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Requesting "JOJO ~sono chi no sadame~" and "BLOODY STREAM" from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, please!
I'm in!!! clue what costume I'll be showing up in though. I think I'm currently set to have four or five JoJo costumes with me for Fanime, so uh. That's. That's a lot of JoJo.
I have one request, and only one request:

Hirohiko Araki

best known as the author of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, one of the longest-running manga in Weekly Jump history (now being serialized in its eighth arc in Ultra Jump). The anime just started airing in Japan last week, and upcoming next year in the summer is a brand new video game. His comic has been published by Viz, the OVA of the third manga arc brought to the US, the fighting game just got re-released on PSN and Xbox Live, one of his shorter standalone works was recently published in the US, and his artwork has been featured in the Louvre and used to advertise for Gucci Japan. He's a truly legendary artist whose work influenced almost all shounen manga from the 1990s and later, and is said to be very kind. More importantly for Fanime, oh my goodness are JoJo fans hardcore. It's a smaller fanbase than something like Bleach or Naruto, but if you brought over Araki, you wouldn't just get local fans; you'd get fans from other parts of the country, and most likely other countries altogether. I personally know 10+ people who have JoJo tattoos, if that gives you an idea. I'll try and see how many other people I can find who would do whatever they can to go to Fanime if you were to get Araki, to come here and share that information.
It's 2012, the year of Stone Ocean, so what a perfect time to throw a JoJo meetup and gathering!

Anything from any of the eight parts are welcome, as well as any other Hirohiko Araki works (Baoh, Gorgeous Irene, Cool Shock BT, etc)

So far the people I've talked to all agree that Friday is working the best for them, so I want to go with that on a temporary basis.

RSVP in this thread or on if you're coming!

hanyaanfaery - something Stone Ocean (undecided)
Hey what's up!

Heads up, I may be switching to Kanaya... and i maaaaay have a Hearts Boxcars. :D
Oh no, I'm sorry I didn't notice that other thread... do you want me to delete this? I made a thread over on Coscom for this too but I can have it redirect to your thread instead!
I accidentally made a duplicate thread. Please delete this.
Everything other than one costume of mine was pretty obscure so I'm not expecting anything outside of photos I asked for, but in case anybody has any of these, I'd really like to see! I already have the ones on ACP, but I'm looking for more.

Johnny Joestar from Steel Ball Run - stars and stripes tastic!
Guido Mista from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - derpy hat and a stripey sweater

Haman Karn from Zeta Gundam - all black with pink hair a bit like Lady Gaga from the Fame Monster cover
Sakuya Izayoi from Touhou Project - there were several Sakuyas. This one, the one with the teapot, was me.

Rykiel from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. If you saw something in head-to-toe cowprint with electrodes on its head, that was me!
I was the only Giorno xD

There weren't any duplicates in my JoJo group and I don't think there was another JoJo group so....yeah. xD Only one Giorno, only one Dio, only one Jotaro, only one Narancia, only one Fugo, only one Black Sabbath, only one Joseph, and only one Mariah. BUT A FUCKTON OF ORAORA AND MUDAMUDA.
Only one costume of mine had any photos taken, so I'm on the lookout for that one.

Giorno Giovanna, from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

It was a hot pink vinyl suit with a heart shaped cutout and lime green trim. I'm also looking for any pictures of anybody else from my JoJo group. We wore this stuff on Sunday and in the masquerade.
Anime: Howl's Moving Castle
Singer: Chieko Baisho
Song: Sekai no Yakusoku
While I had originally been planning on a kickass performance featuring my normal style of fast highpitched songs such as Love Tropicana and Ultra Relax, maybe mixed up with some good old fashioned Maaya Sakamoto, I've decided that I'm going to get a group of my friends together and go sing We Were Lovers from Gankutsuou. Loudly. And even more off key than the original. Maybe we could follow it up with Ready Steady Go, Fly Me To The Moon, and The Real Folk Blues, and top it off with a medley of Gackt and X Japan. This would all be done, as I specified earlier, loudly and off key.

Is anybody besides me totally excited to hear the results? I know I am! There's nothing like the sounds of singing that would be vastly improved by a tracheotomy to make my life complete. <3

And if you can't tell I'm totally joking, you need your sarcasm meter repaired.
General Anime Chat / A-kon Bans Signs
June 02, 2005, 03:02:10 PM
I personally would adore it if soliciting signs were banned. I have no prob with "RIDE THE BART" (as a matter of fact, Bart Boy's signs make the con a happier place!), but I just don't think it's really appropriate to have signs that say "Will Yaoi for Pocky" or the like. It's just too much like prostitution.
In one of the earlier episodes of Gankutsuou, Albert puts on a pirate costume. it even says Pirate Albert on it.
Hehe, I think I"m back in as Wrath. I think. It all depends on if I can get enough homework done. I talked to my teachers and they reduced the amount of stuff due right after Fanime which gives me the chance to go! WHEEE!
You better take me and the Number 48 off the list...I'm awfully sorry.

I might MIGHT make it, but it's highly doubtful. Last-minute senior year school stuff is most likely keeping me away from fanime. (And I kinda think I need to graduate more than go to a con...)
General Anime Chat / Bloodiest anime ever
May 13, 2005, 12:02:02 AM
Quote from: "Ska_Kitti"It's like that sign they have at the Dealer Room:


My boyfriend is obsessed with Kwoon, so I know that the sign says "It's like PORNO but with KUNG FU instead of SEX"...yeah, he and some of my other friends are hella Kwoon fanboys.
Quote from: "digimel11"if he's gunna be hughes, don't forget his photos of Elysia-chan! ^_^
We already have that one covered. I'm going to stand in for Elysia-chan.

You see, there's this studio picture of me taken when I was like 6, where I have my hair blonde and in pigtails and I'm grinning and wearing a dress with flowers on it... ^________^
Quote from: "Rahu"
Quote from: "HanyaanFaery"Does anybody want me to bring an old-style phone?

Hey, it's FMA, the whole fun is to have random props like a 1920's style desk phone!

You know, that might be cool to have if we have a Hughes cosplayer, since I know there'll be plenty of Envys around. Y'know, like in that one scene...

And even if there isn't a Hughes cosplayer...What character DOESN'T use phones?
Phones are EVERYWHERE in FMA! and I mean EVERYWHERE!

I'm hoping to make my bf a Hughes costume although he might end up as plainclothes!Hughes.
Does anybody want me to bring an old-style phone?

Hey, it's FMA, the whole fun is to have random props like a 1920's style desk phone!