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I'm a little surprised someone hasn't started one of these threads yet for this year's FanimeCon, so I'll kick things off.  Here are the links for my photo galleries for FanimeCon 2022.

Not as many photos this year as previous years thanks to having started a new job recently and not having the PTO available to take off for the con, but I did manage to get all day Saturday and the mornings of Friday, Sunday, and Monday.
Gaming / Soooo....DSi anyone?
October 02, 2008, 01:17:24 AM
Looks like we've got an upgraded version of the DS on the way.  No GBA cartridge slot anymore, but it has dual touchscreens now that are a bit larger, an SD slot, built-in cameras (yes, it comes with two, one inside and one outside), and a DSi apps store (as well as some internal storage to download to if you don't have an SD card inserted).

Story here

Most excellent.  Boll gets a black eye with this one.  In short, the 1500-screen opening he was expecting got cut down to just a few when distributors get a boost in intelligence and realize that the obnoxious no-talent hack is bound to cost them money and shuts him down accordingly.
With so much going on at the con at times, there's bound to be some stuff you wish you could've done, but weren't able to.  Like catching a particular show or panel, running into someone (and not as part of an unwanted glomp, hopefully), attending an event, etc.  So here's where we can share the stuff we missed out on due to some misfortune or another, and hope for another chance next year!

As for myself...

- I wish I made the time to go to the Fanimaid Cafe.  I wanted to, but the lines were discouraging and other things kept getting my attention :(  Hopefully, it'll be bigger next year!

- Due to going to the Fanime BBS dinner, I ended up missing out on the Fans Over 30 panel, which sounded like it was fun to go to for those of us who've been in fandom for quite a while.

- I really wish I had a chance to chat up a particular female cosplayer during the con, but our paths hardly crossed after Friday's swap meet :(

- Certain shows totally slipped my mind, like the live-action Cromartie, and I ended up missing out on them :(

Anyone else with stuff they wish they had caught while at the con?
Okay, we've got a few threads for specialized pics (Spartans, ninja, etc.), but what about a general pictures thread?

BTW, my pics for this year can be found at the Photobucket link in my sig.  Yeah, I got all 350+ of my pics up already :D