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Gaming / Mutant Chronicles. (A Dark Heresy one shot game)
February 23, 2010, 04:04:15 PM
Ok, after watch the Mutant Chronicles movie I realised it would make perfect fodder for a Inquistorial suicide mission. My question to you my fine Fanime attendees would be is there sufficient interest in the game to run it? I am flexible on the date and time, though I would probably start in the evening so as to not conflict with most gatherings/events.

I am also open to suggestions for making this game a blast in the vein of the old "Tomb of Dead Anime characters" DnD game that ran a number of years ago. (Yes, I am that old ;D )
Ok, I'd like to try for getting some people together for a Fate/Stay Night (or any of the Fate games) for next year.

Myself I will be going as the Archer servant class, Gilgamesh.
My friend will be going as Lancer.
Anyone up for rocking the gaming room with a little monster on monster action? I'll be bringing along my Martian Menance force to atomize any monster foolish enough to try and stop my advance ;D . In all seriousness though if enough people are interested I would even be willing to set up a tournament. Most likely it would be for bragging rights but some (minor) prizes may be involved. We'll see how interested people are.
Ok I would like to try and get a Fate/Stay Night (or any of the Fate series really) gathering organized fro next year. Myself, I plan on having a Gilamesh in full armor done for next year and I have a friend very interested in trying to do Lancer. Date/Time to be determined once Fanime gets closer but it doesn't hurt to plan early.
So far.

Myself- Gilgamesh
Spencer- Lancer
After much thought and deliberation I have decided to actually attempt a costume I have long dreamed of doing both for it's technical challenge and the "wow" factor. I plan on trying to make a functional Guntank from Mobile Suit Gundam. By functional I mean with working, independently driven tank treads and fully driveable from the inside. One other goal is to make the suit as modular as possible so it can be broken down into more manageable and transportable parts.

So I figure I should go to the Otaku's for aid in this endeavor. I need some advice for a few portions of this project. Mostly electrical issues but one mechanical one as well.

The upper torso wont be too bad as it will mainly be cosmetic. It is the tank portion that's going to be the *****. I already know what I plan to power it with. I have access to some old Zap! 12v electric motors and plan on using either a motorcycle or ATV battery to power it. The trickier part will be the drive system. I have considered a Rheostat but the power comsuption at low speed would be the same as at high.

For vision I will employ a LCD screen hooked up to most likely to a web cam. It may even be easier (and possibly cheaper) to recycle an old laptop to serve as the screen.

The treads have presented themselves to be a sticky problem. Not sure exactly what to make them out of. After all this will have to drive on concrete and carpet without damaging the surface. I was thinking rubber but was having a hard time finding anything the right shape or durability. Any suggestions?

Resources available to me include a wood, metal and auto hobby shop located on my base. A wood pile can provide some free materials.
I will attending as Hakuro and will have an Oboro coming with me to the con. Anyone else planning to cosplay from this series?
Gaming / Tomb of Dead Anime Characters Redeux
February 06, 2007, 03:35:12 PM
Greetings. Years ago at my first Fanime I remember a fun little DnD campaign called The Tomb of Dead Anime characters. After a couple years those running it have either stopping attending or stopped running it. So I have taken it upon myself to revive the ToDAC using the BESM 3rd edition rules. I have a few reasons for this, the primary being the game is designed to run these kinds of characters.

So, my question is this. Is anyone interested? And if so who would you like to see on the table? Please give name of series the character is from and if possible a link to a desciption.