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General Convention Discussion / thank you fanime staff
« on: June 16, 2017, 04:56:30 AM »
This was the 1st time in 4 years that I came back to the con to support my roommate and friends who staff.

I heard the staff was smaller this year and it reminded me that this isn't an industry convention like ax and that it really is "by fans for fans"

I wanted to express my appreciation to all the staff members who made this convention happen.  Too many attendees take your contribution for granted and bitch about  everything.  It's not just about getting involved to foster change, but it's getting involved to make sure the convention happens.  If there was no staff, the convention couldn't happen even if badge prices were raised...

I see lots of people post that they wouldn't mind paying extra money for event tickets if a bigger guest was acquired through it, but that's what's wrong with a lot of the other conventions these days. 

I don't want to see any of my badge/membership fee go to that event if I have to wait in line (and possibly not get a ticket) for an opportunity to buy a ticket to something I've already paid into.  It's become so common at AX and other conventions that people think it's ok.  Especially when a "sponsor" has brought in a big guest, and then you as an attendee have an opportunity to help pay them back (in essence paying them to advertise to you) instead of scratching your head asking "why did any of my money go to it if I am asked to pay more for it?" 

I can understand the basic badge cost helps pay for all the convention basic events and activities.  One of the things I love about FanimeCon is the fact that I can choose whether or not I wait in line to attend or participate in any of these options.  I think it's wrong to have people pay for an opportunity (like a concert) that only those who can afford to pay extra money for the ticket can go to.

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