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Pure lovely and might be able to make this.
I'm working on a pair from frozen. I all know more as we closer. But I want to keep my eye on this thread.
I am sorry I missed this. I was sewing to the very end.
what day, time and location?
I thinking of adding this to my list. especially if its on saturday.  I will be female Gideon.
Me and Purelovely are doing all sailor moon cosplay for fanime.  I think this day we are wearing princess serenity(Purelovely) and queen neheliena. And we hopefully will have a tuxedo mask.
Depends on what I finish.
I will try to talk my partner into this
Will this gathering be returning for 2013?
I'm a doctor who fan. haven't done any cosplay yet for it.
sad I saw this too late. I would love to see a fanime tree next year
I wonder if I could talk my girlfriend into this. it would be nice to get pics of my finished Mine with her Ayame.
I don't know about super shuttle but,

there is a public transportation shuttle that is free, it drops you off at the light rail station

then the light rail has a stop right in front of the convention center which only costs $2 for a one way ride for an adult.
just for clarification, since I noticed someone already mention wearing a kimono, are geta allowed?

Last year, depending on who was at the door, we got different answers.
this looks like fun.  I wonder if I have the money for it.
I think I will be going to the dance practice on tuesday june 29th.

I asked for the weekend off to go to the festival.  I hope I get it so I can go.  I always have so much fun and I miss all my friends.
I think most of friends are going to be out of town for "some south cali con" or not planning on going.

Since I have work till 9pm, I decided to go see it at the Great Mall.  I should be there around 9:30 pm if anyone wants to meet up before getting in line.  I already bought my ticket.  I will be in auditorium 11.
I'm just a little concerned cause the link says it's anime-online and not fanime.  I just entered a lot of mine personal info.
Jerry, did you watch the youtube clip?  I find it very funny the fairmont lady says they have done fanime for 3 years.  Other than that, it is very informative.