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Thanks for the info, Ben! Got myself and partner all registered and we super psyched to participate this year!
Hello! I'd like to know if there's a target date for Swap Meet registration to go live/how much notice you think we'll have before it goes live. I've missed out for a few years now due to being out of the loop and I'd like to make sure I have a shot this year. Thank you!
Hey there, sorry to be an ass, but I'd like to formally complain about how this just went down. I was sitting there refreshing the forums and events page like an idiot only to find out second hand from a friend via text message that the link was posted somewhere (FACEBOOK???) and now I am waitlisted. I didn't even stand a chance of getting in because I wasn't looking in the right places.

I have been doing Swap Meet for years now, and it's basically how I finance the convention and one of the major highlights for me. The delay in posting information is forgivable since it can be out of the organizer's hands if there's other bureaucratic  crap that might be someone else's fault, but posting a public link on Facebook without updating the main website or forum community who cared enough to ask questions (SOME EVEN MONTHS IN ADVANCE) just seems downright wrong. Last year, communication from organizers was great and while signups went up waaaaaay later than they should have, it all worked out. This was not the case this year, and from what I am reading here now, it looks like being online at the right time on the right page might not even have been enough.

The worst part? I moved out of my parent's house this year, and instead of donating/ebay listing all my extra stuff, I bought a little storage unit thinking it would be worth it to store until Fanime came around. Now I am out the $130+ I spent on storing my stuff, and I won't be able to sell at all probably... all because nobody bothered to post something on the forum or official site about which link to use.

I'm beyond disappointed. I am livid. If swap meet doesn't pan out for me this will have to mark the end of my time going to Fanime con, and that's a damn shame after 8 years. This is an OK con, but at $75 for a ticket and the other investments involved (hotel, transportation, storage, food, time off from work, time in lines, etc) it's just not worth the trouble anymore as it's not as good as it used to be. Swap Meet was just about the last major draw for Fanime for me and now it's blown away.

Again, I hate to sound self centered and entitled in all this, but I feel uncontrolably upset. I just spent an hour refreshing the wrong pages while on a family vacation with nothing to show for it. I'd like some communication or reassurance about how this happened and why.
I thought of another question. Since my friend and I were planning on selling in two separate spaces but plan on selling next to each other if possible and neither of us does this more than once a year, would it be possible to share the seller's permit we have to get? I don't know if they can get to a Board of Equalization office before the con, but I can, so if I put them down as my 2nd on my permit, would they be able to use their own spot?
Hi there, trying to get the word out about the 2nd annual Philosophy in Anime panel! This panel will be held in PANELS 3 from 10a-NOON on MONDAY

This year will be bigger and better, with the addition of new slide-show material, two more excellent panelists, a guided case-study to help get the conversation started and a whole 2 HOURS of time slot so we can take our time discussing things without being kicked out of the room after 45 minutes ;D

Note: while this will be a long, 2 hour panel, there is no pressure to come at the start or stay the full two hours! Even the panelists are probably going to have to duck out for bathroom breaks, so don't worry, we won't be offended if you have other things you need to do.

Last year we had some great discussions about anime of all sorts. This year, we'd love some input on which shows you'd like us to watch in advance so we can talk about them better, and which shows you'd most want to see included in the presentation as examples. We aim to please! But please keep in mind that this is an all ages panel, so things that are considered hentai will probably not make it onto the presentation.

Thank you, and we are looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the con!

Hello there,

Last year there was a lot of stress and confusion about participants who are also panelists. Because I have two panels, I have to wait to buy my badge at-con to receive the discount and therefore don't have a badge number or registration info handy by the start of swap-meet registration. Last year, I was able to coordinate directly with the swap meet director to reserve my spot and just showed them my badge on Friday after I'd gotten it before I was allowed to claim the spot and sell, but this year me and a friend are both selling and are in the same position of being panelists.

This could also be an issue for someone who buys their badge at the con could have, or if they're in artist alley or press or something. Can you tell us how we should fill out the forms if we won't have this problem with registration?

Just realized I never posted here when I saw the facebook page for the event. I will be coming as an original interpretation of Sailor Moon and, if I can convince him to wear it/have time to finish it, my boyfriend (Chips) will be an original interpretation of Tuxedo Mask too.

Very excited!
Quote from: Firefury Amahira on April 24, 2013, 11:10:21 PM
Definitely interested in this one!

One aspect that could probably use the coverage is how male cosplayers (or women crossplaying male characters) can handle harassment from overenthusiastic yaoi fans/fangirls with no boundaries. Sure, girls get taught about stuff being unacceptable, but I've seen a lot of guys getting harassed to do yaoi poses even after they tell the person they don't want to. Before conventions started cracking down on yaoi paddles, I remember seeing plenty of instances where somebody would get smacked on the backside with the things, and it never seems like the guy has any clue how to handle it.
That is an excellent point and I will be sure to include it. I actually lost my first kiss at a con when I was 14 because of this so it's an important aspect of the issue for me too.

I hope you'll come by!
Hi guys,

I am sure that if you are a cosplayer, you might have heard about the CONsent project or the Cosplay =/= Consent movement. I am Sushi Killer, the photographer/cosplayer who started the project and I have applied on behalf of my group to hold a panel/workshop about the issue of harassment in the cosplay community.

EDIT: This panel has been given the green light! It will be held on Saturday morning from 9am-10am in Panels 3!!!

The project only started very recently and I hadn't planned on holding a panel until a bunch of people asked me about it. That said, we will it this year at Fanime and we are preparing for it now so that we can give the best panel possible. We have planned out most of the presentation as well as the demonstrations of verbal defensive techniques but we would love some feedback before we finalize our presentation outline.

That said, what are some of the questions you would want answered? Are there any specific aspects of the issue you'd want to see emphasized?

Thanks for your time and interest!
Every year I see the protesters and every year they attempt to slander my good name. Peaceful protest is one thing, but claiming that I am a prostitute in front of my father and boyfriend... Can't I sue them or call the cops for that? I haven't passed the BAR but I am pretty sure that I have the right to defend my reputation. Saying anime in general are demonic temptations and that cosplayers in general are going to hell is one thing, but even though I didn't personally take offense to that, when a person from that group looks me in the eye, points their finger in my direction and calls out "whore" I want to retaliate.

The saddest part of all this was two years ago, seeing my devoutly Christian friend cry while she told the protesters, "Jesus loves me and wants me to be happy, that's why he brought anime and cosplay into my life" to which they told her she was a whore and going to hell. She lost both of her parents to cancer and only survived the foster system thanks to the friends she made at her school's anime club, so she genuinely believes it was sent to her to save her and her sister's lives. She loves her lord and they damned her for that love and devotion because of her harmless hobby. There's just no way to reason with them and instead of being theatrical and radical like they want us to, it's better to be subtle.

This year, I plan on telling anyone who yells at me the same thing I tell them every year, "I am praying for you." Still, it would be nice to know if there's any real, viable legal action I or any of us can take against personal attacks.