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We had a nice turnout this year - a good variety from InuYasha and Ranma 1/2, and even a Maison Ikkoku character! I'm already looking forward to next year, so let's try to get even more people excited and ready to show.
Thank you, everyone who came to this! We had a nice selection of fighters each day, and I hope everyone had a great time. We'll be doing this again next year, so tell your friends and prepare for the next battles, because we need word of mouth to really get people to show up for these.

I took pictures at each battle, which you can find here: the album is set to "friends of friends," but if we don't have any mutual friends, comment or message me and I'll add anyone who attended.
There were some great costumes there! Next year I should definitely have Devimon ready, so you can count me in for the next one as well.
I would also agree with splitting it into separate Marvel and DC gatherings, whether or not they're on the same day.

Location-wise, might I suggest we take it off-site? The park is large enough to comfortably hold even the largest of gatherings.

At any rate, I still had fun seeing everyone and meeting a nice amount of SHIELD agents. I'm glad my Coulson cosplay went over as well as it did, and if anyone has any pictures of it, please let me know.
23rd_Break: Just let me know before you start. And most people usually get to battle more than once, so you can still get in some regular matches afterwards.

EJAY420: Not actual fights, because that would get me kicked out of the con, but mock fights, like described on the first post.

Angelx624: Alright, thanks for the heads-up.

Foxberry: No worries, whatever you show up as is good for it.
The schedule is on the first page, and you can sign up by posting here. We'll also accept people as they show up at the con, but it's easier for me if people sign up ahead of time. You're more than welcome to join us on any and all of the three days it'll be held on.
Got you all on the list, keep 'em coming!
Giving this a bump to remind people that it's on and is going to be awesome. We have also officially begun signups, so if you're going to be there, post now with your character and what day to get added to the signup list. Remember, if you sign up, it's "first come, first fought," but if you don't, you'll have to wait until everyone else has their go.
I just realized I have pretty much everything I'd need for a closet cosplay of season 2 Joe, so if I can't finish Devimon, that'll be my backup. Still gonna try to get Devimon ready on time, though. Should have enough time, with any luck.
Gowland present and accounted for!
We also have an event page, so bug your friends by inviting them!
Completely different days, yep, so you don't have to worry about body paint stuff. I've also been plugging this gathering where I can, so we'll have plenty more people who don't have accounts here joining us.
Oh, the other one is the Sunday one? That's the one I'll be able to make. Too much else going on Saturday.
And Devimon is top of my priorities list, so hopefully I'll have it ready in time. Fingers crossed!
Good news, I can actually make it for once! So I'll be there as Gowland, from Alice in the Country of Hearts.
As Giovanni, I can assure you that there are always plentiful baddies to pose with.
I may very well be able to make this one as Flynn Rider, if I can rush the costume change in time. Won't be able to get the facial hair grown in between the previous gathering and this one, tho'.
The gathering is clashing with multiple other gatherings I wanted to attend, so sadly, I will have to pass until next year. Unless things get moved around, I just can't fit in six consecutive gatherings. Hopefully I'll be able to make it next time.
We have our times set, which are nicely placed right around the time gatherings start dwindling but before any of the big events!

Friday, we'll be starting at 4:30, Saturday we'll be starting at 3:30, and Sunday the battles will begin at 4:00. Mark your schedule and show up at G6, the slab outside the cosplayer hangout, and the battles will begin!
Already on the list, but yes, I shall be there to assist as the Doctor. Allons-y!