, 08:08:34 PM
All I have to say is if you know me you know I'm good to go. ;D

As I don't know you, would you elaborate?
Incredible Stuff I can Make / Re: Neko Ears and Tails
December 02, 2007, 08:20:16 PM
They are quite cute. I'd definitely buy a pair of ears and a tail if I saw them at a con depending on price range. I think you'll do fine if you sold them. I bought a pair while I was at Tales of Anime '07 even though I had a costume, and the ones I bought were no where near as nice as these.
About how long and ball park price range would it take to make Roxas' shirts? If you need pics I'll show you what I mean.
Incredible Stuff I can Make / Re: How do you make an AMV?
December 02, 2007, 08:04:57 PM
That is a tough question to answer.

First the programs I use are Windows Movie Maker and CloneDVD to get the episodes of the anime I need for my AMV.

Probably the most important thing to remember is to pick an anime that fits the song. For example you wouldn't use Elfen Lied with Barbie Girl. But Elfen Lied would be great with Three Days Grace's Animal I've Become.
General Anime Chat / Re: Best of...ROMANTIC DRAMA
December 02, 2007, 07:47:32 PM
I enjoy Mahoromatic, Steel Angel Kurumi season 1, Please Teacher, and Please Twins.
I love the show!
Fav. male: Kakashi
Fav. female: Hinata
General Anime Chat / Re: Vampire Knight Anime Announced
December 02, 2007, 07:21:39 PM
Heck yes! I've been reading the series since it first started in Shojo Beat. >.<
Oh? Well I might give it a try then.
Forum Games / Re: 3 Things - TEH AWESOMEST FORUM GAME EVA
December 02, 2007, 06:51:02 PM
1. I love video game and anime vixens. *dreams of Zelda and Lucy*
2. I hate Lulz killers.
3. I have a large Legend of Zelda wardrobe. 
pokey and ramune.
7/10, books are better. ;)

Pulp Fiction
Very impressive. I could never do something like that. Lol. Well that's not true, but it would take quite a bit of practice and patience. I have so little time that I'll probably end up buying a wig. Heh.
I live in the mountains near a small hick town (sucks if you're an otaku because the hicks harass you nonstop). I'm about 24 miles away from the town, which is about an hour drive. I only have about 5 neighbors spaced about a mile apart. I have enough food for about two months. Plus I have plenty of ramen. :P So I could go all day. I have a automatic .22 rifle and a ton of ammo. So I can use my house as a base far enough away from the city to be safe, but close enough to get supplies in an emergency. The only problem I could see is that people would try escaping up here. 
;D Hehe I suppose we would.

By the way, Mojo that is an awesome wig! Did you style it or buy it?
I'll be going as Organization XIII Roxas. If I have time I'll be making Roxas' normal clothing. I'm trying to get my best friend to go as Namine. That way we can be a Nobody couple. :P

I also thought about going as Zexion.