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I may be able to attend as Ichigo's Inner Hollow. It depends on if this gathering conflicts with other plans. Will know for certain once we get closer.
Excellent. Indeed count me in for this gathering. I shall be coming as Gilgamesh, King of Heroes. One of my firends will be coming as Lancer as well.
I may be able to attend as a headcrab zombie. :P
Always assume an elevator has people trying to get out, wait a moment and let them before trying to get in. It makes it easier for everyone as you should never be in that big a rush.

Plan ahead. Sit down with the program guide and figure out the things you definitely want to see. No need to go crazy and plan every moment of Fanime though.

Wash your cosplay. Falls under the same thing of showering and changing clothes. If you are going to wear a cosplay for more then one day then wash it or at least febreeze the snot out of it.

Maps are your friend.

Remember you are representing the fandom. I know it sounds cheesy but you really are, especially if you are cosplaying. So be nice to the "normals" out there and be relatively brief if they ask you about your costume or Fanime. They may be interested but odds are they aren't THAT interested if you know what I mean. ;)

If you and your friends are going to have some adult beverages, make sure at least one of you is sober to wrangle the rest of the crew back to their rooms. If you aren't with a group then stay well within your tolerance and don't even think about driving back to your hotel. Most of them are within walking distance or a fairly cheap cab ride.

Sun screen. Bring it. It's stupid and simple and everyone forgets it until they have been outside for a few hours for photos. Then pain happens. At least for me but I am really fair skinned.

When taking pictures please try and move yourself and the subject towards the edges of the hallways. Or outside if possible.

If wearing a "Free Hugs/Glomps" shirt/sign, please be polite about it. People see the shirt, no need to shout about it. (Addition: Be showered and wearing clean clothes at all times if carrying said sign. Brushing doesn't hurt either.)
I am up for this. Look for Gilgamesh, King of Heroes you peasants. ;D
Ok, I'd like to try for getting some people together for a Fate/Stay Night (or any of the Fate games) for next year.

Myself I will be going as the Archer servant class, Gilgamesh.
My friend will be going as Lancer.
Well I play on being there again as Time Skip Rossiu. And next year I'll be bringing the sign again as it seemed to amuse many people.

I would also like to thank everyone who came to the gathering this year. I wish I had gotten the name of the very nice woman who let us pose around her very awesome car so I could thank her too. Lastly, I would like to thank everyone for putting up with me (dressed as Rossiu) playing the part of organizer and cooperating very nicely for the various shots and poses.
They'll be back I am certain of it. Until one of them (or unlikely but possible us) steps over the line and it turns ugly. Hopefully that will never happen but given the history of religious fanatics in general the chances of violence are high.

On a lighter note does anyone have a picture of when the Rossiu is holding the "It's ok. I am from the Government and I am here to help" sign with them. That was me and I didn't get any pictures of it unfortunately.
The entire atmosphere of Fanime. The genuinely friendly and awesome folks you get to meet there makes the whole thing work. The cosplay, panels and everything else just wouldn't be the same without the wonderful geeks, nerds, otakus and other folks that run and attend Fanime.

Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Ok I am officially Guy in Charge for this gathering. The time will be 4:30pm on Saturday in front of the Fountains.
So far we have,

Neo-Zaku: Time Skip Rossiu
spency-g: Kamina
redroses3164: Yoko
NetBelleAnie: Yoko
Hakura_chan: Time Skip Nia
Death_Note_Mat: Simon
laganndriller: Lagaan?
AirEric: Female Viral
shininja_red: Female Kamina and Yoko
bisouspapillon: Anti Spiral Nia

Cosplay Forums
Maguma: Kamina
FinalEvangelion: Viral
DancingLanza: Time Skip Rossiu
The Jeretic: Viral
digimel11: Anti Spiral Nia
Mail_Jeevas: Simon
bubydub: Simon
shadownet752: Kamina
I am taking charge of the gathering so we can be put up on the official list. My fan name is Alchemical Otaku and I will be going as time skip Rossiu. I have put in for Saturday 4:30 pm in front of the Fountains.
Ok, after reading some of the comments here I am a little concerned. It seems like photographers (particularly male ones) are being made out to be the bad guys. So what can us male photographers do to ensure we don't get a bad rap?

Personally I stick with being polite, asking permission, always showing them a copy of the picture before they go, getting a picture of everyone (both as individuals and a group) if they traveling as a group, letting them pose themself and making sure to thank them when I am done. I don't carry business card because I am taking pictures as a fan, not a business or service. Is this something I should change, even if I only post the pictures of myself and my friends?
How about we do two gatherings? One on Saturday in the late afternoon, say around 4pm and another Sunday later in the evening around 9:30pm or so so we can get some awesome twilight/night shots of the Gurren crew piercing the heavens!
Anyone up for rocking the gaming room with a little monster on monster action? I'll be bringing along my Martian Menance force to atomize any monster foolish enough to try and stop my advance ;D . In all seriousness though if enough people are interested I would even be willing to set up a tournament. Most likely it would be for bragging rights but some (minor) prizes may be involved. We'll see how interested people are.
I look at it as a simple matter of time lag. Some people honestly don't get to experience some series until they hit U.S. shores so there is on time factor. Second, it takes time to learn the dance moves for some routines. And third, when going for a gag like the Haruhi dance or Caramelldansen you want to make sure the audience is mostly familiar with the material. Going for something like the Lucky Star dance the year it hits TV period, let alone the States, may make for a confused audience.

So thus the delay between the peak popularity of a stunt and it's appearance at Fanime. Remember real life does not evolve at the same pace as the interwebs.
Things for Cosplayers:

Practice more then one pose. It helps you keep from getting tired of posing and makes sure that not every pic of you on the net looks the same.

Like others have said. Practice moving in the costume and wearing it for as long as you plan to at con. It's amazing how hot something a simple as a wig can get after too long. (Found that out the hard way with my first costume.)

Not everyone is rocking a multi-hundred dollar camera that can shoot on the fly. Save that pose for once they have their camera up and ready. Makes things easier for you not trying to hold that pose for too long.

Know when to retreat.  ;D If you're tired then drop the pose, relax a minute and then resume if you want to.

Things for Photographers:

If possible try and not stop cosplayers in the dealers hall. It's often disruptive to the flow of traffic.

Make sure you have permission before taking a pic. You get better pictures and don't look like a creep.

Remember people can't hold a pose forever.

Group Meets are your friend. They tend to give you the best chance of finding a particular character from that series. That and they are usually pretty awesome.

Heh. I'll be attending Fanime for the 7th year this year and I am definately excited because this year I have a new camera for taking pictures with. Canon Rebel XSi if anyone cared.
Oh and for extra irony I will be carrying a sign the reads. "It's ok. I'm from the government and I'm here to help."
I am up for Saturday at 4-5pm or anytime really. I'll be going as time skip Rossiu.
I did Hakuro from Utawarerumono last year (2007). I may actually bring him back for 2009 with a new mask and perhaps the metal war fan this time.
I may (and this is a tenative one) be bringing a little 'armor' to the gundam gathering in the form of a Zeon paint schemed Guntank. Yes, I am insane but I have solved a couple of this issues that have prevented me from completing this project in past years so I may be able to pull it off.

Barring that I will be at least remaking my old Zeon pilot uniform from Mobile Suit Gundam.
Private C. Fodder will be reporting for duty. Or maybe it'll be Private R. Shirt. Still deciding  :P.