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I'm cosplaying gym uniform Tsuyu on Friday so anytime that day totally works for me! :D
OH MY GOD this is a great idea *____* so many [male] idol series i'd love to see the cosplays of in one place aaaa! this really makes me wish I had more time to do the Utapri Haruka cos I've been planning :( in any case, will definitely pass this around to friends who I know are cosplaying idols at Fanime!
Okay might as well post now; will try to be there as Say'ri depending on when the gathering is! I actually have an FE:A group that I'm a part of and I think our current plans are to wear our stuff on Sunday, so if the gathering was on Sunday that would be great haha.

btw where is this Google Doc? XD
it seems like there are a couple of kancolle-related gatherings planned for saturday at fanime; there are threads related for them in this forum :)
I'm planning to hopefully get Akagi from KanColle done for Fanime; I also know a small group of people who are working on KanColle cosplays as well!
Depending on when this gathering is, I will try to be there as Weiss!
I was just in San Jose during Halloween and the Hydration location is still a boba place actually, it's called Boba Bar now! Just fyi :)

Aaaaaand I have no idea who to be yet, but as long as I don't have any other commitments I'll definitely be at the gathering!
hi guys!! hope you're all doing great; i had so much fun at the toku and Gaim gatherings this weekend~
and i decided to start using my flickr again, so all the toku-related photos i took on Saturday are here:

i'll also put them up on my cosplay page before the week is over!
not sure if i can make it to the daytime gathering BUT i'll definitely be at the midnight one for king's game, most likely cosplaying Rei from Persona Q :D
Last year's gathering was held in the small space between the Convention Center and.....whichever hotel it is that's on the left side? I always forget, but yeah there's that space between the two buildings and that's where we had the gathering. it was super cramped, but somehow we made it work ^^;

I don't know if they're changing the usual gathering locations due to the new, more spacious, courtyard in front, but I have a feeling doing it by that weird new metal tree looking thing out front might be a problem (because i know congoers like to congregate outside) unless they designate that area as a gathering spot. Or if that's where we do it i have a feeling we'll have to tell people to move haha XD; but i agree that it does look like something that you might see in a toku show so it'd definitely make for good photos!!

OH right, i'll probably be at the convention center this Saturday for a thing so i'll take some photos of the front and stuff.

as for the gathering i think noon sounds good! also 3 pm would probably be good for the Gaim meetup, that's definitely enough time for me to run back to my hotel room and change~
Hydration and Quickly are both pretty close to the con center; i think Hydration is a bit closer though, which is why it's always pretty crowded during Fanime ^^;; less so during not-lunch-or-dinner times, but still lots of people go there! i don't think i've ever actually gone to Quickly during Fanime myself haha (though i know where it is; used to go to SJSU so yeah). either one sounds great though!! i'd totally be down for boba after the Gaim meetup, plus it'd be a good time to grab food probably haha.
i've been staring at this thread every time i come check the forums for something else SO i might as well post in it finally hahaha;;

anyway yeah, i'll be cosplaying Maizono Sayaka at Fanime and would love to be part of this gathering :3
Quote from: hakurei on January 23, 2014, 04:54:14 PM
... (CherryGeri, are you doing normal Mai or weird blonde hair future Mai? We should take photos together!)

I'm doing normal Mai (not that i've decided which outfit yet haha)! :D might also have a friend doing alternative Mai but not 100% sure on that ^^; anyway YES we should take photos together, whoever you end up cosplaying *u*
The new remodeled convention center looks SO GREAT, was there a few months ago and the outside front area is so much more spacious now that the construction is all done.

Would be nice to keep the same day from past gatherings; since i'm at the con all weekend i usually just wait until i get home to watch anything toku (even though i am one of those people who like to watch a live stream of the new episodes as they air, at least when i get the chance) XD

oh and i'd totally be down for a Gaim meetup like....later in the day from when we have our main Toku gathering? since i'm planning to get a Mai cosplay done by Fanime, it'd be great to do photos with everyone~ ^O^ especially since i don't think i could go from Amy to Mai during the actual gathering ^^;
Will definitely be there!! ......not entirely sure but I think the tentative plan is that our Kyoryuger group from last year has grown to a full 10 members and we wanted to get that together by Fanime, so most likely I'll be going as Amy (KyoryuPink) again! ^O^/

otherwise i'll either be Mai from Gaim [we'll see how this works out @u@;;] or possibly even Koyomi from Wizard [not that I really want to bring this to Fanime though because i'll be melting with bell sleeves and a heavy capelet] XD
Hi guys! Just thought i'd let you all know that the official Fanime photographer's photos from the gathering are now up and can be viewed HERE:
I wasn't able to make it to the day gathering but I was at King's Game the entire time; and took some pictures during :D sadly a lot of these are blurry but oh well. if anyone wants to see, those are here at my cosplay page!

ALSO i have a video clip from during the King's Game where the numbers chosen had to basically walk through the circle while modeling and then do some kind of pose for the cameras, that is HERE!

thanks for a really great midnight gathering, i had a lot of fun! ^O^
Thanks everyone for another great gathering!!! I didn't take too many photos during the actual gathering but what I have can be found in this album on my cosplay facebook page! ^O^/
Oh right, i don't think i'll be at the day gathering but will definitely be at the midnight gathering!!
Oh right, might as well mention that my friend [who doesn't have a forum account] will be at this gathering too, as Hino Eiji from OOO!  :D