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Call me tentative for Saturday as time skip Rossiu from Gurren Lagaan. Given the size of his forehead I can use that as a weapon.

My final attack? The most dreaded of all...

Bureaucratic Red Tape!  ;D
I'll be back as Ichigos Inner Hollow. This time with the proper wig and not just my hair turned white. :p
Rossiu advises all qualified citizens to donate blood as it is an important civic function that ensures that blood is available on that day YOU may need it.  ;)

In all seriousness I will be there donating and it really is something important to do. It doesn't take long and given it's a holiday weekend odds are good someone will need that blood. Plus they give you cookies and stuff. :P
I, as Rossiu, will be using this venue to launch my campaign for Supreme Commander of Earth. Simon has done well enough as a military leader but in these times of peace his brand of leadership is no longer what mankind needs. We need a measured, controlled and sustainable level of growth; not the freewheeling and frankly out of control use of Spiral Energy that Simon has employed in his tenure. I am also announcing my choice for second in command will be Viral who has proven himself under this and the previous regime as a capable leader and warrior if we should be threatened again.

For order, for reason, for the future.

Sorry for my prolonged absence. I am stationed at Yokota AFB so as you can imagine I've been just a bit busy as of late. I will still be able to attend as I haven't committed to any other gatherings so any time is fine.
Just a thought. Is there any chance of nabbing their usual spot with our own peaceful gathering?

There's enough of us we could rotate folks for it on a half hour basis and allow everyone to still make all the panels/gatherings they wish to. It may not stop them but it would force them to move further away from the convention center.
I think a Tron skit could work well. Have the stage ninjas rig a few blacklight bulbs so you can darken out the stage and have the audience still see the suits (without having to make self illuminating ones.) Just a couple of actual Tron folks and the rest could be dressed in all black to move the discs and help balance/hold the Tron actors in difficult/impossible positions. Kinda like the Defying Gravity group from Americas Got Talent.

While not precisely anime it is still something most the audience would know and I think enjoy.

Just don't do a dance skit.

For the love of whatever deity you care to worship, DON'T DO A DANCE SKIT! :P Not because I think you guys couldn't do it but ugh... I am sure I am not the only person tired of seeing every other skit end up being a dance skit.
Tech Priest not servitor. :P
I'll bring back my Time Skip Rossiu this year with "It's ok, I'm from the government and I'm here to help." sign as well. Perhaps with "Rossiu for Supreme Commander 2012" on the back side as well.
Myself, I tend to hyper vigilant about my own behavior at Con particularly when taking pictures. I always make sure I have permission and I try whenever possible to make sure the person sees the picture I took before I leave. This ensures a better picture (had a couple times where they asked if they could repose cause they noticed something off) and peace of mind for all that the pictures are kosher.

General tips I would give from my personal experience and knowledge.

If it doesn't look/feel right, get out of the situation and report it. Even if it seems like nothing it could be part of a larger pattern.

Travel with a buddy. It sounds childish but it's never a bad idea to have a friend along, its more fun and definitely safer.

Practice your poses in a mirror before con and have a trusted friend/relative watch from behind. Better to find out before con that certain poses end up revealing more then you intended.

Keep hydrated. This helps you keep awake and alert. And on the alertness note, get a proper amount of sleep. Sleep deprivation can have a similar effect on judgment and cognitive ability as alcohol if bad enough and we know what kinds of stupid things people do when drunk.

If you drink, have a non drinking buddy tagging along and keep your intake to reasonable levels. That way you don't fall prey to a creeper/become one yourself.

This topic comes up every year and its good we keep our awareness that this is an issue. Nice guys/girls out there, keep your eyes peeled for the creepers so they can't make the rest of us look bad.
Ok, each year I see a few of us wandering around and this year we need to organize. So we can drive the foul Xenos, Heretic and Mutant out from the con in the name of the Emperor. :P In all seriousness I am working on a Tech Priest costume for next year so I figured why not start a gathering for us. Obviously this far out dates and times are going to be fluid but more this is an interest gathering thread currently then anything.

I could bring my Kuwabara costume out from retirement next year I think. Though if I do the Dark Tournament outfit I am seriously going to have to start on some serious core exercises.  ;D
Well my first suggestion regarding doing a dance skit... DON'T! Not unless you can come up with an amazing routine like the pokemon guys a couple years ago.

If you think you can then be ready to practice it a lot because a dance skit is already hard to get an audience behind, a poorly rehearsed one just is torture for them.

Don't do the Haruhi/Lucky Star/(Insert Meme song here). Do something from the series or something that can be made to fit. Perhaps this song could be fun as a duet, though it would be more a Hiei/Kuwabara song.
I plan on attending and one of my old costumes I could bring out of retirement is Kuwabara both his school uniform and his Dark Tournament outfit. However, I will caution I am in stationed in Japan currently thus I would only be in the area starting on the Thursday the con starts.
Yes. If our taunting makes someone cry do we win the round or get disqualified? ;D
I am only a few blessed hours away. Stupid multi hour layovers...
General Convention Discussion / Re: WHEEEEEE!
May 27, 2010, 08:49:33 AM
I am sitting in Phoenix, Arizona waiting for my connection flight to San Jose right now.

Fanime! **** YEAH!

Always room for more victims... I mean opponents.  ;)
Except these people are religious fanatics. There is no coexisting with these folks because by their very nature they want everyone to conform to their way of doing things. There is no middle ground to meet these folks on, no safe understanding to come to. I do not go to their place of worship and protest the innumerable and documented crimes of their belief systems and I would appreciate that they do the same. But they won't because they are fanatics, only a few small steps removed from the people using guns and explosives to enforce their way of thinking.

I will ignore them but I will not give them the courtesy of polite discourse. They haven't earned it.
Well I bit the bullet and decided to sign up. It'll be interesting to see how it goes.
Only five more days until Fanime Con! (Six if you don't count Day Zero :P) I can't wait to see you all on Sunday so that I may crush you under my boots.  ;D