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What sort of questions should we expect? And where should we be looking for you once the con kicks off?
I think not. For I have survived glomps back when the were worthy of the name. But I will accept your challenge once I have defeated whatever other paltry opponents have tried to best me.   ;D
Panels and Workshops / Re: Nerd Courting, 2010!
May 20, 2010, 02:05:03 PM
Well I am interested in this once we have an idea what the time/day will be for it.
If you can do it great. Otherwise still come and see us and enjoy the insanity.

And Rossiu certainly won't be staging any government take overs or arrests of friends while at the gathering. Trust me. :P
Bah, I'll be in full armor. I am safe from your hugging :P
I do indeed hope the peasants are prepared for their inevitable defeat at my hands. :P
Ha! The peasants think they can challenge the King of Heroes in a duel. How very amusing.
It seems many of my opponents will be women and children. I shall have to remember to hold back. :P

(The above is purely in character and should not be taken as a representation of the person behind the persona.)
*Sigh* And it's some of these horror stories that I have seen that piss me off for a variety of reasons. First, it reflects badly on anime fans and by extension the geek community. Second, it causes problems for the cons both in image and possibly legal if it were to ever (Please don't) go too far. And lastly, I am already a pretty shy guy to begin with so I really have a hard time trying to talk women without the added stress of trying to figure out how to not be suspected of being a creep while making it clear I am interested.

I know there are the obvious things about being polite, knowing when to back off, etc. I guess I just worry too much about that sort of thing. I am just as hyper paranoid when taking pictures as well. I always make sure they get a chance to see the photos I take of them.
If need be Rossiu can seize governmental control of this gathering again like he did last year. :P

In all seriousness if we get down to crunch time I will contact Redroses about taking over the leadership role of the gathering.
None can withstand the Gates of Babylon mortal. With it I have at my command the weapon of every legendary warrior from across time. You may as well kneel before me now and save yourself the embarrassment.

(I hope the live banter will be this fun  ;D )
Excellent. So I have my first victim... I mean opponent. Gilgamesh, King of Heroes will accept your challenge you mongrel half breed. :P

I am in for 2 PM Sunday.
I actually had a couple questions. Would Rossiu's outfit be formal enough (being a quasi military uniform) or Gilgamesh from Fate/Stay Night in his full armor?


Gaming / Mutant Chronicles. (A Dark Heresy one shot game)
February 23, 2010, 04:04:15 PM
Ok, after watch the Mutant Chronicles movie I realised it would make perfect fodder for a Inquistorial suicide mission. My question to you my fine Fanime attendees would be is there sufficient interest in the game to run it? I am flexible on the date and time, though I would probably start in the evening so as to not conflict with most gatherings/events.

I am also open to suggestions for making this game a blast in the vein of the old "Tomb of Dead Anime characters" DnD game that ran a number of years ago. (Yes, I am that old ;D )
Would Gilgamesh from Fate/Stay Night qualify? I mean the PC game is sorta an RPG, kinda. :P
Let's see if we can get some matches lined up ahead of time so we can make best use of our gatehring time. So I will submit my name as an open challenger and my game taunt. (Every fighting character has one :P)

Player 1- Gilgamesh "Mongrel dog. You think you are worthy enough to face me?"
In fact it would be funny to photoshop a pic of all the weapons at the gathering floating in mid air behind me while some unfortunate opponent gets "Gates of Babylowned!" (Blame the internet for the joke. :P)
I'll have a new sign this year as well. "Vote Rossiu for Supreme Commader in 2012." Though if people want I can remake my "It's ok. I am from the Government and I am here to help." sign as well.
Keep in mind peasants that any unique weapons wielded by any heroes at this gathering are rightly my property and that you are all merely holding them since my Gates of Babylon seems to be having a technical error. Thus if Gilgamesh, King of Heroes, demands to make use of your weapon you shall provide it gladly.

(The above was in character humor and should not be taken seriously. Though Gilgamesh with random weapons from other series would be fun for the battle pics. :P)
I like arriving that day early. Not only to get my pre-reg badge but also catch up with people I haven't got to see for a year without the distraction of the Con. I will be actually attending Con this year while on leave between my current station and my next one. Which is (and some of you folks may kill me :P) Japan.

Thursday gives you a chance to also get the hotel room in order, find any last minute repairs that need to be done on your costumes, stock up on food and drinks, read over the schedule and generally get ready for Day One.

I sadly would not make it for a Day Minus One. The anticipation would kill me late Day Zero... and no this has nothing to do with Lelouch.