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A big thanks to KawaiiMess for stepping in to continue the gathering and Fashwiing for helping to keep things in order! I had a lot of fun. Seeing Gavan was definitely a highlight, especially after watching Gokaiger vs Gavan last year!
The website is here: But it says that pictures won't be uploaded until Thursday.
Sakuta Ryuusei reporting in. WACHAAAAA

Has a location for the gathering been decided yet?
Quote from: Kazuma_uzumaki on June 03, 2012, 02:43:17 PM
While it was fun seeing the different people, it ended up being super Sentai biased. While I live some SS, Kamen riders got like, one picture for themselves. There was a decent amount of W people which would've been nice...

Ah, sorry about that. I had intended to do photoshoots by series for both Kamen Rider and Super Sentai, but I kind of forgot about that... Also, a lot of the requests for pictures were for Gokaiger, but being a Kamen Rider fan myself, I'm a little sad there weren't more Kamen Riders (especially for W - if I recall correctly, there was only one Shoutarou and a Phillip at the gathering ;A;)
Quote from: Nori on May 31, 2012, 10:07:07 PM
Monday was the only day I was actually there at opening - the other days I didn't get in until after noon (and not at all on Friday).  I have 3-4 each of all of them left, and can make more as necessary :)  I do plan on making ones for the rest of the KRC + Akiko eventually, but I ran out of time before con (darn school and finals and making costumes).

Oh I never made it to the dealers hall/Artist Alley near opening time because I was always scrambling to get my cosplay ready for the day. I might be interested in your W/Fourze stuff... Do you plan to go to AX?
Quote from: Nori on May 31, 2012, 08:23:15 PM
I did! I had some old W prints (Terui/Shoutarou/Philip) leftover from last year and keychains - Den-O (MomoUraKinRyuu!Tarou & D!Yuuto), Fourze (Gentarou/Yuuki/Ryuusei/Kengo), W (Shoutarou/Philip/Terui), and OOO (Eiji/Ankh).  I was at table 213, in the back (next to some friends selling EGL/Doll stuff).  None of them are online yet as I discovered earlier this afternoon that I've misplaced my thumbdrive with all of the images on it orz  They'll be up when I get un-lazy enough to rescan some of them. Also want to re-do Ryuusei's, since his was done at 9am on Saturday morning from memory and I forgot to add some bits to his uniform XD;

I'm pretty sure the only other person with toku stuff was my table partner (though hers was limited to a W bookmark w/ Shoutarou and Philip).

Anyway, I do have some left that would be happy to find new homes :)

Ah, noooo! I am really sad now that I didn't see you in the Artist Alley! I love Kamen Rider W and Fourze so I definitely would have bought something from you. What stuff do you have left over now?
Quote from: otakuapprentice on May 29, 2012, 08:02:18 PM
*looking at cherrygeri's pics*

Holy crap, that looked like it was awesome......and I totally did not consider the possibility that people would cosplay akibaranger.

I love the picture of Gai and Nobuo/AkibaRed nerding out.

I don't think anyone expected Akibaranger cosplay. I sure wasn't. My life will be complete when I see a full Akibaranger group. Makes me tempted to be Akibablue...

By the way, I forgot to add, thank you, otakuapprentice, for setting up this gathering in the first place! Otherwise, we probably wouldn't have had a toku gathering this year, which would have been pretty sad since it's clear there were quite a few toku cosplayers at Fanime this year. I hope you'll be able to go to Fanime next year! I know how it feels since I had to miss it last year due to being in the hospital.
Hey everyone, hope you all enjoyed the gathering! We had a great turnout, definitely way more people than I expected. I was one of the three Ahims (the Asian one with the coat). Sorry that it was a bit disorganized at times, but I'm really grateful to the people who helped shout for me and keep the cosplayers and photographers in line. I'm so relieved that this didn't dissolve into chaos, and that most people seemed to have a good time. I definitely got a kick out of seeing not one, but three Nobuos. Especially that last shot of them fanboying with the lone Gai (who's my friend Char350, actually).  Please post up pictures of the gathering if you have them! And any shots of toku people in general would be nice too. By the way, my friend and I went to the Sunday showing of the Gavan movie as Gai and Ahim. I hadn't seen that movie before, and I thought it was so awesome! I know that some of you were there as well.

Also, Nori, did you actually sell Kamen Rider fanart in the Artist Alley? I tried really hard to find you, but I didn't see any toku stuff there... I was disappointed since I was hoping to buy some stuff from you.

Just wondering, anyone going to cosplay toku at AX? I'm considering going just so I can be Ahim again, but it really depends on whether I can take a day or two off from work...
I don't know if anyone's seen the schedule yet, but they're showing the Gokaiger vs Gavan movie twice, although at bad times - 8-9:30 AM on Saturday morning and 8:30-10 PM on Sunday, which is during masquerade, I think. I'd totally go to the Saturday showing in my Ahim cosplay, but I really doubt I can get up that early, and anyways I'd much rather spend that time in bed, as much as I love Gokaiger.

So, how're everyone's cosplays going? I'm still madly working on Ahim's jacket and dress, though I hope to be done by tomorrow night so I don't have to cram in last-minute sewing at Fanime.
@Fashwiing Yes, that would definitely help. Thank you! Looking forward to this gathering!
Sorry to hear you can't make it, otakuapprentice. I can help organize the gathering since I've waited too long not for this to happen. But I've never led a gathering before, so I'd definitely appreciate some help, especially since I don't have a loud voice.
Thanks for adding me to the list! But I think that you also have to post on either of these two threads (,12406.0.html,,12405.0.html) to be considered an official gathering.
I plan to come as Ahim for this gathering. I really hope this is still happening since I probably will have a hard time finding other Gokaigers/tokusatsu people otherwise. I'm really excited for this since it'll be my first tokusatsu cosplay/gathering - just discovered Gokaiger a few months ago and love it to pieces. I'm so sad it's ending soon.
Hi, I was wondering if there will be two-day badges sold, since only 4-day and 1-day badge prices are listed. Please let me know. Thank you!