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Hotel and Facilities / Re: 2017 Roommate Thread
April 06, 2017, 05:15:31 PM
Need a room

Hi! I'm Adrianma, 24, and this year will be my 5th year at Fanime! :D
I would describe myself as a caring, yet outgoing person. Anime has been a big part of my life so, meeting new people and sharing the experienes with others makes me even more enthusiastic!
I only have Instagram right now, feel free to lurk  8) :

I'd perfer to stay in a connected hotel to the convention center. But all is welcome! I will be staying Friday-Monday

I'd just like to request if anyone is okay drinking and a partner stopping by (It would be his first con ever).

You can contact me by my email: [email protected]

See you soon!
Yay, I have gotten a response!
I guess if we get more people, than I could make it official and stuff :D
Middle Earth is back on the big screen and Game of thrones has quite a following. Hopefully there will be more people cosplaying and I guess since Sherlock and Doctor Who could have one, then we can too. :D
It would be my first time hosting, but it just seemed like a good idea to bring fantasy to Fanime.  8)
So I've decided to go as Mahou Sentai Magiranger; MagiPink  8)
I'm going to be Lady Sif instead, so you can put me down for that for sure  ;D

Polysics unofficially disbanded when Kayo left like 2 years ago. They haven't done anything since her departure and are considered on indefinite hiatus. So, yeah... kinda not likely.

OHMYGOD, I totally forgot, what is wrong with me gaah  :o
I forgot to add Polysics
They are so cool, I think it would totally fit for Fanime!
Yeah it totally is now!
This year they had a whole Steampunk side convention (it had details on the back of the handbook) and there was a lot of comic book cosplay, and a DC/MARVEL gathering!
Whoa, I am so late on this, but I defiantly will be joining next year!! Hopefully it wont conflict with my other 3 gatherings  :-X
Can't miss this again  :o (Figuring out who to cosplay as right now)
Maximum the Hormone!

and Exist trace
I want to go as Soi Fon  ;D
omgomg, I am glad to see this! I want to join!
maybe as a female Luke, obi wan, not sure xD
I totally missed the gathering this year! So, I really want to be in it next year!
I plan on maybe doing Batgirl ame comi style/Barbara gordon and between Hawk girl!
I always wanted to do a flash mob! Im so in!  :o
I would love to join a meetup for next year! I am most likely going to with a friend or alone